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Best Cycle Under 5000 for Adults In India

It’s pretty obvious these days, we are caught in the fast-paced life. With barely no-time to breathe, squeezing in a workout is next to impossible. However, there comes a time when our health starts taking a toll, and a workout becomes a mandate. With the ever growing love for bicycles, buying the best cycle under 5000 for adults is a good way to kick-start your cycling regime. 


 What can you expect from a bicycle under 5000?

If you are looking to buy the best cycle under 5000, keep in mind to there’s nothing much you can expect. In such cases, we advise you to look for a bicycle without gears [single speed]. A bicycle with gears or with a suspension is probably not a good idea.

The best bicycle under 5000 will be a decent bike to ride around town for 30 minutes to an hour. Consider looking at bicycles that come with a simple frame, decent wheels and a drive train that is ideal for cycling on flat roads and climbs. 

Things to consider while buying the best cycle under 5000 or above?

  • Consider looking at the quality of the brakes
  • Ensure the rims are decent and made of good material
  • Single speed drive train is ideal at this budget
  • Avoid those with gears and suspension

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Btwin My Bike:₹ 4,999

A perfect example of a decent bicycle that gets the job done within your budget is the Btwin MyBike. Made by Decathlon in India, the quality of this budget bicycle is way better as compared to the Indian counterparts. 

With decathlon widening their reach in India, you can easily get your hands on this bike with ease. Besides, there’s no one better than decathlon who offer a better after-sale service. 

If you’re looking to ride around town to commute or fitness, the bike is pretty decent. 


  1. Rigid Steel Frame
  2. Aluminium wheels
  3. Helical spring V-brakes
  4. Steel Handlebar

Hero Urban 26 T Hybrid Cycle:₹ 5,569

Slightly above INR 5000, the Hero Urban 26 T Hybrid cycle comes with a steel frame that’s strong and flexible. The bicycle comes with V- brakes and 26-inch wheels that perfect for adults looking for a bicycle that offers value for money. What makes this best bicycle under 5000  so special is that it comes with accessories like mudguards and bike stand that lets you save more money and have more fun.


  1. Rigid Steel Frame
  2. V brakes
  3. 26-inch wheels

Brooks Myth SS 26T:₹7,999

Pretty similar to the Btwin MyBike and the Urban 26t, Brooks Myth too comes with a steel frame, 26-inch wheels and V -brakes. However, the colour scheme is quite cool as compared to other bikes in the same budget.  This best cycle under 5000 is designed in the UK but are marketed by TI Cycles group in India.


  1. Single speed 
  2. Rigid Steel frame
  3. V-brakes
  4. 26-inch wheels

Hero Octane Parkour 26T:₹ 6,499

Another best cycle under 5000 to our list is the Hero Octane Parkour that comes with minimal design and good features. 


  1. Rigid Steel fork
  2. Aluminium frame
  3. Steel handlebar

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HERCULES ACE 26 T Hybrid Cycle/City Bike:₹5,599

Buy this best cycle under 5000 for adults from Amazon here

As compared to Hero cycles, Hercules is known to make a better quality bicycle, which is clearly seen in the Ace 26T. The stylish bikes comes with 26 inch wheels, stylish frame and a single speed drivetrain.


  1. Single speed
  2. Rigid suspension fork
  3. 26inch wheels
  4. Single speed Drivetrain

HERCULES Trailblazer RF 26 T Mountain Cycle  (Single Speed, Red): ₹4995 

Buy this best cycle under 5000 for adults from Amazon here

As we move lower down the price point, Hercules also has its trailblazer that’s made from steel and has a low step through frame. The bike also comes with a twin tube frame design, integrated carrier, Turbodrive technology that apparently lets you propel faster. 


  1. Twin-tube frame design
  2. Integrated carrier
  3. Turbodrive technology 
  4. Aero soft grips and calliper brakes

Hero Spunky 26T:₹4,599

Those of you looking for the best bicycle under 5000 that’s suitable for comfortable riding on city streets should consider looking at the Hero Spunky. The bike is easy on maintenance and offers value for money in the long run. 


  1. Single speed cycle 
  2. V-brakes
  3. Adjustable stem
  4. Robust tyres


Top 10 Hercules Gear Cycles In India

We all grew up wanting to own a Hercules gear cycle, didn’t we? The commercial where Ajay Jadeja is seen playing cricket before he rides off on the latest Hercules top gear is still nostalgic in our minds. 


While the production of the old Hercules top gear cycle has come to a standstill, there are many other bicycle models at various prices that can now be purchased for every type of riding. Best of all, These Hercules gear cycles are available in different sizes that work perfectly fine for every age group. Needless to say, these bicycles are packed with features like disc brake21-speedeed gears and a lot more.

Top 10 Hercules Gear cycles in India:

1. Hercules Roadeo Hank:

The Hank is the perfect steel hardtail bike that comes with an artistically covered bottom tube. Equipped with 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters, Shimano gears, 26-inch wheels and double disc brakes, the bike is packed with features for those looking for more! Moreover, you can ride it on the road or just anywhere, the Hank will surely keep the fun going between your legs.

Key features:


  • Steel hardtail rame 


  • 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters
  • Shimano derailleur

2. Hercules A 50

Made from 6061 alloy frame, this Hercules gear cycle is equipped with a front disc brake, 21 gears and Double-walled Alloy rims for traction. If you are looking for a partner who can be a reliable companion on roads, trails or just anywhere else, the A 50 is certainly reliable. Besides, the seat of this hercules gear cycle can be easily adjusted with the help of a quick release.

Key features:


  • 6061 alloy frame for superior ride quality 


  • Double-walled Alloy rims

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3. Hercules A 750

Another Hercules gear cycle that is made from 6061 Alloy is the A 750. Equipped with 21 gears, the bike comes with double disc brake mechanism and double walled XMR alloy Rims that make it fun to ride on any terrain.

The bike is available in the following colours:

1.Neon Green



Frame size: Medium and large

Key features:


  • 6061 Alloy hardtail


  • 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters and Shimano gear systems

4.Hercules A 475:

The finest Hercules gear cycle in the Roadeo range that stands out is the A 475 that comes with a 6061 alloy frame and 27.5T (650B) wheel size. Equipped with 21 speed Shimano easy fire thumb shifters, front disc brake system and Double-walled Alloy rims.

The bike comes in a full matte finish. It also encompasses on-trend features like coloured shooters in the fork, alloy crown, disc brakes and 21 speed Shimano easy fire thumb shifters. This aluminium MTB comes with an artistic dropout and chainstay. The colour and graphics of the bike are synonymous with the international appeal it flaunts. 

Key Features:


  • 6061 alloy frame


  • Double-walled Alloy rims,


  • 21 speed Shimano easy fire thumb shifters

5. Hercules Fugitive 26T:

Want to break away from the daily hassle? No problem! The Hercules fugitive is for you. This Hercules gear cycle comes with a steel frame, threads alloy stem, double walled alloy rims, sleek saddle for comfort while riding, dual disc brakes and is equipped with 21 gears. It is a good all-rounder bicycle that provides great value with the alloy frame, Shimano groupset and shifters.

Key features:


  • Mech formed steel providing superior ride quality


  • Double-walled alloy rims for traction MTB 26*2.1 progressive cotton tyre tread for smooth rolling

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6. Hercules Havoc 26t:

One more 26T Hercules gear cycle that’s affordable and offers value is the Havoc. Available in black, dark blue and red,  this bike too is made from steel. If you are looking for a companion to commute, go on short and long occasional weekend rides, this Hercules gear cycle will get the job done. 

Key features:


  • Steel frame


  • Double-walled alloy rims


  • Sleek saddle for ergonomic comfort

7. Hercules Maddox:

On first look, the Hercules Maddox might appear to be a bike that can be ridden on city roads. However, the bike can also be ridden on unpaved roads as well. Thanks to its front suspension that makes it possible to absorb the bumps. Besides, the front disc brakes provide good braking power over any kind of roads and weather. With enough gear ratios, ascending, descending or even going further is made possible with the Hercules Maddox

Key features:

Front Suspension:

  • Threadless alloy stem


  • Front disc brake and rear V-brake

8. HERCULES Crusher RF 6S 26 T Mountain Cycle:

Unlike other Hercules gear cycles, this mountain bicycle features a lightweight design and durable tyres. If you are looking for a companion to commute, the crusher is ideal for anyone on a low budget. The crusher comes with Revo shifters that apparently offer a smooth shifting experience. This Hercules gear cycle also comes with durable tyres and V-brakes, which are ideal for mountain biking. Thus, offering a good leverage ratio and enable you to brake effectively. If you are considering taking this bike off road, it might not be a good idea due to its rigid suspension. That being said, the Rigid fork works really well on city roads.

Key Features:

Gear: 6 Gear with Revo Shifters

Front Brake: Wire Brake | Rear Brake: Wire Brake

Frame Material: Steel Cycle/Mild steel Cycle

Suspension: Rigid

Tire Size: 26 inches | Frame Size:17 inch

Worst Cycling Products to Buy from Decathlon Online

We agree decathlon online has contributed in leaps and bounds to promote cycling as a sport. From affordable bicycles to some of the cheapest bicycle accessories in the market, the French giant is certainly a candy store for beginners and avid cyclist. For them, finding an affordable quality bicycle with the right accessories that last long is all they need. 


But what happens when they have a bad experience? In today’s times, where even reviews provide little to no value, how does one even go about buying a product? Especially, with the salesmen at the store insisting you on buying their accessories.

To ease your time and money at the store, we have reviewed some products personally and listed them down that are not worth buying. After all, who doesn’t want value for money?

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Road bike Inner Tube:-

Considering cycling is an expensive affair, finding an inner tube for just INR 199 is a bliss. However, our experience with this hasn’t been great at all. The tube is good but there’s no ring to hold it steady. We’ve also found it difficult to inflate air without the ring, especially with less tyre pressure. Every time you try to press the nozzle onto the valve, the tube moves inwards.

Who wants to fill the air this way early morning when you are half asleep?

Central Side Stand:-

On a usual scenario, we are so used to leaving our bike on the side stand when not riding. Unconsciously, we are also used to leaning our body weight and expect it to still take it all. But that’s not what the stand is made for, is it?

Needless to say, if you are one of those, this could be worst. 


As we conduct cycling classes, we prefer using the Riverside 100, however, as it doesn’t come fitted with a carrier behind, we prefer the pannier rack 100 as a solution. However, after using it for months on attest 6 Btwin bikes, we have to conclude the following-

1. Nuts loosen and fall off

2. Frame cracks or brake on times

3. Complete carrier becomes wobbly

4. No replacement parts available 

Mind you, this is all without exceeding the weight capacity. 

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Btwin Elops 100:

By far one of the worst bikes manufactured ever by Decathlon is the Elops. While the bike is specifically designed for women, it is clearly not for Indian roads. Also, the handle touches your knee when you try to take turns.

Clearly, not a well thought out the bike for the Indian conditions. 

The above decathlon online products, have been tried and tested by us for over a period of three to four months and this list has been collated only after that. If you happen to have a bad experience after using it for a good amount of time, feel free to comment below and let us know.

P.S- Besides the above products, we feel Decathlon is the best and have offered Indian sports a lot to grow in every field. If you do experience issues with any of the decathlon products, they have a 90-day return policy that allows you to excahnge or refund the product.

Heritage Cycle Ride to commemorate Republic Day

Cycle When cycling is being promoted all over India, the 66th Republic Day of the country got celebrated by a group of cycling enthusiasts through a ride of more than 100km from Chennai to Puducherry. This cycling event consisted of 70 participating riders of both amateur and veteran cyclists to observe India’s 66th Republic Day.

A group of cycling enthusiasts rose up really early on the morning of 26th January 2015 to celebrate the nation’s 66th Republic Day. They gathered at their decided cycling event’s starting point at the Novotel hotel in Chennai and faced an unexpected downpour. However, it did not stop them from going with their Heritage Ride to Puducherry from Chennai covering a distance of total 119 km.

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This cycling event was organized by the Cycling Yogis that is a Chennai based bicycle enthusiasts’ club with support from Puducherry Tourism. The ride flagged off at 6.30am and all the participating riders, both men and women rode to Kelambakkam past Thiruporur temple tank reaching Poonjeri by 7.45 am.

The cycle trip garnered lots of attention from passersby who asked questions to the participants slowing down the pace of the riders occasionally. The formation of the riders changed as they entered the ECR with some participants breaking away into smaller groups setting their own speed levels while some others got left behind with slower pace. Since this was a long ride and many amateur participants were riding 100 km for the first time along with the veterans, the event had a ‘sweeping team,’ of riders who stayed right at the back and ensured that no rider was actually left behind and finishes the trip.

On reaching Vengambakkam the group was given breakfast in packets that included lots of bananas to keep up the group’s energy levels. The event was actually an easy ride for most, who did not race and took it easy and rode while indulging in small chats and enjoying the fresh weather. Moreover, this ride was intended to be a sight-seeing trip as well, and thus headed to Mudaliarkuppam’s Boat House.

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The ride was a joyous one with lush green parts on the way and fresh weather, and many participants took photographs while taking small breaks. They rode to Kadapakkam after another food break along with energy drinks and peanut candies and set to Alamparai Fort. The group reached Marakkanam around noon.

The pleasant morning was replaced by a usual hot and humid afternoon they made the 100 km first timers more concerned and uncomfortable and the distance between the groups increased considerably.

The group triumphantly pedaled entering the Union Territory which was the last stretch of the ride. The finishing point was beside the beautiful sea beach and the ride concluded between 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. There were 11 riders who did their maiden 100 km and were applauded by the experienced riders that included tri-athletes, marathoners and endurance cyclists.

9 Best and Lost Two Wheelers in India

India Now a day’s the automobile market got captured by the more efficient and advance technology vehicles. In the shine of advanced technology vehicles, era of Luna, sunny,hero puch, kinetic K4 and scooter is about to end. Remember the day when hero puch was the first choice of young boy’s and sunny was only made for girl’s.


The Royal old bikes includes Bullet and Rajdoot, Bajaj Priya scooter were the officers choice two wheeler’s. Also Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and LML were few good bikes of that time. Still some of the bike lover’s are using these vintage bikes in India, Luna and M80 can be seen in villages.


The Kinetic Luna Super was one of the most popular moped in India, It was very convenient and low cost maintenance two wheeler used across the country by most of people.

The 60cc moped with attractively designed has few great features like device to switch over to pedaling, Large enough fuel tank and Strong chassis. One can still purchase the Kinetic Luna Super, its current price is between is 13,000 to 18,000.


Bajaj sunny was the India’s first ladies bike or sooty with an automatic gearbox. The scooter was targeted at teenagers who are eligible for license for without gear two wheelers. Sunny has a 60 cc engine and a maximum speed of 50 km/h, It can carry a load of 120kg. Now Sunny is no longer in production but can be spotted somewhere around the country.

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Hero Puch

Hero Motors Hero Puch was one of the highly sold two wheeler in India, it was the first choice of young boy’s. It had three variant Automatic, Hero Puch Shakti and Hero Puch 3G (Three Gear). This vehicle was light weight, sleek with good looking features and was able to deliver mileage near about 50 -55 Km / liter with 2-stroke engine.

Kinetic Honda

Kinetic Honda was a joint venture of Kinetic India and Honda Japan. This venture was bring the first electric start two wheeler in India in 1984. The brand Kinetic Honda will always remembered for 2-stroke scooters in India, Till 2005 Kinetic has launched 6 Model and win award for best scooter of the year in 1995.  The Kinetic Honda also holds three world records, Traveling to highest motorable road-Khardungla by Indian couple.


Bajaj m80, was among the best selling step-thru category two wheelers in India during the mid-1980s. The bike of Indian villages was technologically advanced and strong bike in the intervening years. After the few changes the M80 Major 4S was launched, The company has also launched saffire the 92cc, 4-stroke engine two-wheeler, an upgraded version of Bajaj M-80.

Priya Scooter

Bajaj Scooter’s are the officer’s choice two wheeler,produced by the Bajaj auto. The popular Indian-made scooter was affordable for millions of Indian families for decades and termed as humara bajaj. Bajaj has made a number of motorcycles and scooters like Bajaj Chetak, Bajaj Super and Bajaj Priya.


The Indian motorcycle company was launched motorcycles in 1960 under the brand name Jawa and later Yezdi. The most popular model was the Yezdi Roadking and Jawa was known for its active racing. These two bikes were the biggest hit in India during that era, still we can located somewhere these vintage bikes.

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The Rajdoot 350, also known as RD was a modified and licensed copy of the Yamaha RD350B to suit Indian roads. Rajdoot was one of the best bike in Indian market who suit Indian roads and condition. High purchase price, relatively high fuel consumption and poor availability of expensive spare parts are the few factor to made Rajdoot unsuccessful.

Hero Honda CD 100/SS

The Hero Honda was the joint venture of Hero India and Honda of Japan, In 1985 Hero Honda motorcycle launched CD 100, one of the best mileage bike. In 1991 a new version is launched by the name of Hero Honda motorcycle CD 100 SS and it was a massive hit in India. The largest two wheeler manufacturer Hero Honda is one of the trustable and most popular brand in India.

Yamaha RX 100

Yamaha RX 100 was one of fastest bike in India and among the most iconic motorcycles of our country. The bikes was once the king of Indian streets, now discontinued in India.

Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Indian Bicycle

Check out a wide range of Indian cycle brands design for kids, women, girls with list of features and accessories. Here is the list of best bicycle brands available in India, make in India and explore the ultimate destination for the country.


Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles is the largest manufacturer of Bicycles in India, based in Ludhiana Punjab. The company is part of Hero Motors Company and also one of the largest manufacturers of cycles in the world, exports to over 70 countries having brands like Firefox, Miss India, Sprint and Mountain Bike.

Atlas Cycles

Atlas is one of the top bicycle producing companies in India and constantly trying to innovate the products with technology, quality and standards.

Avon Cycles

Avon is another most popular brand of Indian cycle and emerged as one of the largest selling bicycle brands in India, offering more than 200 different models of cycles.

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Hercules Cycles

Hercules range of bicycles are one of the flagship cycle brands of Murugappa Group, owned by the Murugappa family and also has presence in several segments including Cholamandalam Investment and Tube Investments of India.

La Sovereign Cycles

The India based company Sovereign is into the manufacturing & marketing of bicycles from last 40 years. La Sovereign is a bicycles & toys manufacturing unit from Ludhiana and a joint between Thailand & based company.

BSA Ladybird

BSA Ladybird is best brand of cycle for girls in India and superbly comfortable and trendy that reflects your style with fashion and passion.

Firefox Cycles

Firefox bikes is one of the fast-growing premium cycling brand in India, acquired by Hero Cycles and has presence in pan-India through outlets.

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Montra Cycles

Montra brand of hybrid cycles offers range of city and mountain bikes as well as RTB, built only for road and mountains. TI Cycles of India own Montra bicycle brand and also launched India’s first titanium bike in the Country.

Mach City Cycles

The all new Mach City brand of bicycles are more than just a bike, build and design to match your personality and offers unmatched riding experience.

Road Master Cycles

The company is a leading bicycles brand name in India with more than 60 different models of cycles. Road Master cycle has wide variety of bicycle including Kids Bicycles, Boys & Men Bicycles, Girl & Women Bicycles and Sports Bicycles.

Indian Automobile Manufacturing Companies by Brands

Automobile Indian automobile industry holds strong position in the international market of tractors, trucks, trucks, bus, motorcycle and heavy vehicles. Two Wheelers segment dominates the Indian market and commercial vehicles as well, Here are the list of major players of the Indian automobile sector.


Safari/Indica/Nexon/Harrier – Tata Motors

The Indian automobile company is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, Tata Motors produces all types of vehicles in India including cars, construction, buses, trucks and military vehicles. Some of the best selling and most popular cars of Tata Motors are Indica, Nano, Tata Safari, Tata Sumo, Tata Nexon and the latest Tata Harrier as well as upcoming Tata Hornbill.

Scorpio/XUV500/Thar – Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra listed as one of the top companies in India by Fortune India 500, part of the Mahindra Group and is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world as well as leading vehicle manufacturers in India. Popular commercial and passenger vehicles by Mahindra include Scorpio, XUV500 and Bolero.

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Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is part of the Hinduja Group, is the second largest commercial vehicle company in India and a market leader in the bus segment, light commercial vehicle as well as in defense systems. The flagship company of the Hinduja Group and listed as 10th largest manufacturer of trucks globally.

Traveller/Trax – Force Motors

Force Motors company is the largest van maker in India, listed amongst India’s Fortune 500 Companies and a leader of Indian automotive market in light commercial vehicles. The Trax and Traveller vehicle by Force Motors are very popular among the transport line in India that offers different uses including minibus, school bus, ambulance and transport.

Royal Enfield – Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors is one of the leader in Manufacturing of commercial vehicles and motorcycles, Also the parent company of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Royal Enfield is currently the best Indian motorcycle as well as oldest motorcycle brand in the world still in production.

Ambassador – Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors is one of the oldest Indian manufacturer of automotive, based in Kolkata and owned by the CK Birla Group, known for India’s best Ambassador car brand. Ambassador by Hindustan Motors is considered as king of Indian roads and claimed to be the best taxi in the world, all Yellow Taxis in Calcutta are Ambassador. Pic Credit – thestatesman.

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Splendor/Pleasure/CBZ – Hero MotoCorp

The Indian motorcycle scooter manufacturer company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. Some of the most popular bikes of Hero MotoCorp are Hero Honda Splendor,xtreme160r,passion, glamour, destini, pleasure and maestro edge.

Chetak/Auto/Pulsar – Bajaj Auto

The Indian two and three-wheeler manufacturing company is a part of the Bajaj Group, is the world’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer and second largest manufacturer of motorcycles in India. Auto rickshaws, Bajaj Pulsar and Bajaj Chetak and Chetak Electric are popular commuter vehicles from Bajaj.

Scooty Pep/Apache – TVS Motor

TVS Motor company is the third largest motorcycle company in India, a member of the TVS Group and headquartered at Chennai. TVS Apache, Ntorq 125 and Scooty Pep+ are some of the largest selling brands among scooters and bike.

Top 6 Powerful Unisex Scooters in India

India There was a time when these scooters were limited only to women only but now the Automobile companies are launching powerful unisex scooters. Some of the best unisex scooters in India are .


Hero Maestro,Mahindra Gusto,Suzuki Access and TVS Jupiter, other unisex scooters also includes LML Vespa,Stella,Bajaj Chetak and Bajaj Priya,Honda Aviator,Honda Dio and Mahindra Duro.

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Hero Maestro

Hero MotoCorp launched its first scooter in the form of Maestro and proudly promotes the first Unisex Scooters as a masculine body with the tagline such a boy thing.

Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto is the newest scooter in town and the first scooter in India that comes with a unique Height-Adjustable Seat. Thanks to its tough performance, great mileage and its numerous, innovative car-like features.

TVS Jupiter

The Jupiter has everything from a stylish design having a sense of class and fuel efficiency of 62 kmpl. TVS Jupiter is first ever attempt in unisex scooter segment and indeed a value for money product.

Suzuki Access

Suzuki made a comeback in the Indian market of two wheeler with Access,the first 125cc scooter for the masses of India. Suzuki Access is really an outstanding product with some first-in-class features.

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Honda Activa

Honda Activa was the revolutionary product in the market of unisex scooter segment in India. Activa has five different variant in model as Activa, New Activa,Activa-i,Activa 125 and Activa 3G.

Yamaha Alpha

Yamaha made a surprising entry in the year of 2012 in the scooter segment of India. Yamaha Alpha is powered by a single cylinder, air cooled, 113cc engine.

The 8 Latest and Upcoming Super Bikes in India

In the world of speed, craziness for fastest bike among the youngsters with a babe should not be ignore in India. India is one of the fasted growing market for automobile industry, All the sports bike companies are eager to launch their super bike in India.


Already Imported sports bikes in India are Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja 250R and the coolest one Harley-Davidson. These companies are now planning to launch few more model of super sports bike in India, which will lead the Indian market to the brand new era of bikes.

Ten best 1000cc super sports bikes in India

Suzuki Intruder M1800R: The Suzuki Intruder is a series of cruiser type motorcycles also called as a super bike. The chopper motorcycle is leave’s a unique style statement in the heart of bike lovers. Suzuki Intruder, the sports cruiser has height of 1185mm, width 875mm and the length is 2480mm with fuel tank capacity of 19.5 liters. The Awesome super bike has 1783cc engine and it is looks like a competitor of the big boy Harley Davidson, one of the coolest bike.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.13.25 lacs

Hyosung GT650
Hyosung, the super bikes launched in India by Garware Motors and S&T Motors. The Comet Series Hyosung, 650cc sports bike with 6 speed gear has awesome sporty design and look. The countdown for Hyosung had begun and reached up to an exciting stage of Indian motorcycles lovers. Launching of this super sports bike has take the Indian market to the new heights in Automobile Industry.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.4.9 lacs

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Honda CBR250R:

Honda is one of the most popular name in India,Honda is launching a super sports bike for the Indian roads. The Honda CBR250R sports bike has a beautiful design and extremely attractive look with 6-speed gearbox. Honda has finally launched its much-awaited CBR250R motorcycle in India,who will give challenge to world’s best 250cc bike Kawasaki Ninja and plusar250. Honda CBR250R is one of the most popular and lovable bike of the youth.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.1.77 lacs

Ducati 848:

Finally Ducati is in India, The famous brand Ducati known for its fast motorbikes recently launched five models of super bikes in two-wheeler market in India. The Ducati Super bike 848, most awaited bike has extraordinary features which makes the bike lovers go crazy about it. The super bike with a four stroke engine, 849 cc displacement and 6 gears provide smooth drive on the Indian road.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.12.2 lacs

Ducati 848: 

Finally Ducati is in India, The famous brand Ducati known for its fast motorbikes recently launched five models of super bikes in two-wheeler market in India. The Ducati Super bike 848, most awaited bike has extraordinary features which makes the bike lovers go crazy about it. The super bike with a four stroke engine, 849 cc displacement and 6 gears provide smooth drive on the Indian road.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.12.2 lacs

Kawasaki Ninja 650R: 

After success achieved from Ninja 250R, Bajaj recently stated that they are looking forward to introduce Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Kawasaki Ninja 650R is an awesome motorcycle which has more than enough power needed on the Indian roads. Kawasaki Ninja has a unique combination of style, performance, reliability and  user-friendly motorcycle image in India.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.5.5 lacs

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Mahindra Mojo: 

Mahindra, One of the major auto industry in India is about to launch its two new motorcycles Mojo and Stallio in India. Mahindra Mojo, The Stylish,attractive and Powerful bike with Italian design is all set to hit the Indian roads. The wonderful racing breed bike has 300cc-4 stroke powerful engine and will be one of the most powerful bike of India.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.1.75 lacs

Bajaj KTM duke: 

After the great success of Bajaj Pulsar,Bajaj is ready to go with its new street bike known as KTM Duke. The KTM Duke 125cc is a complete dude bikes and specially designed for youth’s. KTM 125 cc Duke is a new type bike in the field of two wheeler in India, It’s stunning look and eye catchy features will redefine the Indian bike industry.
Priced (Ex-showroom Delhi) at Rs.1.1 to 1.35 lacs

Top 12 High Rated Imported Motorcycles in India

High Indian market is among the top list for motorcycle manufacturers and witnessed rise of style, sports and speed. Popular bikes in India also include Hyosung, UM Renegade Commando, Suzuki Intruder and the most famous royal enfield classic bikes.


Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog is a American based custom motorcycle brand, known for its custom chopper bikes. A Custom Chopper bike from Big Dog Motorcycles will cost 59 lakh in India.

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Norton Commando

Norton Commando British motorcycle brand is one of the most expensive bike in India, announced its entry into India through Commando 961 for a price tag of 23.40 lakh (ex-showroom).

Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturers and origin of ride style of customization that gave rise to the chopper motorcycle style.

Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycle is another American brand of motorcycles, designed and engineered for powerful works.

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph motorcycles is a British motorcycle brand that offers range of bikes in India. Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Triple and Triumph Bonneville T100 are few popular bike models.

Benelli Motorcycles

Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle brand and offers 5 bike models in India. Benelli TNT 300 and Benelli TNT 600 are two popular models.


Ducati Motor is another Italian company and best known for high performance motorcycles and super bikes.

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorcycles is part of the German company BMW and the price starts from Rs. 2.99 lakh for the model G 310 R.

Aprilia Motorcycles

Aprilia is also Italian motorcycle company that produced sportbikes and scooters. The Italian company also launched new scooty in India as SR 150 model.

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MV Agusta

MV Agusta is a sports motorcycles from Cascina Costa Italy and has a total of 7 models. The Italian Agusta has been officially launched in India with MV Agusta F3 800 RC for a price of 19.73 lakh, ex-showroom.

Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki motorcycles from Japan are famous for cheapest bike Ninja 300. India Kawasaki Motors sells the Ninja 300, Ninja 400,Ninja ZX-10R and and Ninja H2Carbon.

Chopper Motorcycles

Chopper motorcycles emerged in California, USA and become very popular with its custom Harley Davidson bikes. Avanturaa Choppers Bikes in India offers custom Chopper motorcycle.