Common Cycling Ailments: Treatment and Prevention

There are a number of myths and misconceptions about cycling, however, the truth is that; the more you ride the longer you live. Few are aware of the fact that cycling has the ability to turn every soft tissue into hard muscles over time.


But sometimes, cycling can cause aches and injuries which may turn out to be severe if ignored. The ideal thing to do in such a situation is to pay a visit to the doctor. Here’s a look at some common cycling ailments often complained of-

Hand pain:

Causes and symptoms:

This pain is not only due to the pressure exerted on your small finger and the ring finger because of your body weight but also due to the vibrations and hits one has to face from the road through the bar.

Moreover, maintaining your position with constant pressure can lead to reduced blood flow leaving you with a tingling sensation or numbness in the hand. This usually occurs due to a monotonous posture maintained for a long period of time.

Treatment and prevention:

If you are going through this common cycling ailments it’s time to redistribute your weight on the saddle. Use of gel padded gloves or gloves with proper padding can help reduce the numbness to a great extent. It’s advisable you loosen your grip and free your hand for a few seconds to allow blood flow. You also get better grips and bar gels which can prove to be of great advantage.

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Neck pain:

Causes and symptoms:

This kind of common cycling ailments arises due to increase in muscular tension. The top three joints in the neck allow movement of the head while the lower joints and the upper back provide a support for the head to rest on. If these muscles are affected then the muscles tighten and causes pain.

Muscles known as deep neck flexors are responsible for holding your head up. But when they get tired, the trapezius muscles which rise from the base of your skull to the shoulder as you lean forward on your bike are strained. The aches and pains increase when these muscles get fatigued.

Treatment and prevention:

Neck exercise has been beneficial for the treatment of aches and pains. These exercises strengthen the muscles. You can even change your posture on the bike. Road bikers can change position by holding from the drops to the top regular bar.

The Mountain bikers or hybrids can install end bars which give you an additional position to hold on to as you ride. Trust me, they make a big difference. See to it you don’t bend your head too low. Fixing your saddle height or the height of your handlebar can straighten your ride and also reduce the pressure on your back.

Back pain

Causes and symptoms:

It’s next to common cold in the list of common diseases. The back is made up of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. All these structures together, help us stand erect. The human body has evolved over the years, in the same manner, to act against the forces of gravity and the vibrations as we ride. The muscles are balanced in the
standing position but while cycling some muscles are stretched out a lot more. These muscles, if thus stretched for longer periods in the same posture lead to the overstraining of tendons and ligaments and causes back pain.


Back exercises are often the best remedy. It’s better to consult a doctor though instead of relying on self-medication. Stretching is another alternative to prevent back pain and keep your muscles flexible. It is advisable you stretch before cycling. While riding, keep switching your positioning and take breaks at certain intervals.

Knee pain

Causes and symptoms:

Cycling can be the cause of knee pain. A common ailment known as the Patellofemoral Syndrome is when the back of the kneecap rubs against the femur repeatedly. This rubbing results in the grinding of the smooth cartilage of the kneecap as well as the femur.

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Overuse of the knee- particularly at times of increased training. Some people have a slight problem in the alignment of the knee. The kneecap needs to glide over the femur and not rub. This can be due to muscle overuse of the knee- particularly at times of increased training. Some people have a slight problem in the alignment of the knee. The kneecap needs to glide over the femur and not rub. This can be due to muscle imbalance (one muscle pulled more than the other). Overuse of the muscle If you are flat-footed. Moreover, the sole needs to be springy and not hard. Injury to the knee can be caused due to other sports like running etc.

Iliotibial band Syndrome:


A thick fibrous strap of tissue runs from the lateral thigh from the pelvis to just below the knee. This band helps stabilize the knee while doing activities like running and cycling. The knee moves back and forth which cause it to bend and straighten resulting in one of the common cycling ailments. This is the point where inflammation can occur over a period of time. This syndrome is responsible for lateral knee pain. Its symptoms include swelling or thickening of tissue in the area where the band moves over the femur.

It gives a stinging sensation just above the knee joint and is felt on the outside of the knee or along the entire length of the iliotibial band. Pain may not occur immediately during activity but may intensify over time. Pain is most commonly felt when the foot strikes the ground.

(1) Causes: Positioning the feet “toed-in” to an excessive angle when cycling, inadequate warm-up or cool-down, muscle imbalance or excessive uphill and downhill running

Treatment and prevention:

Avoid strenuous use of the knee. For acute IBT one can imply the RICE method.( i.e rested, iced, compressed and elevated). This will reduce pain and inflammation. A session of stretching can also be of great help. A massage can help relax the muscle.

Ultrasound has often been used to relax the muscle and so have steroid injections. Some severe cases may require surgery to immobilize the band. In most cases it is advisable to go visit the doctor or a physiotherapist.

(2) Causes: Right Float Foot position also can be a cause of pain.Too much float can be dangerous. Most of the cyclists should be comfortable with a float of 4.5. While no-float pedals can cause damage, your cleat angle should mirror the natural angle of your heel. The pedal float is important because of the impact on the joints especially the knee. These common cycling ailments also impact your performance.

Treatment and prevention:

For beginners, it is advisable not to jump on to harder gears. It might harm your knees and ligaments. Pedal in circles and see to it that your knee is not protruding outside or inside.

Hip pain:

Causes and symptoms:

This pain is caused mostly due to overtraining. Muscles and tendons can get overused in this process. Age also determines the damage. The hip consists of a ball and socket joint, in which there is a cartilage which helps reduce the friction whenever we use the hip. With overuse, these muscles and tendons can get inflamed and cause pain. The pain can disappear with regular strengthening exercises and stretch.

Pain in the groin, hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteals and quadriceps may also be observed.

Treatment and prevention:

It is important to recognize the pain and treat it in order to prevent common cycling ailments. Moreover, bike fit is critical as it can reduce your performance. You need to slowly and gradually increase your workout frequency and intensity. Do not overtrain. Every cyclist should use cycling shorts with gel padding which will reduce the spanking to a greater extent.Yoga can be handy too.

Other options such as cross training, jogging and circuit training come in handy and help in the long run. These steps not only help in improving fitness but also core strength.

Geared vs Non Geared Cycle- [Which one to buy?]

Everyone these days is looking to buy the latest bicycle in the market. Some prefer road bikes while others prefer mountain bikes or hybrids. There are also a few who prefer buying a commute bicycle or a foldie. While the bicycle might certainly vary according to their taste, there is one thing that is common – bicycle gears. No matter what bicycle people choose, they ensure the bike comes with gears. However, little do they know the advantages when compared to the gearless bicycles that are slowly dying.


If you are curious to know the difference between a Gear Cycle and a Gearless Cycle, here are some pointers that will clear all your doubts on geared vs non geared cycle. Which one should you buy? So without any further delay, let’s dive right in – geared vs non geared cycle!

With gear:

A bicycle with gear offers a variety of gear ratios to choose from. This gear ratio makes cycling easy up or down a hill. For instance, if you are cycling uphill on a lower ratio, then your pedalling rate increases but your effort will decrease. Moreover, bicycles with gear will allow you to adjust your cadence. This reduces the stress on your muscles and makes cycling enjoyable.

Without gear:

A bicycle without gear comes in two varieties, fixed wheel and freewheel. A fixed gear bicycle comes with a fixed rear cassette, which keeps the pedals spinning any time the wheel are turning. On the other hand, a freewheel bicycle comes with a free rear cassette hub, which can coast freely when the bike is moving without the need to pedal constantly.

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LEVEL OF COMFORT: Geared vs non geared cycle

With gear:

The right frame size and the right bike fit play a vital role when it comes to comfort. However, while going uphill, cycling can be uncomfortable. With a geared bicycle, uphill cycling is not an issue.

Without gear:

A bicycle without gears does not offer any gear variation, hence, this could cause a lot of stress on your muscles. Not only that, it could also force you to get of the saddle and burn more energy.

MAINTENANCE: Geared vs non geared cycle

With gear:

A bicycle with gear has far more moving pieces like the derailleurs, shifters, multiple cogs that need to function together. If one component gives issues, the whole drivetrain might not function smoothly. As a result, these bikes need regular care and timely maintenance.

Without gear:

Single speed or a fixed wheel bicycle has far fewer components, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

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COST: Geared vs non geared cycle

As compared to a non-geared bicycle, a bike with gear is versatile and complex, hence the cost is higher. If you are looking for speed, better comfort and are competitive, a multi-speed bike is ideal for you. That being said, a single speed bicycle comes with a simple design, which makes it easier to repair and maintain.

LONG RUN: Geared vs non geared cycle

No matter what bike you choose to buy, these bikes will guarantee to reach a lifetime. Just ensure to give them the attention they need from time to time.

Muscle Cramps: Types, Treatment and Causes

Although studies have failed to prove the exact cause of Muscle cramps owing to their unpredictability, they have always been the enemies of athletes: enemies that can be avoided if precautions are taken. Otherwise, they are just uninvited guests. Sometimes, the pain caused by the contraction of Muscle Cramps is so severe that you may end up dancing in pain and singing quite an unmelodious tune. It might also make you swear and at times, give up when you don’t want to, or leave you lying down in awkward positions.

Muscle cramps

Some common causes of Muscle Cramps are exposed to high temperatures, dehydration, inadequate oxygen supply, low blood electrolyte levels, pregnancy, and other diseases such as diabetes. These Muscle cramps may last for a few seconds, minutes, or even longer.

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Cycling is a vigorous activity during which one may lose a large amount of water through perspiration, resulting in electrolyte disturbance: this imbalance leads to Muscle cramps. Tightening of muscles fibres can also lead to muscle cramps. So, don’t forget to stretch those big muscles before and after cycling.

Types of Muscle cramps

Cramps have been classified into several types depending on the type of muscle involved.

  1. Abdominal & hand cramps
  2. Muscle cramps: They can occur without any warning. The cramps occurring during or after a workout are painful but not dangerous.
  3. Menstrual cramps: The uterus contracts and sheds the inner lining of vascular tissues that have been accumulated over time. This contraction is triggered by prostaglandin (it regulates the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscles).

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Prevention & Treatment Muscle cramps

  • Firstly, be prepared mentally, make stretching an integral part of your schedule before and after your workout, and keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Get your breathing under control and take deep breaths. By doing this, you supply oxygen to the deepest arteries.
  • Gently stretch your muscles, depending on where you feel the pain, to relieve the cramps.
  • Energy drinks like Gatorade and other electrolyte-containing solutions will help restore the electrolyte balance.
  • A healthy diet rich in vitamins and other essential minerals(calcium, magnesium and potassium) can reduce the occurrence of cramps.
  • Switch to Electoral and drink gallons of water. Drink water before you begin and during the ride.
  • The shift to lower ratios and keep spinning those pedals. If you wait, you allow lactic acid to accumulate, which causes more cramping. Lactic acid accumulation causes fatigue, which results in cramps. Lactic acid accumulation can be prevented by oxygen supply: so breathe.
  • Consume a high carbohydrate diet (low carb levels can cause cramps).
  • Regular massage can also be of great help. For better results massage the affected area with lavender oil, rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil.
  • Daily intake of honey(2tbs) can also help prevent cramps.
  • Rest and recover well!
  • Food rich in potassium: potatoes, orange and bananas
  • Calcium: Milk, cheese, Yoghurt and leafy vegetables
  • Magnesium: Nuts- Almond, cashew, peanuts, spinach, dates, raisins, bananas and chocolates. ( the order of the food item is arranged from larger to smaller amounts of nutrients.)

NOTE: If these Muscle cramps are caused frequently and do not improve on taking a break or if they are associated with swelling or any other irregularities, don’t ignore nature’s warnings: please visit a doctor.

Winter Cycling – Here Is What You Need to Know

With the temperatures dropping and Mumbaikar’s shivering, now seems like the perfect time to give you some tips on making the most of the winter. With most cyclists not liking the idea of riding in the intense heat or the rains, winter cycling can be fun and exciting but only if you are dressed for the occasion.


Read on for some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind before you set out for a chilly Winter Cycling:

Pre-Ride Winter Cycling:

Well, before you get started, we would advise a little warm up to loosen those stiff muscles, tendons and ligaments and warm your body from within.

Don’t forget to have a light meal before you get on the bike.The metabolism process will help keep your core warm and provide your body with energy at the same time.

Checking your bike and lights are a must during winter cycling. Like you, your bike to is not immune to the cold and dry winter. If your chain, brake and gear cables need oiling or replacement, don’t wait for the season to get over, in fact, tend to them immediately.

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Winter cycling weather might not seem perfect and tempting when you look outside the window, but if you don’t suit up for the occasion, you’re bound to catch a cold.

Cyclists should prefer wearing a loose base layer over which, you should wear your cycling jersey.The base layer helps to keep your body dry while keeping the moisture away.

In addition, a good jersey will trap in the air acting as an insulator. This trapped air is warmed by your bodies heat. Ensure to opt for thermals or polypropylene, they work great as a base layer for winter cycling.

Do not forget to wear a jacket! Throughout winter cycling, it will help divert the wind.

It’s a good idea to wear full gloves as they help trap the heat during winter cycling. Half cut gloves are good but not great for the occasion. After a point, your fingers become numb and you don’t know how well you are braking, thus affecting your control on the bike. Wearing leather or wool for cycling is a big no-no. Instead, opt for neoprene (synthetic rubber). These neoprene gloves are also easier to wash.

Only wearing short cycling tights is not going to help during winter cycling. A long pair of socks, leg warmers and a pair of track pants will serve the purpose.

Don’t forget to cover your head and neck as a large amount of heat is lost. A head and a neck gaiter are the best to cover and trap in heat to prevent that excess loss.

Don’t forget to keep drinking plenty of water. A dash of electoral added to your normal water works great. If you have a hydration pack, it’s time you take it out and wear it in your jacket to prevent it from getting cold.Camel bak hydration system works best for winter cycling or any other riding and adventure.

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Drink water

Don’t pull the zip of your jacket down

Cutting chai( hot tea) can make you feel even better

A bowl of soup can keep you warm from inside

It is also advised that you cover your ears during winter cycling


Stretching is very important. Yes, we know it’s pretty boring after a tiring ride, you just don’t want to do anything, but make it a habit

5 Bike Touring Tips By Unclipped Adventure

Bike touring is gaining popularity among the youth as well as the elders. its is a good way to explore the world on a very low budget. To take up this venture, you need to be mentally prepared and ready to face any kind of obstacle. It takes a lot of planning and required you to be street smart, for moments when you are required to be street smart. on the overall, it is a whole new world of staying healthy and exploring the new world without much hassle.


We caught up with Unclipped adventures, Tegan who told us their story on how they begin with Bike touring. Besides, they even shared top 5 bike essentials every cyclist should have while touring.

It all began when the man of the family, took an interest in bike touring. Apparently, it happens to be his interest in sustainability and a unique way to explore the world and stay fit. While Tegan happened to read her father’s Twitter feed one day, she saw quite a few entries for a bike touring competition. the winner takes home bike touring gear in UK.

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As she was going to the UK to study for a semester, Tegan decided to participate and see if she could do a tour to go from the UK to visit her sister in Spain before her term started. After seeing the stunning entries, she decided to publish a cartoon style entry for fun and add uniqueness.

Soon this cartoon style blog won the bike, and she went on to do the tour through Spain. Tegan in no time got addicted to the cartoon style as she and her readers started to enjoy it.She firmly believes that cartooning is nice because “it captures the less hardcore side of adventure traveling and the more ordinary, relatable side, where small things go wrong and you look like an idiot and there’s nothing you can really do except laugh about it”. These small human things are what actually make up the bulk of the adventure experience.

After the Spain tour, her dad ordered good touring bikes for the family and since then the family has been pedaling and traveling around Africa. They learned a lot about the importance of relationships, between the family, between people of all kinds everywhere, between humans and animals and the environment. Living in a city, it’s easy to forget how dependent we really are on things and people around us, but living in the wild in a tent it’s a whole different story.

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Through having to rely on others for places to stay, food and water, general advice and direction-giving and all sorts of other things Unclipped Adventures helped us learn the importance of deep respect for everything. No matter how different or separate from you, it may seem at first glance. They also learned that it’s not a big deal if an elephant comes into your space, but you should never ever go into its space or it will get a bit grumpy!

Take a look at the Five Essential Bike Touring Tips By Unclipped Adventure:

  1. Cycling
  2. Mirror
  3. Bike Stand
  4. Lights
  5. Bungee Cords

Best Folding Cycles in India Price & Reviews

Folding bicycles are certainly a boon. With the overpopulated cities, roads dug up to no extent, commuting on the best folding cycles in India is certainly a bliss. It’s just perfect for commuters, urban dwellers and others who want a small, compact bike that’s easy to store and carry around.


Before we get into the best folding cycles in India, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of folding cycles.

Advantages of the Best Folding Cycles in India:

Inter Mobility:

If you have a long commute, a foldable bicycle is ideal. Unlike conventional bicycles, foldable bicycles can be paired with other modes of transport. You can ride to the station, carry it on the train, get off and ride again to your destination. If your commute if pretty close, you can always carry it around.

A traditional bicycle would require you to board the luggage compartment, however, with the best folding bicycle, you can simply board any compartment in India and travel.


When it comes to storing a bicycle, foldable bicycles take up half the space as compared to traditional bicycles. You can fold them with ease and store them in any corner. With this advantage, you can take the bicycle with you to a restaurant, office or anywhere else.

Say Goodbye To Traffic:

Most of us are used to spending half of our lives in traffic.

Behind a windscreen, listing to the radio moving as slow as a tortoise.
But, if you have one of the best folding cycles in India, you will be cutting through traffic. While this is possible on traditional bicycles, a foldable cycle will go in places you could never imagine.

Looking to hit the road on your bicycle? Here are a few Bike to work cycling tips for you!

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Carry Your Gym Around:

Walking to your coffee machine doesn’t count as work. But staying active does.

However, if you’re riding a bicycle or a foldable bike to work, it’s considered a workout. Besides, you don’t have to find extra time in your schedule to squeeze your work. Just carry your gym on your folding bicycle wherever you go.

Get Attention:

Spotting a foldable bicycle in India is a rare sight. If you have one already, you will know the attention the small frame and wheels get you.

Needless to say, a foldable bicycle in India also attracts people and unwanted questions that you are tired of answering already.

How much does this bike cost?

You can fold it also? And the list goes on!

Disadvantages of the Best Folding Cycles in India:

Bumpy Ride:

Folding cycles have smaller wheels (12 to 20 inches). However, there are a few that come with conventional tyres sizes of 26 inches. Due to the smaller wheels, navigating on rough terrain covered with rocks, bumps and debris might be a problem. As you are already aware, city roads in India are covered with rocks, a foldable bicycle will be a problem.

Fast, Faster, Not!

Riding a folding bicycle to work or just around is fine but riding it for long distance is not. The smaller wheels are what makes it difficult to ride fast. also, it can get tiring until and unless you’re Pankaj Patil.

Price Points:

You can expect to buy a folding bicycle in India anywhere starting from INR 15000. With this budget, you will also be able to buy a traditional bicycle. That being said, rationales bicycles are also available at a cheaper price than INR 15000. Here’s a list of the best bicycles under INR 10000.

So while you will be able to get a folding bicycle for the same price as a traditional bike, there are higher chances you’d be getting a lower-quality bike.

Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantage of the best folding bicycles in India, let’s have a look at some of the brands that are available.

Folding Bike Dahon Cycles in India:

Dahon is a renowned foldable bicycle brand that has been around for the last three decades. The company is an industry leader in the manufacturing of folding bicycles and has sold over 5 million folding bicycles. The brand has also issued more than 220 patents that are used by 98% of all folding bikes made today.

Let’s look at some of the best folding bicycles in India by Dahon

The SUV comes with compact wheels and a folding bicycle frame that makes it easy to store in seconds. The bike frame and fork is made from steel and comes with Shimano tourney (7-Speed) that makes it ideal for commute and on paved roads. The bicycle is suitable for men, women and children.

Another Dahon folding bike in India is the SUV d6 that comes with steel frame and fork. This bike like the above has the same specs as the Dahon. However, this is the 2018 model.

The vybe comes in an alloy frame that is equipped with Dahon‘s Visegrip Technology. The bike again comes with Shimano tourney rear Derailleur and is equipped with Microshift shifters. This fading bicycle is ideal for Commute and Leisure. The Vybe 2018 model is also available.

Mariner D8 (2018) ₹41,800:

The mariner D8 is a lightweight ally foldable bicycle that comes with visegrip technology. This bike is equipped with Shimano altus shifters and Rear Derailleur. The bike also comes with 20 inch SCHWALBE CITIZEN tyres.

Firefox Folding Bikes

The lowest end foldable cycle by Firefox is the Kompac that comes with steel full suspension folding frame, allow rims and Shimano 6 speed REVO shifter.

Firefox Verge N8 ₹43,360:

If you’re looking for a high-end foldable bicycle, the Firefox verge N8 is for you. This bike is equipped with Shimano claris derailleur and a 11-32 T freewheel. This makes it way easy for people to shift gears and ride on flats and uphill with ease.

Firefox link D7i is another bike that makes to our list of the best folding cycles in India. The bike comes with a 6061 alloy frame and 20” Doublewall aluminum rims.


The PPOF (Pankaj Patil on Foldie) is India’s first foldable bicycle. The bike comes with an alloy frame, 7 speed Shimano Altus Gearset and kenda tyres. The bike also comes with alloy V brakes, and double walled rims that surely makes it the best folding cycles in India.  You can read our interview with Pankaj Patil, founder of PPOF.

Folding Bike Decathlon HOPTOWN 320 C1 20” ₹ 14,999:

The B’twin Hoptown 320 consists of a steel frame and comes with Sunrace 6-speed derailleur. The bike comes with V-brakes that are pretty good when it comes to slowing down or stopping. However, the bike comes with grip shifter and single wall-rims that are surely not the best. You might want to read some reviews of the bike here.

The speciality of this bike is that it comes with a lateral folding system that reduces bike storage size by over 70%.

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Giant Express Folding Cycle:

If you have a good budget and are looking for a renowned brand that manufactures good quality folding cycles, giant express is a good choice. The bike comes with ALUXX-grade butted aluminium frame, 7 speed drive train, folding pedals and much more.

Brompton Black Edition £ 1,120.00:

If your taste is beyond the usual, consider looking at Brompton folding bikes. These bikes are available at pro cycles in Bangalore. However, will cost you a fortune!

While these are some of the best folding cycles in India, you are likely to find dozens of others on Amazon and Flipkart. We wouldn’t recommend you buying Chinese bicycles as they are low quality and do not last long. Also, a good practice is to read the reviews before buying or speak to our consultant who can help you buy the right bicycleHere is a guide that should help you buy the best bicycle.

Bike Friday:

Another good brand that’s known to make some of the best foldable bicycles is Bike Friday. They make custom handmade bicycles that are suitable for your size and lifestyle.

Tern cycles:

Last but not the least, Tern is an America foldable bicycle brand that builds bikes that defy expectations for what a folding bike can do. We offer a wide range of bikes for different types of riders.

Cycling Shorts in India: Cycling Shorts for Girls & Boys

Cycling shorts in India play a major role when it comes to comfort of cyclists while riding. Infact, comfort is one of the biggest decision makers when it comes to newbies enjoying cycling as a sport. Well, they enjoy cycling sitting for long on the saddle seems impossible.

As a beginner, it’s pretty common for them to get a bicycle and just start riding. All they need is an empty road and a bicycle. No helmet, no other gear, just hardcore. However, half way through the ride, they realise the seat hurts and they decide to shorten the ride. Most of them even ride with the pain until it no longer permits them to rest their rear on the bicycle seat. This only results in most newbies wanting to avoid cycling.


If you are facing a similar issue, there is a solution too. Cycling shorts or bib shorts. There are plenty of cycling shorts in India that you can consider buying online or at the store. Besides, there are a variety of cycling shorts for girls and boys in colours, sizes, price and even features.

Wearing a good pair of cycling shorts or bib shorts provides numerous advantages. And if you still bike with your regular pants on and go through the pain, you should read this:-

Why wear cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts in India are a vital piece of equipment that gives the wearer numerous benefits. Whether you are cycling around town, racing or participating in a long distance bike ride, a good quality bib short is a must. They not only make cycling fun but contribute in ways you would never imagine.

Reduce chafing:

The rubbing action of your inner thighs against the bicycle seat is offset by the smooth face of the cycling short. However, wearing a good pair of padded chamois will protect you from painful vibration and impact-related soreness.

Protect your family jewels:

Yes, you read it right!
One of the major advantages of wearing bib shorts is that it protects your family jewels. It protects the region from the pain of long contact with a bicycle seat.

Protects your sit bones:

A good chamois will be padded along your sit bones at the base of your hips. This helps in distributing the pressure and does not put the sensitive tissue between your legs under pressure.

Get Aero:

Another advantage of wearing bib shorts is that, it is close fitting. As a result, it maximizes aerodynamics and offers a full range of motion to the wearer.

Increase blood flow and more:

It is also believed that wearing a good pair of bib shorts can increase blood flow to the legs and aid in muscular function to provide a bit more sustained power. This is due to the mild compression provided by the tight fitting pair of bib shorts.

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Reduces spanking:

There are times on your long ride when your bicycle saddle must have felt like a cactus plant. Wearing a good pair of bib shorts will help minimize this spanking and help ride more miles in comfort.

Men’s cycling bib shorts usually have a shorter rise and a wider waistband. On the other hand, women’s cycling shorts typically have a longer rise and a smaller waist. However, don’t worry about wearing gender-specific shorts, simply go for the shorts that fit best.

So if you are looking to enjoy cycling more, consider buying a good quality cycling shorts/ bib short.

Important factors while choosing the right Cycling shorts In India for girls

There are hundreds of brand out there selling cycling shorts and choosing the right one is impossible. While the choices are improving, you are likely to get cyclin shorts of any size. Before you step out to buying your first cycling shorts, there’s a huge difference between cycling shorts for girls and boys. 

Let’s get a little closer to understanding what’s the major difference between cycling shorts for men and women.


Cycling shorts are meant to be worn without an underwear. Beginners tend to wear cycling shorts over their underwear unknowingly. This results in built-up of rashes which could be avoided by only wearing cycling shorts.


The price of cycling shorts in India vary from anywhere between INR 500 to 15000. So before setting out to buy, it’s best to set a budget based on your intend to ride. If you wish to spend long hours on the saddle and cover a lot of distance, get a good quality cycling shorts. They will be expensive and will offer better fabric and chamois.

Difference between cycling shorts for men and women

Padding :

The major difference is the padding that is used in the crotch area in cycling shorts for women and men. They are specially designed in a way to support the crotch area. Cycling shorts for women tend to be a bit wide at the sit bone area, whereas, for men chamois pads tend to have an inlet down the middle.

Leg length:

Another major difference is the length of the cycling shorts. Men prefer longer shorts as compared to women cycling shorts.

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How to wash cycling shorts?

After a bicycle ride, it’s very important to wash your cycling shorts. So once you are back home from your ride, ensure to wash them throughly. Start by turning your cycling shorts inside out before putting it in the washing machine. This allows the chamois to get all the soap and wash off all the dirt and bacteria.

Besides, when it comes to drying, ensure to dry them where they can get a lot of heat. You can also use a dryer too. Just make sure that the shorts are completely dry before using them again.

Can you use cycling shorts for swimming? 

If you are considering wearing cycling shorts which are padded for swimming, the answer is no. You can’t wear as the shorts will soak in water and make it very uncomfortable. Consider wearing a trim suit or your swim wear.

Can you use cycling shorts for Running?

Yes, you can run in your cycling shorts, however, for best results consider wearing a try suit or running shorts instead.

Can cycling shorts be repaired? 

Some cuts and tears can be stitches at home or you can find a good tailer. However, if the tear is big, it’s best to replace your cycling shorts. Besides, there are some brands like Assos and Rapha that offer repair services.

Which cycling shorts are best to buy in India

It’s no brainer that at times a INR 1000 cycling shorts fits and feels as good as a INR 10000 cycling shorts. However, the major difference is in the number of panels the shorts are made of. More than panels used to make cycling shorts, better the quality and higher the price. Besides, more panels also increases the overall quality of the chamois and construction.

Best cycling shorts in India for women and men

Cycling for endless hours can be difficult, especially without wearing cycling shorts. If you find yourself cycling for anywhere over an hour, keep the above two pointers in mind and get yourself cycling shorts for girls.

However, when you look at the ratio of men and women cycling in India, men represent the major chunk. As a result, distributors and retailers prefer stocking or selling only men’s clothing which they term as “unisex”. However, we request you to not fall for this marketing gimmick. Just like men, women should wear cycling shorts that are specially designed for them. 

5 Easy Things You Should Know About Tire Pressure

We cyclist, care about carbon fibre and upgrades to enhance our bike rides and often forget about the little things that will make a whole lot of difference. One such small change is the necessity to ride your bike at the optimum tire pressure. While this certainly sounds easy, it is very complex.


But now, we will make it simple for you with these tire pressure tips. Here are five things you need to know about tire pressure-

Pressure fluctuates with the change in temperature:

We all know that gas expands when heated and contracts when the temperature decreases. This rise and fall in temperature occurs during the day and night, as well as seasonally. Hence, it is important to check your tire pressure. Regardless of the conditions you live in, it is a good practice to check your tire pressure before and after every ride.

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Your pump gauge may not measure the pressure correctly:

It is very common to have a floor pump with a gauge. However, most of these floor pumps can be off by 10 psi or even more. If you have an MTB or a road bike, this small change in PSI can make a big difference, especial if you are dealing with low pressures. If you want to ensure you’re getting an accurate pressure reading, an independent gauge is a good way to check your pump.

You might be using too much:

Most of the times, especially newbies, are unaware of the tire pressure. As a result, they over-inflate the tires without reading the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every tire maker often prints the tire pressure on the tire sidewall that can be considered while inflating air. We recommend the same too. Do read the manufacturer’s recommendation before you inflating your tires.

It doesn’t affect rolling resistance nearly as much as you fear:

For years, we have known that a wide bicycle tire will roll at a faster rate at a given pressure. This is due to the less sidewall deflection. However, that’s not it. Lower tire pressure helps on rougher surfaces.

On unpaved roads, a high-pressure tire will deflect off the surface, creating higher rolling resistance than a lower-pressure tire that conforms to the imperfections.

Besides that, a large difference in the tire pressure in a given tire size will have a small impact on the rolling resistance. Relative to speed, rolling resistance increases linearly, as opposed to wind resistance, which is exponential.

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You should adjust it according to tire volume:

Whether road or mountain, the tire volume matters a lot. If you are swapping from a 23 mm tire to a 25 or a 28 mm, you are increasing tire volume significantly.  Hence, it is important to set the tire pressure according to the difference in the volume. 

Tire width Volume difference to baseline (%) Sample pressure
700x23mm Baseline – null 100 psi
700x25mm 15% more 85 psi
700x28mm 33% more than 23mm 65-70 psi


Tire Width Volume difference to baseline (%) Sample pressure
29 x 2.1 in Baseline – null 40 Psi
20 x2.3 in 18%  more 32.8 Psi
27.5 x 2.8 in (new “Plus” size) 41 % more 23.6 Psi

The above-mentioned tire pressure numbers are starting points to play with, not absolutes.

They’re a good general rule of thumb for how to think about tire pressure relative to size, but ultimately, what you end up with is going to be highly dependent on your riding style, your weight, and how you like your bike to ride.

Cycling Bibs Vs Regular Shorts- Which One’s Better?

Those who have never tried bib shorts will always want to have a go and those who have tried them will never go back to wearing shorts. Often, newbies are the ones who are seen wearing shorts. While they certainly get the job done, cycling bibs are supposedly more comfortable for men and women.


If you’re reading this, you’re either a newbie or a veteran cyclist. Either way, you are curious to know the many benefits of wearing a cycling bibs over regular shorts. So without any further ado, let’s put an end to the argument – cycling bibs vs regular shorts- Which one is better?

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Cycling Bib Shorts:

Cycling bib shorts do not have a waistband. They also have no drawstring to tighten the shorts around your waist. As a result, there is no itching or the feeling of an uncomfortable elastic cutting into your abdomen.

With bib shorts, you’re less likely to feel as if your blood flow and oxygen intake through deep diaphragmatic breathing is being restricted. Bib shorts do not have any drawstring or elastic near the waist, there’s no way sweat is going to be collected. As a result, no moisture is retained that could increase your chances of chafing.

2. Stays At The Right Spot:

Traditional cycling shorts are likely to move around as and when you pedal. Needless to say, they will slip over time, which indirectly will shift the pad or chamois. If this happens, chafing or saddle sores are waiting to show you an unhappy time.

A good pair of bib shorts is designed in such a way that the chamois stays perfectly in place.

3. More Comfort:

Bib shorts come with shoulder straps that help keep the chamois or pad in place while cycling. This is one of the reasons why bib shorts are far more comfortable than regular shorts.  With a good pair of bib shorts, you won’t even notice the straps when riding (if you get well-fitted bibs). They are just too good to not own!

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4. Look Cool, Feel Great!

If you’ve ever noticed, good ‘cycling jerseys’ are shorter in the front. This helps in reducing fabric bunching and provide a more aero fit. As a result, for tall riders wearing traditional shorts, they will be flaunting the bare midriff when they are not on the bike.

On the other hand, with cycling bib shorts, all this is maintained seamlessly. For the onlooker, the bib short and cycling jersey looks like one piece from all side leaving you looking cool and feeling great!

If you haven’t tried wearing bib shorts, maybe you should consider giving them a try now! It might take a few rides to get used to the straps but soon you will get used to it and ride with comfort.

While these are some of the reasons why bib shorts win over regular shorts. However, the only issue you might face with a pair of bib shorts is when you’ve to attend nature’s call. While men can just get done with it quickly anywhere, women can’t. They need to find a spot and bare it all. Buying a bib short might seem easy, but let us tell you, it is not, especially if you’re too tall or too short!

So what are some good bib short brands to invest in?

There are dozens of cycling brands out there that make high-quality bib shorts for men and women. However, make sure to choose only the best. Well, they might cost you a fortune, it’ll be worth it.

Here are some of the best brands when it comes to bib shorts

1. Castelli
2. Pearl Izumi
3. Nalini
4. Rapha
5. Santini
6. Assos
7. Giro
8. Giordana

Best Indoor Cycling Trainers Updated 2019 Price

If you’re missing your workout due to bad weather, maybe it’s time you get yourself one of the best indoor cycling trainers. There’s so much you can squeeze in on a trainer without worrying about the potholes, rash car drivers and of course, bad weather.


But ever wondered which one is the best for you? Or how much would it even cost? Before we get into those details, let’s have a look at the benefits of the best indoor cycling trainer!

Get smart:

Take your indoor cycling session to another level by pairing it with a smart power meter!

Still not enough? Transform your workout into a gaming session with Zwift or trainer roads!

Save time:

Time for us is everything. And one way to save time is by cycling indoors. No more worrying about dressing up, just get on your bike and feel elated!

Play safe: Rains can defiantly be harsh on your bike. While most of you might find it fun, nobody liked the arduous task of cleaning the mud off!

Having the best indoor cycling trainer installed in your homes is the best way to avoid such circumstances.

Types of Best Indoor cycling trainer:

We cyclist are never satisfied with one thing, right? The n+1 formula applies here as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of best indoor cycling trainers:


Such type of trainers use a magnetic flywheel to provide resistance.

Pros: Affordable Adjustable resistance Way quieter than wind trainers Variety of options

Cons: Not very durable The resistant range is limited


These types of trainers are based on a magnetic flywheel. However, a fluid trainer adds chambers of viscous fluid to further tune the resistance options. Fluid indoor cycling trainers are the most common type of stationary trainers that are available today.

‌Pros: 1. Offer the best “road feel” 2. Offers a wide range of resistance adjustment (electronically controlled on the nicer models); 3. They’re very quiet; 4. A wide variety of features and options (like power and connectivity)‌.

Cons: Improve on durability every year susceptible to overheating and cooking the fluid.


Rollers have been around for the longest period of time. The bicycle sits freely on three precision drums inside a frame which rotate as you pedal. On rollers, resistance can be provided by the rollers themselves or via magnetic, fluid or wind add-on elements.


Great to improve your form


Resistance range isn’t the best. Take some practice to get used to it.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best indoor cycling trainer:

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One of our personal favourite brands when it comes to indoor cycling trainers is Jetblack. It is a 100% homegrown Australian company that has a simple philosophy; “The best products at the best prices.” So far the brand supplied the best quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists.

The JetBlack WhisperDrive:

The whisper drive is a magnetic resistance driver trainer that connects directly to the trainer. Which means, your bike will connect directly to the trainer rather than your rear wheel turning a roller. Setting this is simple and straightforward, however, you will have to buy a cassette separately as this best indoor cycling trainer doesn’t come with one.

The WhisperDrive is equipped with a 5.9kg flywheel and the resistance is provided by magnetism. The trainer provides seven different levels of resistance that you can control via a handlebar adjuster. Besides, you can also shift through the gear on your bike just like you would on a road.

Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer $ 1,999:

Looking to set up your indoor cycling studio, WahooKickr smart Trainer is a perfect choice. This best cycling indoor trainer is weight based and feels rock solid on even during the hardest of intervals. The trainer is also equipped to handle upto 2,200 watts of power within 2% accuracy.

The wheel-off design comes with an 11-speed Shimano/SRAM cassette—also compatible with 8, 9, 10, and 12-speed cassettes. Besides, the cassette can be changed to accommodate most other types of bikes in a variety of wheel sizes.

That being said, the Kickr is compatible with Zwift and other training software and it’s Bluetooth Smart, Ant+ and Ant+ FE-C ready

Tacx Flux 599:

Looking for a smart direct drive indoor trainer that’s inexpensive and comes with a Fully smart direct drive?

The Tacx Flux is the closest you can get.

It’s pretty easy to set up and get started with the trainer and works with popular virtual riding applications such as Zwift.

Besides, the trainer is faint quiet.

Recently, Tacx announced that an updated version of the Flux, with higher maximum resistance, smoother ride feel and other improvements.

Tacx Neo $1,199.00:

If you’re looking for a trainer that is easily foldable and can be stored anywhere, the Tacx Neo fits your choice.

The folding wing design makes a stable base for your intense workouts. Tacx Neo is a smart trainer that is direct-drive, ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth-enabled smart trainer. Unlike other dirt drive trainers in the market, the Tacx Neo is the only direct drive trainer as it uses no belts or rollers for power transmission.

The power measurement is accurate within 1 % up to 2,200 watts, which also makes it the best indoor cycling home trainer. The Neo is compatible with 130 and 135mm quick releases and can accommodate 142 x 12mm, 148 x 12mm, and 135 x 10mm thru axles with adapters.

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Cyclops Fluid 2 $239.99:

If you’re looking for a weapon to make every workout count, the CycleOps Fluid 2 Turbo Trainer is the best choice. The trainer offers a wide range of resistance and is ideal for any rider looking to build form during the peak season.

Kinetic Rock N Roll Smart Trainer $ 389.99:

Looking for a more realistic ride feel that allows a little side-to-side movement? Go for Kinetic’s Rock and Roll Smart Trainer.

Pre-installed with software from Kinetic that allows users to begin a power training program without having to add sensors or other devices. All you need to do is, set up the trainer, download the app and get started!

Besides, the trainer is also compatible with Zwift, Trainer Road, and other fitness software.

But before you head out to buy this power-packed trainer, make sure it fits your wheel size and axle configuration.

The trainer provides a progressive amount of resistance and gives a feel of riding on the road.

Tacx Flux S $ 599:

The Tacx S indoor cycling trainer is a little different than the ordinary smart drive trainers. It features low-profile feet to accommodate the long cage derailleurs that are common on gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes.

This best indoor cycling trainer lets you connect with Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C protocols so your favourite virtual worlds are all accessible.

With this best indoor cycling trainer as your training buddy, you can simulate a maximum slope of 10%, and measure power within 3% accuracy up to a max of 1,500 watts. Besides, the 15.5lb Flywheel is virtually silent and a simple spin down calibration ensures accurate data every session.

Kinetic Road Machine II Smart — £225.87:

Another best indoor cycling trainer that offers an excellent performance, fantastic ride feel, incredibly quiet and delivers consistent power measurement is the Road Machine II Smart. Besides, the trainer comes with Kinetic’s inRide sensor technology installed, for app-based power training.