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Women Cycling Tips-Advantages They Don’t Tell You

There’s no denying that in recent times, women cycling is on the rise. Right from homemakers to a 9-5 office goer, women are seen cruising on their velo. While they certainly have picked up a healthy lifestyle, there are a few who do not hesitate to learn cycling.

women cycling

They wake up, muster all their strength and courage, rent, borrow bikes, and get someone to teach them cycling. Heck, some even borrow their sons or husbands bicycle and learn the sport before they get their own bicycle.

Here’s a back story of women cycling in India

If you are thinking of getting on the velo, here are 4 surprising women cycling tips that nobody tells you. Keep these women cycling tips in mind, they will get you riding to a healthier tomorrow. You will also go cycling while you are on your periods too.

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Prevent Diseases:

Cycling can be a great option to be physically active and healthy. Also, it can heavily improve health and keep you fit. However, fitness is not the only reason for you to start cycling. The advantages of cycling for women go far beyond that. It can help you counter diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Regular cycling will help you maintain a good balance of cardio and weight and keep you healthy through hormonal fluctuations.

There’s no denying that in recent times, women cycling is on the rise. Right from homemakers to a 9-5 office goer, women are seen cruising on their velo. While they certainly have picked up a healthy lifestyle, there are a few who do not hesitate to learn cycling. They wake up, muster all their strength and courage, rent, borrow bikes, and get someone to teach them cycling. Heck, some even borrow their sons or husbands bicycle and learn the sport before they get their own bicycle.

Here’s a back story of women cycling in India

If you are thinking of getting on the velo, here are 4 surprising women cycling tips that nobody tells you. Keep these women cycling tips in mind, they will get you riding to a healthier tomorrow. You will also go cycling while you are on your periods too.

Prevent Diseases:

Cycling can be a great option to be physically active and healthy. Also, it can heavily improve health and keep you fit. However, fitness is not the only reason for you to start cycling. The advantages of cycling for women go far beyond that. It can help you counter diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Regular cycling will help you maintain a good balance of cardio and weight and keep you healthy through hormonal fluctuations.

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Burn Calories:

You may be surprised to know that you can burn as many as 300 or more calories with steady cycling. The most important part of cycling is that any woman, regardless of age, can go for it. Pregnant women can go for cycling as well.

Have Fun:

The best part of cycling is that it is a physical activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Moreover, it is actually a lot of fun and a good way to stay healthy. With cycling, you won’t need therapy, you just need one hour of regular cycling. All you need to do is get on the bike and ride. There’s no need to be fast or cover a certain distance at a particular time. Just ride today, tomorrow and every day.

Final Notes: Women Cycling Tips

To sum up the benefits of cycling, here is a quick look at the reasons why as a woman you should opt for cycling. Women who regularly cycle would not complain about joint pain, anxiety or stress. Regular cycling helps improve your metabolism and tone down the muscles that will better your shape and overall looks. The advantages of cycling for women include better control over cholesterol, lots of calorie-burn and even easier childbirth.

More than anything else, women can never find a better option for working out than cycling because it’s fun.

Cycling Jersey: For Men and Women Online [India]

All we had was a bicycle and dreams of flying high like a kid. Cycling did make us happy;  at least for the first few kilometres. But later, we could feel our rear hurt, our lungs burn and muscles getting hard like a rock. Eventually, we would find ourselves sitting on the edge of the road, gasping for air and gulping gallons of water!

But then with every ride, we slowly got smarter and better. Our pedalling improved, our breathing was in sync. We also went on to invest in a helmet, a pair of bib shorts, cycling jersey and the list goes on. 


Since then, cycling only got better! However, not everyone manages to get the right bicycle accessories. We sacrifice on quality because the price is too high. And later, we only regret! 


Most of usually get it wrong in the first step. We assume, we know our size and, there! When the jersey arrives, it’s all a mess! You either find it too tight or just too lose. The below chart should help you choose the right cycling jersey size.

Fabric: Selecting the material of your cycling jersey:

Cycling jerseys are available in three main types of material. As the second step, you need to go ahead and select the material of your cycling jersey. Below are the best options available for you to consider for the right cycling jersey. 

Polyester – Polyester can be considered as a synthetic man-made material. It is widely being used in the production of cycling jerseys across the globe. One of the biggest benefits associated with polyester is that it has got the ability to keep your body dry at all times. 

In addition, you will be able to keep your body cool while cycling during the hot and sunny days. Polyester is capable of keeping your body away from the damage caused by UV rays of the sun and is extremely durable. The material is easy to wash and dries quickly. However, some cyclists don’t prefer to go ahead with polyester cycling jerseys due to the artificial feel offered by it. Needless to say, polyester wicks better than Nylon.

Nylon – Nylon can also be considered as a synthetic material used in the production of a cycling jersey. Nylon is considered to be warmer and does not wick as polyester and is one of the strongest fabrics available.  Since this is a stretchable material, you will be able to get a snuggly fit, which improves aerodynamics as well.

Moreover, nylon can improve your performance because of the water and wind resistant capabilities. Nylon tends to be warmer than polyester, and can often be more sweaty or cling more to the body. Besides, nylon tends to absorb more water than polyester and thus takes longer time to dry, hence it will give cold feel when wet.

However, nylon absorbs odours. This could lead to mould growth, which is quite difficult to be removed if not given attention at the right time. 
Merino wool – Merino wool is another popular material used for the constructions of cycling jerseys. It is ideal for the cyclist who invades the cold. That’s because merino wool can keep the body warm when compared to the other materials.

With merino wool, you will be able to receive better wicking capabilities when compared to nylon or polyester. It doesn’t absorb odours as well. However, merino wool cycling jerseys are very expensive.

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Pay attention towards the wind 

As beginners, we never realise how wind can affect our cycling performance. However, once we do, we ride smart, save energy and keep pedalling. In such cases, buying the right cycling jersey which offers a snug fit is important. A snug fit jersey will help you cut through the wind and not flap in the wind. 

Fit: Purchase a cycling jersey that offers the optimum fit 

Like we said, the cycling jersey you purchase should provide an optimum fit to your body. When you are cycling, you spend a considerable amount of time on the bike. That’s where comfort comes into play and the right fit will make all the difference.

If you purchase a cycling jersey from one of the most reputed brands, you don’t need to worry too much about fit and comfort. Renowned brands spend a lot of time understanding the needs of cyclists and manufacturing the best that’s ideal for different sizes and conditions. 

Consider what you pack: 

When you are cycling, carrying different equipment is vital (Nutrition, repair kits, multi-tools and spare tubes in the jersey pockets). In such cases, having enough space on your jersey is a must, especially in the absence of a saddle bag. Hence, you need to ensure that the cycling jersey you purchase comes along with enough pockets to hold all these accessories. Then you will be provided with an excellent assistance when you are cycling. 

Also, ensure the jersey material is not too elastic. Too elastic material will cause the jersey to sag once you store in your nutrition and spare kit. This will not only bother you while riding but also make you feel uncomfortable and saggy on the back.

Make sure that you purchase a water-resistant cycling jersey: 

When it comes to waterproofing, look out for a cycling jersey that offers water resistance as well. While the weather is unpredictable, you need to make sure that you’re prepared, always.

For instance, you are riding over 100 km and the rain hits you in the middle of the ride. A cycling jersey that offers water resistance, will let out water quickly and dry fast. This will eliminate the discomfort and odour issues which are likely to erupt.

Waist gripper:

Most of the good cycling jerseys in the market have an elastic grip at the waist that lets you get a close fit and prevents it from rising up as you pedal. Also, ensure the back of the jersey


If you find yourself riding in the dark or dull weather conditions, reflective can be useful in the dark. Some reflective look subtle grey in daylight but shine out brightly as soon as they’re caught by headlights. Look for this feature in a cycling jersey when you head out to buy!

Never ignore the style:

Needless to say, style is important as well. However, it needs to be last on your list. Most of us fall for the fancy colours and designs, however, we fail to give attention to the purpose of buying the jersey. 

Now, if you are looking to buy a cycling jersey, make sure to keep the above pointers in mind. Wearing the right jersey will make you feel good and let you focus on cycling well.

However, if you are confused when it comes to buying the best cycling jersey brand in India, worry now. Here are a few velocrush certified brands that you can blindly go and shop now!

How cycling jersey should fit?

Ensure that the cycling jersey that you buy fits well whilst allowing you for free movement. Another important thing is that the jersey sleeve should be long enough while you ride on the drops and hold cover your backside as well.

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Best cycling jersey brands online in India

With so many brands in India, buying the right bicycle jersey can be challenging. however, most of us usually fall for the so-called cheap cycling jersey that gets the job done. It’s understandable for you to buy the cheapest when you get into cycling, but when you are in the sport, the best cycling jersey is what you should be looking at. And when it comes to the best, here are a few brands that come to my mind.

2Go Activewear:

If you’re an active cyclist, 2Go will take you beyond your comfort zone. The brand pairs the highest quality performance fabrics with stylish silhouettes and the most technical print techniques available to create activewear that truly and uniquely marries style with performance. From cut to colour to cloth, an uncompromising commitment to performance is all the brand can offer you. 

They manufacture cycling jerseys, shorts, socks and tee shirts at affordable prices for men and women.


Looking for the finest quality apparel available in India, go for Heini. They customise garments for a wide range of sports and offer excellent and outstanding customer service. Team Srini, the first Indian to finish RAAM, a few national level athletes and of course the tour of Nilgiris riders, all flaunt The Heini Apparel.

Our Personal Favourite cycling jersey by Heini


We all known decathlon is well-known for the products they provide. Once upon a time, the cycling kits were designs and made abroad, are now manufactured in India. If you’re a beginner, go for Decathlon. They get the job done. 

Cycling jersey amazon (we recommend)

Amazon is a one-stop-shop solution for all our cycling needs. Right from cycle accessorises, bicycles and cycling apparel, you will get everything you need at amazon. With so many products available on amazon, it can get daunting to choose the right one. As so we have listed cycling jersey amazon sells that you can buy.

RC500 Short-Sleeved Road Cycling Jersey

Decathlon’s RC 500 is a good cycling jersey that offers lot of comfort on your hot summer rides. The Jersey comes with mesh fabric underarms and sides that offers a lot of cooling. Besides, it also wicks away sweat.

Men’s Short-Sleeved Warm Weather Road Cycling Jersey

Looking for a cycling jersey online that’s suitable for cycling in warm wether? Here’s the men’s short sleeved jersey that comes with a well-designed pockets and a large zip for ventilation. This jersey is ideal for beginners looking to carry small items on a long ride.

Road Sport Cycling Jersey Team

If you are looking for a pro level jersey that’s ideal for competition, van rysel jersey is for you. It’s super light and comes with 4 pockets at the back that provides enough space to store small items. Besides, the jersey is well-ventilated and has bin pocket for longer rides.

Bike Repair: Here’s When You Should Change Tyres

Bike repair of Tyres and brake pads are components that together take a beating from the rough terrain, weather, debris, etc. They deliver their best when they are in optimum condition, providing the rider with better braking and control. Replacing tyres can prove to be a tricky job as it varies based on rider and the terrain one rides on. While at first glance your tyres may look ready to hit the road, a closer inspection may reveal the need for a replacement. The type of tyre, terrain, rider’s weight, handling and conditions where you park your bike, determine the health of your bicycle tyres.Bike repair

You might have observed that the back tyre is more prone to getting worn out as compared to the front tyre. It is a good routine to check your tyres regularly before and after every ride. Refrain from waiting for your tyres to weather away completely as it increases the chances of a mishap.

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While examining your bicycle tyres or any other kind of Bike repair, remember to look for:

Signs of wear and tear:


Small chunks missing on the thread surface

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Flat surface:

Avoid parking your bicycle under direct sunlight or rain. Prolonged exposure to such elements can drastically reduce the strength and resistance of tyres by breaking down the rubber and shortening your tyres lifespan.Also, exposure to sunlight leads to UV degradation.

It is advisable to keep your bicycle indoors in a dry place. You can keep your bicycle mounted or upside-down when storing it or not in use for a long period. Rainwater, extreme cold or heat is enough to cause your tyres to harden or make them crack.

It is advised that you not throw away your old tyres as they can be used in case of an emergency.
The same applies to your brake pads when they harden and tend to crack. You might not always be aware of the debris that fly off your wheels or get stuck in the rim embedding itself in the pads. Not only does it harm your rims, but worsens with every brake.

It is a good practice to remove your wheels and wipe those brake pads at regular intervals, irrespective of the weather conditions you’re riding in. So examining your bike before and after every ride can always be handy. Follow the simple guidelines above and Bike repair tyres and brake pads will be as happy as you are after a good ride.

So examining your bike before and after every ride can always be handy. Follow the simple guidelines above and Bike repair tyres and brake pads will be as happy as you are after a good ride.

Hydration for cyclists -Why is it important?

If you are a fan of biking, chances are you will know the importance of Hydration for cyclists. Hydration for cyclists is an integral part of the sport. Dehydration can be quite severe in its consequences and in some cases may drastically affect your performance. Re-hydration in the form of water and electrolytes is the perfect remedy to the major symptoms of dehydration fatigue, water loss, cramps, and nausea.


You might have come across times when you might be so engrossed in your activity that you forget to hydrate yourself. Take a look at everything you need to know about Hydration for cyclists:

The key to hydration for cyclists is understanding your bodies needs along with some common sense. Other factors like gender, cold, heat, humidity also play an important role in keeping yourself hydrated. For example, on a hot day, you might have to gulp gallons of water while on a cold day you may not need the same.

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Signs of dehydration:

  • Dry Lips and mouth
  • Infrequent urination
  • Bright or dark coloured urine(sometimes with odour) – due to severe dehydration
  • Sunken eyes
  • Apathy or lack of energy
  • Sudden Decline in performance
  •  Nausea

So don’t wait for your body to throw an indicator to tell you if you’re thirsty as you might often not even recognize it. Once you have lost lots of water, your body feels tired and dizzy or at times, you might not sweat and become delirious. Follow the motto – ‘Eat before you’re hungry, rest before you’re tired and drink before you’re thirsty’ Without staying hydrated, performing exercises such as cycling or running becomes a struggle.

Dehydration,in a nutshell, reduces the supply of oxygen to the body’s cells, counter-aides blood circulation prevents the removal of byproducts of exercise and imbalances the maintenance of body temperature by sweating.

As we all know, our bodies are made up of nearly 65% water and a minute change can affect any athlete’s performance. Hydration for cyclists, it varies from individual to individual.

Hence, sipping on the water every 8 to 15 minutes is considered a good practice to maintain Hydration for cyclists. It’s always a good idea to have a good amount of water 30 minutes before a workout. This helps restore the lost water and your body is all ready to sweat.

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As the body already has water, you won’t feel the need to drink water for at least the first 20 to 30 min. From there on, you can start off by having small sips every 10 minutes according to your needs.

During a long workout or while training, you can add sports drinks to your routine to make up for the lost electrolytes. A natural electrolyte source which can be enjoyed is coconut water, an excellent source of sodium, potassium, magnesium and other vital salts that are lost during a workout. Gatorade is considered to be a good energy drink consisting of a mixture of salt, sugar, and water. Hydration for cyclists or any other athletes can be easily maintained by following the above tips.

Water does not have a replacement and a sports drink should not be consumed as a replacement for hydration issues. If you want to achieve peak performance, keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after a workout. A good indicator to know whether you’re well hydrated is by examining your urine colour. If your urine is clear it simply indicates you’re well hydrated. So next time you feel drained out or sluggish, remember to sip on some water along with an energy drink to keep you going.

Disc Brakes vs Rims Brakes (V brakes)

But before we get into the debate of Disc brakes vs Rims brakes, let’s see how they actually work! Rim brakes, power brakes or V brakes are calliper brakes that work by pinching the bicycle rim between two blocks of brake pads.


These blocks create friction and help you slow the bike down.

Disc brakes:

Disc brakes have always been on motorbikes but with the advancement of technology, they have been modified and fitted onto bicycles. However, they were primarily hydraulic and aimed at the high-end mounting bikes in the market.

Today, these brakes have several models of the cable-actuated disc brake that have evolved over the years. As a result, you will find bikes with disc brakes as standards or as an optional upgrade. These disc brakes come with callipers that act upon a metal ‘rotor’ bolted onto the wheel hub, instead of the rim.

Let’s have a look at some of the important criteria of disc brakes vs rim brakes.


Rim brakes require only levers, cables and lightweight Calipers. However, Hydraulic disc brakes, on the other hand, require cables, rotor discs, brake pads, hoses, reservoirs and fluid as well as levers and callipers.

With more parts, disc brakes are far more complicated and heavy as compared to rim brakes.

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Disc brakes come with extra components. As a result, they can be tricker to work with and maintain. Especially, the process of bleeding can be nerve-wracking.


Well, there’s no argument here. Hydraulic disc brakes provide more power while stopping. Also, they work significantly well in wet weather where rim brakes find it difficult to grip.

Disc brakes are a win here!


With the number of components with the disc brake set up, it is bound to be pricier than rim brakes. So be prepared to spend a little more on the maintenance in the long runs compared to rim brakes.


If you’re into downhill or road biking, you will want to have accuracy at braking. You also want to have more control over the braking power and feel in control. Disc brakes let you do that.

Needless to say, rim brakes can’t match the accuracy offered as compared to hydraulic disc brakes.

This fine degree of braking in disc brakes is what we call, modulation!

Availability of parts:

The biggest advantage of rim brakes is that you will find compatible parts in one form or another anywhere around the world. Whereas, disc brakes still rely on non-standard proprietary brake pads and callipers.

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What’s our take on disc brakes vs rim brakes?

We’ve been riding rim brakes that are badly installed and poorly maintained since we were kids.

But what we realised is that if we install them properly and give care and attention to them regularly, they work really well.

Heck, given due care & attention, V-brakes can deliver a similar level of raw braking power to a cable disc brake.

If you are a beginner, don’t get carried away with a bicycle that offers you disc brakes and suspension at a very low price. It’s just a marketing gimmick that doesn’t work in your favour in the long run.

Instead, get a bicycle with the rim brakes. They work just fine! Besides, it will save money and keep things simple between your legs!

If you have a big budget, go disc!

It will offer you more optimal braking performance no matter what the weather!

Now, it’s your turn…

Which brakes do you use? Disc brakes or Rim brakes?

Or do you have any question to ask regarding disc brakes vs rim brakes?

Common Cycling Ailments: Treatment and Prevention

There are a number of myths and misconceptions about cycling, however, the truth is that; the more you ride the longer you live. Few are aware of the fact that cycling has the ability to turn every soft tissue into hard muscles over time.


But sometimes, cycling can cause aches and injuries which may turn out to be severe if ignored. The ideal thing to do in such a situation is to pay a visit to the doctor. Here’s a look at some common cycling ailments often complained of-

Hand pain:

Causes and symptoms:

This pain is not only due to the pressure exerted on your small finger and the ring finger because of your body weight but also due to the vibrations and hits one has to face from the road through the bar.

Moreover, maintaining your position with constant pressure can lead to reduced blood flow leaving you with a tingling sensation or numbness in the hand. This usually occurs due to a monotonous posture maintained for a long period of time.

Treatment and prevention:

If you are going through this common cycling ailments it’s time to redistribute your weight on the saddle. Use of gel padded gloves or gloves with proper padding can help reduce the numbness to a great extent. It’s advisable you loosen your grip and free your hand for a few seconds to allow blood flow. You also get better grips and bar gels which can prove to be of great advantage.

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Neck pain:

Causes and symptoms:

This kind of common cycling ailments arises due to increase in muscular tension. The top three joints in the neck allow movement of the head while the lower joints and the upper back provide a support for the head to rest on. If these muscles are affected then the muscles tighten and causes pain.

Muscles known as deep neck flexors are responsible for holding your head up. But when they get tired, the trapezius muscles which rise from the base of your skull to the shoulder as you lean forward on your bike are strained. The aches and pains increase when these muscles get fatigued.

Treatment and prevention:

Neck exercise has been beneficial for the treatment of aches and pains. These exercises strengthen the muscles. You can even change your posture on the bike. Road bikers can change position by holding from the drops to the top regular bar.

The Mountain bikers or hybrids can install end bars which give you an additional position to hold on to as you ride. Trust me, they make a big difference. See to it you don’t bend your head too low. Fixing your saddle height or the height of your handlebar can straighten your ride and also reduce the pressure on your back.

Back pain

Causes and symptoms:

It’s next to common cold in the list of common diseases. The back is made up of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. All these structures together, help us stand erect. The human body has evolved over the years, in the same manner, to act against the forces of gravity and the vibrations as we ride. The muscles are balanced in the
standing position but while cycling some muscles are stretched out a lot more. These muscles, if thus stretched for longer periods in the same posture lead to the overstraining of tendons and ligaments and causes back pain.


Back exercises are often the best remedy. It’s better to consult a doctor though instead of relying on self-medication. Stretching is another alternative to prevent back pain and keep your muscles flexible. It is advisable you stretch before cycling. While riding, keep switching your positioning and take breaks at certain intervals.

Knee pain

Causes and symptoms:

Cycling can be the cause of knee pain. A common ailment known as the Patellofemoral Syndrome is when the back of the kneecap rubs against the femur repeatedly. This rubbing results in the grinding of the smooth cartilage of the kneecap as well as the femur.

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Overuse of the knee- particularly at times of increased training. Some people have a slight problem in the alignment of the knee. The kneecap needs to glide over the femur and not rub. This can be due to muscle overuse of the knee- particularly at times of increased training. Some people have a slight problem in the alignment of the knee. The kneecap needs to glide over the femur and not rub. This can be due to muscle imbalance (one muscle pulled more than the other). Overuse of the muscle If you are flat-footed. Moreover, the sole needs to be springy and not hard. Injury to the knee can be caused due to other sports like running etc.

Iliotibial band Syndrome:


A thick fibrous strap of tissue runs from the lateral thigh from the pelvis to just below the knee. This band helps stabilize the knee while doing activities like running and cycling. The knee moves back and forth which cause it to bend and straighten resulting in one of the common cycling ailments. This is the point where inflammation can occur over a period of time. This syndrome is responsible for lateral knee pain. Its symptoms include swelling or thickening of tissue in the area where the band moves over the femur.

It gives a stinging sensation just above the knee joint and is felt on the outside of the knee or along the entire length of the iliotibial band. Pain may not occur immediately during activity but may intensify over time. Pain is most commonly felt when the foot strikes the ground.

(1) Causes: Positioning the feet “toed-in” to an excessive angle when cycling, inadequate warm-up or cool-down, muscle imbalance or excessive uphill and downhill running

Treatment and prevention:

Avoid strenuous use of the knee. For acute IBT one can imply the RICE method.( i.e rested, iced, compressed and elevated). This will reduce pain and inflammation. A session of stretching can also be of great help. A massage can help relax the muscle.

Ultrasound has often been used to relax the muscle and so have steroid injections. Some severe cases may require surgery to immobilize the band. In most cases it is advisable to go visit the doctor or a physiotherapist.

(2) Causes: Right Float Foot position also can be a cause of pain.Too much float can be dangerous. Most of the cyclists should be comfortable with a float of 4.5. While no-float pedals can cause damage, your cleat angle should mirror the natural angle of your heel. The pedal float is important because of the impact on the joints especially the knee. These common cycling ailments also impact your performance.

Treatment and prevention:

For beginners, it is advisable not to jump on to harder gears. It might harm your knees and ligaments. Pedal in circles and see to it that your knee is not protruding outside or inside.

Hip pain:

Causes and symptoms:

This pain is caused mostly due to overtraining. Muscles and tendons can get overused in this process. Age also determines the damage. The hip consists of a ball and socket joint, in which there is a cartilage which helps reduce the friction whenever we use the hip. With overuse, these muscles and tendons can get inflamed and cause pain. The pain can disappear with regular strengthening exercises and stretch.

Pain in the groin, hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteals and quadriceps may also be observed.

Treatment and prevention:

It is important to recognize the pain and treat it in order to prevent common cycling ailments. Moreover, bike fit is critical as it can reduce your performance. You need to slowly and gradually increase your workout frequency and intensity. Do not overtrain. Every cyclist should use cycling shorts with gel padding which will reduce the spanking to a greater extent.Yoga can be handy too.

Other options such as cross training, jogging and circuit training come in handy and help in the long run. These steps not only help in improving fitness but also core strength.

Geared vs Non Geared Cycle- [Which one to buy?]

Everyone these days is looking to buy the latest bicycle in the market. Some prefer road bikes while others prefer mountain bikes or hybrids. There are also a few who prefer buying a commute bicycle or a foldie. While the bicycle might certainly vary according to their taste, there is one thing that is common – bicycle gears. No matter what bicycle people choose, they ensure the bike comes with gears. However, little do they know the advantages when compared to the gearless bicycles that are slowly dying.


If you are curious to know the difference between a Gear Cycle and a Gearless Cycle, here are some pointers that will clear all your doubts on geared vs non geared cycle. Which one should you buy? So without any further delay, let’s dive right in – geared vs non geared cycle!

With gear:

A bicycle with gear offers a variety of gear ratios to choose from. This gear ratio makes cycling easy up or down a hill. For instance, if you are cycling uphill on a lower ratio, then your pedalling rate increases but your effort will decrease. Moreover, bicycles with gear will allow you to adjust your cadence. This reduces the stress on your muscles and makes cycling enjoyable.

Without gear:

A bicycle without gear comes in two varieties, fixed wheel and freewheel. A fixed gear bicycle comes with a fixed rear cassette, which keeps the pedals spinning any time the wheel are turning. On the other hand, a freewheel bicycle comes with a free rear cassette hub, which can coast freely when the bike is moving without the need to pedal constantly.

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LEVEL OF COMFORT: Geared vs non geared cycle

With gear:

The right frame size and the right bike fit play a vital role when it comes to comfort. However, while going uphill, cycling can be uncomfortable. With a geared bicycle, uphill cycling is not an issue.

Without gear:

A bicycle without gears does not offer any gear variation, hence, this could cause a lot of stress on your muscles. Not only that, it could also force you to get of the saddle and burn more energy.

MAINTENANCE: Geared vs non geared cycle

With gear:

A bicycle with gear has far more moving pieces like the derailleurs, shifters, multiple cogs that need to function together. If one component gives issues, the whole drivetrain might not function smoothly. As a result, these bikes need regular care and timely maintenance.

Without gear:

Single speed or a fixed wheel bicycle has far fewer components, which eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

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COST: Geared vs non geared cycle

As compared to a non-geared bicycle, a bike with gear is versatile and complex, hence the cost is higher. If you are looking for speed, better comfort and are competitive, a multi-speed bike is ideal for you. That being said, a single speed bicycle comes with a simple design, which makes it easier to repair and maintain.

LONG RUN: Geared vs non geared cycle

No matter what bike you choose to buy, these bikes will guarantee to reach a lifetime. Just ensure to give them the attention they need from time to time.

Muscle Cramps: Types, Treatment and Causes

Although studies have failed to prove the exact cause of Muscle cramps owing to their unpredictability, they have always been the enemies of athletes: enemies that can be avoided if precautions are taken. Otherwise, they are just uninvited guests. Sometimes, the pain caused by the contraction of Muscle Cramps is so severe that you may end up dancing in pain and singing quite an unmelodious tune. It might also make you swear and at times, give up when you don’t want to, or leave you lying down in awkward positions.

Muscle cramps

Some common causes of Muscle Cramps are exposed to high temperatures, dehydration, inadequate oxygen supply, low blood electrolyte levels, pregnancy, and other diseases such as diabetes. These Muscle cramps may last for a few seconds, minutes, or even longer.

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Cycling is a vigorous activity during which one may lose a large amount of water through perspiration, resulting in electrolyte disturbance: this imbalance leads to Muscle cramps. Tightening of muscles fibres can also lead to muscle cramps. So, don’t forget to stretch those big muscles before and after cycling.

Types of Muscle cramps

Cramps have been classified into several types depending on the type of muscle involved.

  1. Abdominal & hand cramps
  2. Muscle cramps: They can occur without any warning. The cramps occurring during or after a workout are painful but not dangerous.
  3. Menstrual cramps: The uterus contracts and sheds the inner lining of vascular tissues that have been accumulated over time. This contraction is triggered by prostaglandin (it regulates the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscles).

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Prevention & Treatment Muscle cramps

  • Firstly, be prepared mentally, make stretching an integral part of your schedule before and after your workout, and keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Get your breathing under control and take deep breaths. By doing this, you supply oxygen to the deepest arteries.
  • Gently stretch your muscles, depending on where you feel the pain, to relieve the cramps.
  • Energy drinks like Gatorade and other electrolyte-containing solutions will help restore the electrolyte balance.
  • A healthy diet rich in vitamins and other essential minerals(calcium, magnesium and potassium) can reduce the occurrence of cramps.
  • Switch to Electoral and drink gallons of water. Drink water before you begin and during the ride.
  • The shift to lower ratios and keep spinning those pedals. If you wait, you allow lactic acid to accumulate, which causes more cramping. Lactic acid accumulation causes fatigue, which results in cramps. Lactic acid accumulation can be prevented by oxygen supply: so breathe.
  • Consume a high carbohydrate diet (low carb levels can cause cramps).
  • Regular massage can also be of great help. For better results massage the affected area with lavender oil, rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil.
  • Daily intake of honey(2tbs) can also help prevent cramps.
  • Rest and recover well!
  • Food rich in potassium: potatoes, orange and bananas
  • Calcium: Milk, cheese, Yoghurt and leafy vegetables
  • Magnesium: Nuts- Almond, cashew, peanuts, spinach, dates, raisins, bananas and chocolates. ( the order of the food item is arranged from larger to smaller amounts of nutrients.)

NOTE: If these Muscle cramps are caused frequently and do not improve on taking a break or if they are associated with swelling or any other irregularities, don’t ignore nature’s warnings: please visit a doctor.

Winter Cycling – Here Is What You Need to Know

With the temperatures dropping and Mumbaikar’s shivering, now seems like the perfect time to give you some tips on making the most of the winter. With most cyclists not liking the idea of riding in the intense heat or the rains, winter cycling can be fun and exciting but only if you are dressed for the occasion.


Read on for some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind before you set out for a chilly Winter Cycling:

Pre-Ride Winter Cycling:

Well, before you get started, we would advise a little warm up to loosen those stiff muscles, tendons and ligaments and warm your body from within.

Don’t forget to have a light meal before you get on the bike.The metabolism process will help keep your core warm and provide your body with energy at the same time.

Checking your bike and lights are a must during winter cycling. Like you, your bike to is not immune to the cold and dry winter. If your chain, brake and gear cables need oiling or replacement, don’t wait for the season to get over, in fact, tend to them immediately.

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Winter cycling weather might not seem perfect and tempting when you look outside the window, but if you don’t suit up for the occasion, you’re bound to catch a cold.

Cyclists should prefer wearing a loose base layer over which, you should wear your cycling jersey.The base layer helps to keep your body dry while keeping the moisture away.

In addition, a good jersey will trap in the air acting as an insulator. This trapped air is warmed by your bodies heat. Ensure to opt for thermals or polypropylene, they work great as a base layer for winter cycling.

Do not forget to wear a jacket! Throughout winter cycling, it will help divert the wind.

It’s a good idea to wear full gloves as they help trap the heat during winter cycling. Half cut gloves are good but not great for the occasion. After a point, your fingers become numb and you don’t know how well you are braking, thus affecting your control on the bike. Wearing leather or wool for cycling is a big no-no. Instead, opt for neoprene (synthetic rubber). These neoprene gloves are also easier to wash.

Only wearing short cycling tights is not going to help during winter cycling. A long pair of socks, leg warmers and a pair of track pants will serve the purpose.

Don’t forget to cover your head and neck as a large amount of heat is lost. A head and a neck gaiter are the best to cover and trap in heat to prevent that excess loss.

Don’t forget to keep drinking plenty of water. A dash of electoral added to your normal water works great. If you have a hydration pack, it’s time you take it out and wear it in your jacket to prevent it from getting cold.Camel bak hydration system works best for winter cycling or any other riding and adventure.

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Drink water

Don’t pull the zip of your jacket down

Cutting chai( hot tea) can make you feel even better

A bowl of soup can keep you warm from inside

It is also advised that you cover your ears during winter cycling


Stretching is very important. Yes, we know it’s pretty boring after a tiring ride, you just don’t want to do anything, but make it a habit

5 Bike Touring Tips By Unclipped Adventure

Bike touring is gaining popularity among the youth as well as the elders. its is a good way to explore the world on a very low budget. To take up this venture, you need to be mentally prepared and ready to face any kind of obstacle. It takes a lot of planning and required you to be street smart, for moments when you are required to be street smart. on the overall, it is a whole new world of staying healthy and exploring the new world without much hassle.


We caught up with Unclipped adventures, Tegan who told us their story on how they begin with Bike touring. Besides, they even shared top 5 bike essentials every cyclist should have while touring.

It all began when the man of the family, took an interest in bike touring. Apparently, it happens to be his interest in sustainability and a unique way to explore the world and stay fit. While Tegan happened to read her father’s Twitter feed one day, she saw quite a few entries for a bike touring competition. the winner takes home bike touring gear in UK.

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As she was going to the UK to study for a semester, Tegan decided to participate and see if she could do a tour to go from the UK to visit her sister in Spain before her term started. After seeing the stunning entries, she decided to publish a cartoon style entry for fun and add uniqueness.

Soon this cartoon style blog won the bike, and she went on to do the tour through Spain. Tegan in no time got addicted to the cartoon style as she and her readers started to enjoy it.She firmly believes that cartooning is nice because “it captures the less hardcore side of adventure traveling and the more ordinary, relatable side, where small things go wrong and you look like an idiot and there’s nothing you can really do except laugh about it”. These small human things are what actually make up the bulk of the adventure experience.

After the Spain tour, her dad ordered good touring bikes for the family and since then the family has been pedaling and traveling around Africa. They learned a lot about the importance of relationships, between the family, between people of all kinds everywhere, between humans and animals and the environment. Living in a city, it’s easy to forget how dependent we really are on things and people around us, but living in the wild in a tent it’s a whole different story.

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Through having to rely on others for places to stay, food and water, general advice and direction-giving and all sorts of other things Unclipped Adventures helped us learn the importance of deep respect for everything. No matter how different or separate from you, it may seem at first glance. They also learned that it’s not a big deal if an elephant comes into your space, but you should never ever go into its space or it will get a bit grumpy!

Take a look at the Five Essential Bike Touring Tips By Unclipped Adventure:

  1. Cycling
  2. Mirror
  3. Bike Stand
  4. Lights
  5. Bungee Cords