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About Balance Bikes

Cycling can be a fun activity for both adults and children; however, one has to train first on how to maintain the balance while cycling. For kids, this is not that hard due to the availability of balance bikes, these helps train the toddlers as young as the age at which they learn to walk on their own. They normally come fitted with baby-friendly designs that help kids learn faster to be on their own as opposed to those that come fitted with training wheels.

A brief description of a balance bike

Balance bikes are designed for the small kids, they are small in that a kid can rid them and still be able to comfortably put their feet flat on the ground while still on their sitting on the saddle. They are also made of both metallic and wooden parts, to reduce their weight and lower the chances of injuring a kid. This also, makes them more stable and easy to balance for someone still learning to balance their own body. They can either be fitted with brakes or be without them since chances of wanting to break are very low.

The baby steps to learning with the balance bike.

Their size makes them ideal for these baby steps; the kid first learns to walk while standing over the saddle. This is more advantageous as they even hold on to the bike in case they feel like they are losing balance. Then the kid will learn to push the bike while sited on it but with the feet on the ground, this goes on until they are brave enough to scoot. The kids learn fast and they eventually become comfortable to lift their both feet off the ground and ride for shorter distances, then longer and with time they become better at it and the no longer feel afraid to cruise the bike around the compound without anyone’s supervision.

These bikes are the best in training the young ones and they are highly recommended for anyone with kids who wants to learn how to ride bicycles in the near future. This is because as discussed above kids learn to balance fast which is the essential bit in cycling. Tricycles can balance themselves thus they discourage the skill to learn how to do it by yourself.


Cycling is not only beneficial but it contributes a lot to the growth of a kid. To learn how to do it balance bikes have proved to be more effective and the best at teaching young kids.

Source by Idd Aziz

Bike Safety – Every Rider Must Read

Motorcycles have been growing in popularity as humans discover that they’re not for recreational (fun), but a great and a cheap way to travel from one place to another. Yes, motorcycle may be answer to your daily commute, but can be life threatening, if serious precautions are not taken before (or while) riding it.

Most on road bike injuries happen because of the biker’s fault, but the blame is always thrown on the drivers of heavy automobiles: the cars, the trucks, the buses, etc.

Basic road safety tips for bikers

Look straight

Don’t look here and there; pay attention to your driving and look straight to see the road ahead.

Avoid unnecessary riding over the puddles

Don’t ride your bike over the puddles, broken glasses, drainage grates, and gravel. They are can be dangerous as one cannot predict their depth while biking.

Keep a sufficient gap

Always keep a safe sufficient distance when passing through parked vehicles on the streets of your town, to avoid crashes when someone in the parked car unexpectedly opens its door and moreover, to avoid the touch and go accidents.

Obey traffic rules and regulations

Obey all the traffic rules of your country and town

Don’t rush

A Yellow Light does not mean to have to stop at once, but for bikers it would be a good idea to stop because rushing through a Yellow Light with big vehicles may be a dangerous thing to do on road.

Ride carefully through the intersection

Most biker’s bang onto the car or other heavy vehicles when they try to show their unique biking skills while passing through an intersection.

As you ride near an intersection, make sure to look over your left shoulder for any approaching traffic. If the road is clear, make a strong and a clear signal with the help of your arm that you are going to take a turn. Apart from hand signal you make eye-to-eye contact with other commuters.

Make use of the bike horn frequently

Yes, horns do cause massive noise pollution, but as you are riding the smallest machine on the road, but not the slowest, so make use of the warning device installed on your bike.

Installed effective lights on your bike

If you are a frequent biker rider during the odd hours (night or early morning), then you should install lights on your motorcycle with power of 10 watts or more. Reflectors can also be a great addition to your bike lights during night.

Source by Akshay Puri

How to Find Good Mountain Bikes

Selecting Good Mountain Bikes begins with selecting the right type of mountain bike (MTB) for you. Yes, it all comes back down to the type of riding you do.

My current bike is thirteen years old and still going strong. The questions I am about to share with you, are the ones I used when researching good mountain bikes for myself. Recently I used the same questions to find a good MTB for my nine year old son’s birthday. I began researching kids mountain bikes and applied the same questions to help select the right bike for him. I am pleased to say, the bike is a perfect fit for him and has renewed his love of bike riding.

So how do you go about choosing the right bike? Simply by asking a series of questions designed help you select the best bike for you.

  1. What is your riding experience?
  2. What is the age and height is the bike rider?
  3. Is the bike going to be used for commuting or cross-country riding?
  4. Is the bike going to be used for mountain cruising?
  5. Is the bike going to be used for rocky trails?
  6. Is the bike going to be used for rugged downhill tracks?
  7. Is the bike going to be used for jumping and aerial tricks?

The type of riding you intend to undertake will greatly influence the style and bike configuration. Although most mountain bikes look similar, there is a vast difference in frame types, steering geometry, suspension, gearing as well as the wheels, brakes and tyres.

As a rule of thumb, a beginner rider will best be served by a recreational cross country bike. If you intend to do a lot of riding on pavement and off-road, choose a model with good front suspension, no rear suspension (hardtail) as they have the best efficiency and comfort. If you intend to do more off-road riding, a full suspension frame is best.

If you intend to use it exclusively off-road and mostly over rough terrain look for a higher end full suspension model as these will have a greater range of suspension travel and a heavier more robust frame and brakes. This will help with the comfort and stability of your ride.

Downhill MTB’s must be very heavy duty in design and have lower, looser steering geometry. These design changes make the bike more responsive at fast speeds down steep slopes; these bikes are designed for the more experienced rider.

Depending on the type of riding you wish to undertake the following is a list of good MTB brands which I have found to be good quality and good value for money. They are Giant, Diamondback, Kona, Trek, Norco, Schwinn, Mongoose and GT brand bikes.

The last thing you need to decide is, do you want good, or do you want cheap. The words “good” and “cheap” are not synonymous, nor are good bikes generally found in discount department stores.

While researching Kids mountain bikes, I discover a renewed passion for the sport as both my sons now have mountain bikes. We purchased a 21 speed – 24 inch “GT Stomper” for my nine year old son while my eleven year old son rides a five year old, 7 speed – 20 inch Schwinn.

My eleven year old does well to keep up with us on our larger and faster bikes. His bike is much more agile over jumps and tight tracks. He now wants to upgrade to a larger 26″ bike. Due to his age and height, frame selection is critical as he is going through rapid growth spurts. He is currently just that little too short for a medium frame size. We are waiting until his next birthday before choosing a good mountain bike with a larger frame size that he will not outgrow too quickly.

I must commend my son as he has learnt that there is a difference between a cheap bike, a good bike and a reasonable bike. We said we would look at a GT aggressor, a reasonable bike, good for its price range; however, he has his eyes on the Mongoose Tyax Comp or if he can stretch his savings a GT Avalanche 1.

Source by Frederic Canal

A Schwinn Recumbent Bike Exercise Program – The Benefits For Parkinson’s Disease Patients

One of the areas that Parkinson’s Disease research is actively pursuing due to a huge body of anecdotal evidence is that regular exercise helps the Parkinson’s patient slow down the progress of symptoms or helps mask the symptoms. The number one recommendation from neurologists to their patients is to exercise. So looking at home exercise equipment like a Schwinn recumbent bike as well as walking, and getting involved in an exercise classes are all definitely something worthwhile for any Parkinson’s patient to look into. This article looks into some of the current research on the use of exercise bikes.

Parkinson’s Disease is often referred to as a movement disorder. It has no cure. It is a neurological condition that affects the dopamine your brain needs. It gradually breaks down and causes stiffness or a slowing down of what used to be easy normal every day activities. There are as many variations of the disease as there are people. Many develop tremors, most have a stooped over postures and shuffle like walk. Some will have their voice muscles gradually weaken. Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox are two well known patients who are pretty far along in the disease progression. The Michael J Fox Foundation is committed to funding all sorts of research in institutions all over the country. Substantiating the effects of exercise is one of many areas they currently fund.

In July of 2008, Dr. Jay Alberts, a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, has published his findings on the advantages of tandem biking and Parkinson’s Disease. Initially they found that by riding for one hour a day on a tandem bike, three days a week the symptoms improved about 35%, and went away if the exercise stopped. What the tandem bike does is allow the non Parkinson’s rider to be in front and force the speed to be higher than the Parkinson’s patient would do on their own. A current study that Dr. Alberts and The Cleveland Clinic are involved in is using a motorized Theracycle.

So, how does this answer the question about whether a Parkinson’s patient should buy a Schwinn recumbent bike? Well, it tells us first that any exercise it good, but to make the symptoms improve at the 35% levels you have to get up to 80-90 RPMs. In the initial clinical trials it was harder for Parkinson’s patients to get up there on their own, and needed the second person on a tandem bike to drive up the RPMs. If you have an exercise bike that you can set it to move at the 80-90RPMs on its own, or with a second person there to urge you own, without you wanting to swat them one, then buying that bike whether it is upright or recumbent will help improve symptoms.

However, any exercise is better than no exercise for a Parkinson’s patient. Buying something like a Schwinn recumbent bike will give both the patient and caregiver a chance to get a good aerobic workout. Patients in the earlier stages where the symptoms are not so obvious may be able to get the RPMs up there. Meanwhile keep your eyes and ears open for the results of the motorized bike study, talk to your trainer at a gym and see what advice they have to help get those RPMs up to the optimal level.

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Mountain Bike Guide – Simple Beginner Skills To Learn

As a beginner you will be raring to get on your bike and take it for a spin which is fair enough however you might want to learn a few skills that will be able to teach you how to ride it properly. Riding a mountain bike is different to riding a normal bike in various ways, it’s like martial arts, different styles have similar techniques but some things have to be done differently to make sure that they help you properly. So even though you may be able to ride a bike there are skills you’ll need to change for when you convert to a mountain bike.

Where can I practice?

Anywhere you can find space, whether it be your garden, a park or if there is one nearby maybe even a hill to make it slightly more realistic for yourself for when it comes down to mountain biking.

The skills

So what skills will you have to learn and master to make sure you are ready for mountain biking?

Understanding the pedals

You may find that your mountain bike pedals are different to what you have on your bike. Some of you may have clipping pedals to make sure your foot doesn’t slip off when you’re travelling at high speeds up and down hills. You’re going to want to make sure that you get a feel for the pedals if this is a change. Practice taking your feet in and out and pedalling as this is going to help you learn understand them.

Coasting stance

With normal biking when you coast you usually sit down on the seat and enjoy it, however when it comes down to mountain biking the art of coasting requires you to stay standing on your pedals and not sitting down as this will give you more control of your bike. When coasting you need to make sure that you keep your body relaxed and that your arms and knees are slightly bent so that they can absorb any shock that you may encounter on your trail.

Gear Changes

You need to make sure that you understand how the gears work and which ones that you will have preference to. In biking the lower the gear the easier it is for you to pedal and this is normally used for when you are going up hills as it makes it easier for you to make quick pedals to push you up. The higher the gear you will find is slightly harder but you will gain more speed from less energy, this range of gears is used when going down hill so it this is something you are going to be doing make sure that you can use them properly.

Standing up and pedalling

We all used to stand up while pedalling on bikes but for some this might feel weird after having rode sitting down for a while. As mentioned above if you are standing up you have a lot more control of your bike especially for mountain biking so practice standing up and riding up and down hill.

Ride it around

The best way to practice is to just go around riding your bike and getting a feel for everything, if you have the chance practice on raised ground such as bridges and hills as you are going to have to get used to the incline and decline of the terrain.

As long as you learn a few skills before and get an understanding for your bike you will find yourself more than prepared to start going on trails to put what you have learned into play.

Source by James Pswarai

Cycling in the City – The Pros and Cons

With changing global circumstances such as increasing fuel costs, traffic and high fees for parking, there has been a change in how people get around, whether to work or appointments or even to grocery stores. One of the means of transport that has gained support is cycling. In many major cities and surrounding areas the push for cycling lanes and laws to protect bikers has grown in popularity and more and more people have taken to the streets with two wheels instead of four. There are however both pros and cons which all cyclists and drivers should consider.

Pros: Cycling is one of the best means of transit. Not only is it better for the environment, healthier for the rider and less costly than driving. Most buses are outfitted with bike racks and other modes of transportation such as subways generally allow a few bikes per car for those people commuting from longer distances. Cyclists are also seeing cities changing to accommodate their needs. Bike lanes and streets which are bike friendly are beginning to be a part of the city. As much as biking instead of driving is good for the environment it is even better for your health as it is recommended to get 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. One of the biggest benefits of cycling is the lower costs associated with it. Commuting to work saves money as you are not stuck in traffic burning fuel and also not paying high rates for parking.

Cons: In West Coast cities and those with milder temperatures, cycling is a year-round activity enjoyed by many, especially the hardy who bike in the winter months. Biking in the city can be a dangerous activity. Inadequate laws can be problematic to cyclists. Currently, other than owning a bike little else is required by law to outfit cyclists. Most states and provinces do not require helmets, reflective clothing and the knowledge of signals. Cars and other vehicles also do not require knowledge of bike signals either which can be confusing and dangerous for cyclists. Many people who ride bikes are very courteous and respect the rules of the road, especially in a city setting which can be very dangerous at rush hour. There are occasionally cyclists who disrespect the rules by taking non-cycling routes which can be deadly as narrow roads, dark conditions and lack of safety equipment can lead to accidents.

Cycling is a great activity. It is healthy, environmentally friendly, cost efficient and a great way to travel. As long as cyclists follow the rules of the road and are properly outfit in safety equipment such as reflective gear, both clothing and on the bike, and a helmet, cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make a difference in the world.

Source by Rudi Kiya

7 Recommendations To Help You Acquire a BMX Bike

At present, the excellent of bikes is on the increase. In the past, if you wished a prime high-quality one, you had to get it constructed from scratch. Currently, nonetheless, you can get a good high-quality bike at a keep and you can use it proper away. Provided under are a several suggestions that can assist you purchase a excellent BMX bicycle.

1. Know Your Intentions

Centered on the form of using, you can get the ideal bike. So, you ought to know the goal for which you are heading to use your bike. Exactly where do you want to ride? Are you heading to journey your bike on a avenue, in a park or on dirt? Some components make some bikes much better than many others.

2. Look at Chromoly

Chromoly is on the checklist of alloys that are lightweight and solid. That’s the motive they are the greatest choice for BMX bikes. As a make any difference of reality, lots of of these bikes make use of metal in their forks, bars, or frames. Steel is weak but a little bit heavier. So, when purchasing a bike, make guaranteed you know it is designed of chromoly.

3. Decide on the ideal Sizing

Most complete bikes aspect 20 inches prime tubes. Given that the makers are operating difficult to get as many shoppers as possible, you can come across bikes that are 20.5 or 20.75 inches. If you are heading to get a bike, you may possibly want to test it out in some parking ton. If your bike attributes large bars, we propose that you minimize them centered on your desires.

4. The Lifespan of the bike

Things really don’t very last eternally, which is portion of the video game. If you want your bicycle to stand the test of time, we advise that you invest a bit far more and get a additional pricey a person. As a make a difference of fact, expensive bikes can acquire more abuse than the typical ones. Also, right after your initially classes, you will will need to tighten chains, spokes and headsets, which is standard.

5. Compact Elements Subject

The pieces of your bike can make your bicycle a good or bad just one. Aside from this, they can make the solution expensive or low-cost. The quality of the bike will be primarily based on the sections it is designed from. So, if the sections are bought from well-liked models, you can anticipate a top quality bicycle and vice versa.

6. Price Point

As before long as you have figured out the style of using you want, you ought to determine on the total of money you can invest on the product or service. All you have to do is set your restrict and then carry out some comparison study to decide on a bicycle in your rate range.

7. Seem For Body weight

The pounds of the bike will inform you a great deal about its top quality. If the bike is lightweight, it signifies that it is produced from excellent areas. So, a chromoly body is much better as it weighs a large amount fewer than other metals.

So, these 7 suggestions can assist you go for the very best BMX bike.

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Neat Bicycle Cruiser Paths in Central San Diego

1. Your neighborhood. Acquiring to know your seaside cruiser just before heading out on a path with other riders, skaters or walkers is a very good notion. Get to know how your bike rides, the velocity your bicycle goes simply and how you cope with the bike. Cruising your personal neighborhood is also a pleasant way to get out a see where by you reside alternatively of driving your everyday route to get someplace promptly.

2. Coronado Bicycle Route – This 17.1 mile bicycle route is a awesome cruise involving Coronado ferry terminal and Imperial Seaside. This route is somewhat flat with a good wide path for effortless riding. The route can be occupied on weekends with runners, in line skaters, other riders and walkers also use the route. This path can also be windy on most afternoons. The path runs all-around the outskirts of Coronado and then down Silver Strand. The Pacific Ocean is a single side and San Diego Bay on the other facet of this ride. The route is effectively managed in most places. The San Diego aspect of the trail receives a tiny bumpier as the path has a couple of additional cracks.

3. Mission Bay Bike Route – 11.4 miles are around attractive Mission Bay. This route tends to have weighty website traffic on weekends as bikers, runners, walkers and in line skaters also use the path. This has several beginning details along Mission Bay. The elevation change is small which helps make this ride an great journey for a one velocity Beach front Cruiser as properly. This path also can take the rider along the San Diego River and SeaWorld.

4. Mission Seaside/Pacific Seashore Boardwalk Path – Approximately 3 miles of exciting alongside the Pacific Ocean. There is a speed limit on this route alongside the seaside. It can be crowded for the duration of major vacationer year. There are no elevation changes together this route. There are a great deal of spots to stop and acquire in the Pacific Ocean, seize a chunk to eat or have a drink. Belmont Park is an amusement park in the place that is home to a picket roller coaster.

5. Point out Route 56 Bike Path – This 10.3 mile extended route goes from Del Mar to Sabre Springs neighborhoods of San Diego. There are some meals places on both end of the route but not significantly in the center. There is a single important quarter mile extensive uphill when going west to east. This route is not a well-liked tourist route but is well-known local between bicycle using enthusiasts and runners.

Above are some cool central San Diego bike rides for the Beach Cruiser enthusiast in all of us. Seashore Cruisers can be employed for far more than just a cruiser together the beach. Having said that if a cruise together the beach is what you are looking for those people are listed as very well.

Supply by Diahann Viada

How To Select The Very best Freestyle BMX Bicycle

Racing and accomplishing numerous off road stunts and tricks requires a standard variety of a bicycle that can face up to the results of harsh riding. Freestyle BMX bikes are created particularly for stunting and racing activities. These bikes are manufactured with light-weight pounds and substantial top quality substance that can be quickly dealt with around diverse disciplines. Tires of bikes are wide up to 24 inches that enable the freestyle riders to complete stunts and tricks proficiently with fantastic benefit.

Competitors for top quality and range is growing swiftly among the distinct brands and suppliers of bikes. Various products of freestyle BMX bikes have touched wonderful heights in delivering higher excellent overall performance capabilities. Among the a broad variety of designs and categories, it could be small little bit tough and time consuming to decide on the ideal style of bicycle. This confusion can from time to time direct to the chance of choosing the incorrect solution. Therefore, it is really vital to have ample information about selected things related to freestyle BMX bikes.

In today’s period of excellent level of competition, there is no shortage of bikes that produce very considerable quality characteristics. Beyond the good quality aspect, there are numerous other things that really should be deemed while acquiring a freestyle BMX bicycle. Right here are some points that would help the a single to pick an apt bike.

Gentle body weight Human body Composition

Most of the freestyle BMX bikes are developed with supplies like steel and aluminum. Both of those are undoubtedly inexpensive but are significant in weight and considerably less long lasting. A single may perhaps choose to go for bikes that are constructed with chromoly alloy due to its power, toughness, and gentle pounds.

Style of Driving

Unique bikes are made to be ideal for different varieties of driving disciplines. Some are superior to be utilized about flatland whilst others are made to be made use of in excess of dirt. Right before choosing a bike, make correct research to know what style of bike would satisfy your driving requirements.

Choose the Store that Gives Spare Parts and Other Extras

A person should really prefer a retailer for getting a freestyle BMX bicycle that provides diverse spare parts like handlebars, pedals, chains, brake cables and many other bike extras.

Reasonably priced Charge

Charge is also a pretty important variable that can not be overlooked in any way as it is not doable for absolutely everyone to commit significant quantities of funds so select a bike with the value that is inside of your reach.

There are various on the web stores that offer huge variety of substantial good quality freestyle BMX bikes. Find and discover these types of on-line stores and decide out the best selection that is suited for you in every factor.

Resource by Rose Heller

Bicycle Components Value Splurging On

Bicycles are again in a massive way, and there is certainly in no way been a superior time to hop on. Biking is a good active way to enjoy the outside. It burns calories speedier than walking and is considerably less complicated on your knees, legs, and ankles than operating. If get the job done is near, a bicycle commute is an eco-welcoming choice that will help save you a bundle on gasoline and parking. A lot more and extra people today are deciding upon two wheels over 4: bicycle use rose 40 p.c in the United States concerning 1995 and 2014. In that very same 20-yr span, governing administration shelling out has flowed to towns and towns across the region to construct countless numbers of miles of lanes and pathways.

To the new rider, the myriad of biking selections can be daunting. You can, of study course, acquire a absolutely assembled bike off the rack that functions like a aspiration. But there are also a dizzying number of customizable, interchangeable, and upgradeable components that the rider can swap out at his or her leisure. With the proliferation of biking as the two an really preferred passion and a viable method of transportation, it can be no surprise that there are hugely specialised (and expensive) possibilities. If you might be new, you could very easily invest a modest fortune kitting out every part set when just a number of tweaks would make a earth of variance. A human being on a confined funds must prioritize bicycle pieces.

The initial, and maybe most clear, piece of the puzzle you ought to target on is the body. The style of frame dictates the style of bicycle, so question yourself what you want to do with it. How do you want to experience? Are you going to be dashing down city blocks and scenic byways on a highway racer? Or will you be coasting together the beachfront with a frosty beverage on a comfortable cruiser? The body is the focal stage of the full rig, and all the other bike areas attach to it. You can constantly enhance the ingredient sets as you go, but even top rated of the line rigging isn’t going to make for a comfy journey if the body will not match your life-style and your human body.

At the time you have a body that matches, the subsequent set of bicycle pieces you should really splurge on are the ones that make up the suspension. Yet again, the terrain you will be covering is an important component. If you might be zipping close to the city on perfectly-paved paths, you may not have to have any suspension. If, on the other hand, you strategy on ripping up mountain trails, you’ll have to come to a decision among a full suspension (shocks on the entrance and again wheels) or a ‘hardtail’ (shocks on the front wheels only). A excellent suspension system would not charge you a fortune, and it will make a big change in your journey.

The subsequent bike elements to prioritize are your wheels. The wheels are in which the bike meets the street, and it’s worth a several more bucks to retain that stage of speak to sound. Low-priced tires will don down swiftly and reduce their grip. Shopping for a great pair now will save you later on.

Get out there and get pleasure from the journey!

Supply by Anna Woodward