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People think we’re from another planet’: meet Karachi’s female cyclists

Aliya Memon Cycling may be one solution for women to acquire personal and economic liberty but it’ll be a long and bumpy road ahead — quite literally, awarded Karachi’s potholed streets. For many, cycling is just a recreational weekend action, not a means to sail. Karachi doesn’t have bicycle paths or bicycle parking, and the motor traffic is chaotic. The few cyclists on the roads are largely daily-wage earners employing basic bicycles.

While some people today ride bikes to complete rapid errands, the anxiety of being robbed deters a lot of cycling to utilize a laptop, for instance. While there is security in numbers, many cycling groups rely on service cars and mechanics. Women don’t ride alone on main roads. “When you are on a bike, you feel a certain sense of liberty,” says Sadaf Furqan, 42, on a Saturday morning after completing a 25km ride with a Cycologists group.

But biking unaccompanied, she says, is not an option. “I long for the day I can take my bike and head out on my own but I must bank on other people to ride. If I go on a long ride, then there have to be at least five men in the category.” Habiba Allahdad, 39, a resident of Lyari, was reluctant at first, thinking her weight could be a barrier. “Do not you wish to take a rest?” “No,” that they shout and continue chasing each other about.

Learn More‘People think we’re from another planet’: meet Karachi’s female cyclists

“They need to scare girls so that they do not head out to cycle, and neither do others,” states Allahdad. “Because if girls ride a bicycle then they are also able to ride a bike. I believe it’s also jealousy at seeing girls getting ahead.” Deciding there was safety in numbers, they trained indoors for seven months, studying from four women that already knew how to ride a bicycle.

If they had a big enough group, they ventured out on your way. As cycling gets more popular, many men and women are returning to bicycles for the first time since youth. For Aliya Memon, 30, who climbed to a bicycle last September after a 15-year gap, the memory of how to ride instantly came back. “I started cycling again since it’s a psychological outlet,” she says. You have a sense of achievement.”



Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to join the dialogue, catch up on our best stories or subscribe for our weekly newsletter That has not deterred the girls of Lyari, nor some of the women who have discovered biking provides a release from the pressures of life at Karachi. Early on Sunday morning in Karachi, a group of girls are riding loops across a vacant stretch of road away from the colonial-era Custom House. In 6am they left the narrow alleys of the old neighbourhood of Lyari, branded a war zone by federal and global media after a protracted and brutal gang battle. Two hours later they’re still happily pedalling away, in ballet slippers and also headscarves tucked under helmets.

It’s rare to see women cycling in Pakistan but scenes like this are increasingly being performed over Karachi on weekend mornings. Numerous cycling groups take over the vacant streets, like the Critical Mass movement. There are also sponsored and themed bicycle rides, such as ones to raise consciousness of polio, to mark the start of mango season and also to honour Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the country’s founder. “People think we’ve come from some other world,” Dawood says.

Zulekha Dawood, the planner at Lyari Girls Cafe, first started cycling on her neighbourhood’s uneven roads with another colleague. “It felt great, like we were liberated,” Dawood says, sitting in the front area of the cafe on a quiet weekday afternoon. The electricity has gone out, and a loud generator hums in the background.

“We faced some immunity [out of ] the pupils of the madrassa, some religious people… [but] if you cease a girl’s path in 1 way, many more ways will open up” “I used to cycle independently,” states Gullu Badar, 15. “It is nice to cycle here since there is no danger, no cars. It feels good that there are different girls cycling with me also.” In addition to safety risks, women must contend with social acceptance.

Ladies ride side-saddle on motorcycles and are frequently advised to stop cycling when they are teenagers. “We have been brainwashed [to think] that we can not take action,” states Rizvi. “For women my age there is no imagination to do anything.” The self of our guys is fragile. If someone is looking for something new that they Can’t tolerate it Since Karachi has developed from a fishing village to Pakistan’s initial capital and now its economical hub, traffic and commute times have grown.

Transportation options are dismal. On the town’s dilapidated buses, women squeeze into a cramped reserved section with just a few seats. Sexual harassment is rife onboard and at bus stops, and also the limited service forces passengers to walk long distances. For ladies, the only other options are to talk about a rickshaw or taxi — an often costly proposal — or rely on man relatives to induce them to school and work.

Conservatives in Pakistan have been riled by female cyclists. In Peshawar, religious-political parties objected to a cycling rally for women organised by Zamung Jwandun (Our Youth), a regional NGO. Wafa Wazir, the group’s 23-year-old founder, had been motivated by accounts of girls who wanted to push rickshaws or ride bikes. As opposition grew, however, Wazir was made to put the plan on hold, citing the security of participants. “Regardless of how advanced men and women become, if a person is trying something new they can’t endure it,” Memon adds. “The ego of our men is quite fragile.”

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How to Find Good Mountain Bikes

Selecting Good Mountain Bikes begins with selecting the right type of mountain bike (MTB) for you. Yes, it all comes back down to the type of riding you do.

My current bike is thirteen years old and still going strong. The questions I am about to share with you, are the ones I used when researching good mountain bikes for myself. Recently I used the same questions to find a good MTB for my nine year old son’s birthday. I began researching kids mountain bikes and applied the same questions to help select the right bike for him. I am pleased to say, the bike is a perfect fit for him and has renewed his love of bike riding.

So how do you go about choosing the right bike? Simply by asking a series of questions designed help you select the best bike for you.

  1. What is your riding experience?
  2. What is the age and height is the bike rider?
  3. Is the bike going to be used for commuting or cross-country riding?
  4. Is the bike going to be used for mountain cruising?
  5. Is the bike going to be used for rocky trails?
  6. Is the bike going to be used for rugged downhill tracks?
  7. Is the bike going to be used for jumping and aerial tricks?

The type of riding you intend to undertake will greatly influence the style and bike configuration. Although most mountain bikes look similar, there is a vast difference in frame types, steering geometry, suspension, gearing as well as the wheels, brakes and tyres.

As a rule of thumb, a beginner rider will best be served by a recreational cross country bike. If you intend to do a lot of riding on pavement and off-road, choose a model with good front suspension, no rear suspension (hardtail) as they have the best efficiency and comfort. If you intend to do more off-road riding, a full suspension frame is best.

If you intend to use it exclusively off-road and mostly over rough terrain look for a higher end full suspension model as these will have a greater range of suspension travel and a heavier more robust frame and brakes. This will help with the comfort and stability of your ride.

Downhill MTB’s must be very heavy duty in design and have lower, looser steering geometry. These design changes make the bike more responsive at fast speeds down steep slopes; these bikes are designed for the more experienced rider.

Depending on the type of riding you wish to undertake the following is a list of good MTB brands which I have found to be good quality and good value for money. They are Giant, Diamondback, Kona, Trek, Norco, Schwinn, Mongoose and GT brand bikes.

The last thing you need to decide is, do you want good, or do you want cheap. The words “good” and “cheap” are not synonymous, nor are good bikes generally found in discount department stores.

While researching Kids mountain bikes, I discover a renewed passion for the sport as both my sons now have mountain bikes. We purchased a 21 speed – 24 inch “GT Stomper” for my nine year old son while my eleven year old son rides a five year old, 7 speed – 20 inch Schwinn.

My eleven year old does well to keep up with us on our larger and faster bikes. His bike is much more agile over jumps and tight tracks. He now wants to upgrade to a larger 26″ bike. Due to his age and height, frame selection is critical as he is going through rapid growth spurts. He is currently just that little too short for a medium frame size. We are waiting until his next birthday before choosing a good mountain bike with a larger frame size that he will not outgrow too quickly.

I must commend my son as he has learnt that there is a difference between a cheap bike, a good bike and a reasonable bike. We said we would look at a GT aggressor, a reasonable bike, good for its price range; however, he has his eyes on the Mongoose Tyax Comp or if he can stretch his savings a GT Avalanche 1.

Source by Frederic Canal

4 Tips For Preparing Your Dirt Bike For Resale

If you decide to sell your used dirt bike there are a few tips you can follow that will help you give the prospective buyer a good impression and not force a substantial drop in your asking price. Here are a few of those tips:

– Clean It Thoroughly
– Check for Wear and Tear
– Change the Tires
– Perform a Safety Check

Clean It Thoroughly

It might be cool to have a prospective buyer come to your house, and see a dirt bike covered in mud. You want them to see that you use the bike regularly, but this could be just the thing that turns them off. A buyer wants to see the bike, not the dirt. Cleaning it up will give the buyer an impression the bike has been taken care of and not neglected. Clean the dirt bike so it shines like it did when you bought it new.

A clean dirt bike is the best way to give a prospective buyer a good first impression.

Check for Wear and Tear

The best way to get top dollar for your used dirt bike is to take the time to check for wear and tear. When you find things such as; bent spokes, split cables or a ripped seat, take a few bucks and repair them. You can then pass on the cost by increasing the resale price. If you let these things go without repair you may not get as much as you want for the bike or you may lose the sale completely.

You can get a better price and sell the bike quicker if you are willing to spend a few dollars to repair obvious defects of the bike.

Change the Tires

The condition of the tires is one of the first things that a prospective buyer is going to see. If you have spares that are in better shape then the ones currently on the bike, change them. This will make the dirt bike more appealing and you will be able to recoup the cost of the better tires with an increase in the selling price. Otherwise the buyer is going to want to reduce the price of the bike right from the start even if you priced it at rock bottom.

Worn, stripped or damaged tires will immediately bring the price of the dirt bike down if they are not replaced.

Perform a Safety Check

After you have cleaned up the bike you will want to double check to be certain everything is working properly. Check the throttle cable, lights, and brakes; this way when the prospective buyer asks to start up the bike, they all work. In the buyer’s mind if something doesn’t work, it will cost them money, and this will bring the price of the bike down in their mind. By double checking you will be certain all systems are go, and can get your asking price for the bike.

Check all the dirt bike safety features be the buyer arrives so you can be certain they are operating properly.

Source by Billy Whitmire

Biking to Work

In this post I will provide you with details of why you should start biking to work and also share my experience of using my mountain bike as a means of transportation over the past couple months.

It was last September when I had sort of a reality check and realized that I was not in my best shape physically. For years I have been stuck in office jobs where I usually spend at least eight hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor all day. Over time, this had started taking a toll on me as I noticed I was not as physically active as I should be and that I had started to gain weight.

So I decided that some action needed to be taken before this got out of hand. I would usually be involved in various forms of exercise including mountain biking and hitting the gym in my spare time. But this was not enough; I needed to be active everyday but time was so limited that I could not even squeeze in a couple minutes per day towards exercise on my schedule.

At last, I found a solution; biking to and from work every day. So, I went to a bike shop in the market and got me a new bike specifically to be used for commuting. The bike bought was one of those cheap bikes, nothing too special or from any of the top mountain bike brands. The bike I got also came fully equipped with gears but you can use a single speed mountain bike if you choose to. And the great thing is I got this bike for below $200.

It has been more than five months now since I have been using my mountain bike as transportation to and from work and I can tell you that it is extremely fun and has a ton of benefits including:

Reduced cost

Biking is far cheaper than driving or using public transportation so the savings to be gained by using your bike as a means of transportation can add up over a long period. It will cost you less to keep your bike running efficiently than it would to keep your car performing well. The most common costs to be encountered from making biking a regular habit are from tyre flats, replacing basic bike parts which are cheap (you can easily find used or cheap bike parts for sale at your local neighbourhood bike shop) and running a full maintenance every year which cannot come close to being compared with the servicing costs of a motor vehicle.

Better Health

I can one hundred percent guarantee you that you will see major health benefits as you make biking your means of commuting to work. Over the past few months I have been able to burn excess body fat, gain tighter abs and build leg muscles all from spending fifteen to thirty minutes a day riding to work. On top of that, you generally feel good as your body is able to inhale the fresh air as you are out on the road.


If you live only a few minutes away from your work place, biking can be more time efficient than public transportation or driving. For example, I usually leave work at 4:30pm and it takes me about forty five minutes to one hour to get home when I use public transportation. Ever since switching to my mountain bike, I am able to reach home before 5:00pm every day.

Environmentally clean

By choosing to bike to work every day you are making a huge impact on the planet by reducing carbon emissions from driving. Not only are you receiving personal benefits, but you are making the world cleaner and greener with each day that goes by.

I would urge you all to make the positive choice for yourselves and our planet by switching to biking as your means of transportation on a daily basis. As you progress, you will find that there are many more benefits in addition to those which I have mentioned in this post.

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Motorcycle Repo Auction Get the Best Bike Deal of Your Life

It is a sad story, but everyday there are hundreds of motorcycle riders who default on their motorcycle loan repayments leaving their bike to be sold at repo motorcycle auctions. A visit to a repo motorcycle auction is likely to present cycle purchasers with the opportunity to procure a real bargain.

All of the bikes at auction will have been repossessed due to the original purchaser failing to keep up with monthly repayments. Their loss is your gain, as the finance houses sell off these bikes at a greatly reduced cost, in an attempt to recoup some of the money they originally loaned the owner.

Repo motorcycle auctions feature all types of bikes, from used powersports cycles to exotic ATV vehicles. All of which are presented for inspection before the auction starts, sometimes several days before hand.

Why are bikes seized and repossessed?

Bikes are seized and repossessed for three reasons. The most common reason for a bike to end up at a repo motorcycle auction is because the original owner, who financed the purchase of the cycle through a bank, has failed to keep up with the repayments. Once this happens, the used motorcycle is then seized by a repossession company, and the bank will put it up for sale at a repo motorcycle auction.

The second, much less common reason for a bike to be repossessed is due to the original purchaser supplying false information to the bank at the time of purchase. In this case, the bike is repossessed much more swiftly, and an attempt will be made to negotiate with the retailer to return the bike at a slight loss of price. If this fails, the bike will then be presented at a repo motorcycle auction.

The third reason is a dealership is going out of business and the dealer takes its entire remaining inventory to a repo motorcycle auction to liquidate it one by one. This offers a great opportunity to the buyers at the auction.

Is it safe to buy a motorcycle that has been seized for repossession?

Overall it is quite safe buying a repossessed bike, as they will usually be fairly new, certainly less than three years old, and the paperwork will be in order, due to the fact the finance house will have checked out everything before putting the cycle up for auction.

Of course, there is still the possibility that the motorcycle will be in a bad state of mechanical repair, and it is advised that potential purchasers seek the assistance of somebody with mechanical know how, before making a decision to bid on a particular motorcycle.

Almost every auction house will have all of the bikes to be auctioned available for viewing and inspection before the auction starts, spend this time checking over the bikes that interest you.

Most large motorcycle auctions allow the buyer to pay using a credit card, this is an excellent way of ensuring your financial transaction is not only secure, but comes with built in protection, as most major credit card companies will pursue any dubious auction house on behalf of the buyer if the trade is deemed to be unfair.

Buying a used motorcycle from a repo auction can be a very good way to procure an exceptional bike at a bargain price. Modern day auctions are well run, entirely regulated and safe to deal with. All financial transactions are closely monitored and audited, meaning the shady dealings and back room deals associated with auctions in the past is now behind.

Buyers should still exercise an amount of common sense when purchasing a bike from a repo motorcycle auction, although they are now protected far better than they were even ten years ago.

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Humor Dating Rules To Crack Up Your Bones.

Bulk of women and men will assume that military halloween costumes are limited only to the simple brown outfits. Perv Mom ‘s not necessarily. One can certainly include more details to liven up the halloween costume and look much more attractive.

The phone rings in his office and he’s busy printing off itineraries for his band mates. “I remember that the restaurant there, it was the best steak I had in a longtime”, Parker said. He was referring to the Washington House that is joined to the Sellersville Theater. Local fans that don’t have tickets can catch them for Sayerville NJ or NYC shows that is around the exact same time.

In order to be irresistible to men you need to master the art of being Sexy. Wear the right clothes that accentuate your best features, talk to a Mother voice, learn to glide in a languorous cat like manner.but above all emphasize your femininity.

I don’t follow people whose Tweet streams consist solely of inspirational quotations or descriptions of the exercise regimes I don’t follow. Not that it is a terrible thing to Tweet about these things; I simply don’t find these subjects interesting enough to hold my attention over the long run. People whose Tweets are merely a steady flow of @messages to strangers, trying to get them to go to a single web site I can do without, thank you very much. Ditto for men and women who constantly post competitions. The purveyors of Porn and the phishing scammers really get my goat. They’re very likely to get reported. For the rest, I follow a policy of live and let live.

The documentary gives you the information on the offense. How, when ,where. Why is a bit harder. A lot of the film goes into speculation on why this crime was committed. Some speculate that Mother”Sue” was involved in drugs or other unsavory activities, but others say,”she may of may not been the best mom, but she was not a bad person”.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with people trying to sell you or I something. After all, isn’t that the idea of internet marketing? But, if I get an offer from someone that I think has a excellent product and I wish to send it along to you, I’m going to do things a little different.

I have a very bizarre relationship with my instrument on the road. I use it much more for writing, and my chops on our material are significantly better. You go onstage and play, whereas before it was not touring as much and not playing in front of audiences. We have all gotten better. We are better at writing and playing our songs, but I used to practice for hours every day at home and now it’s half an hour prior to the gigs, so it is not quite as far as I would like. Being a musician at this point, I work on my performance chops and I’m ready to rock out and find out solos and do interesting things on different levels. Another part of playing hasn’t suffered, but it has not improved as much as I want. I would say that overall, as a musician, I’m getting better.

I am an adult now and I understand that there is a lot more to Christmas than cookies and presents and singing and fun. For the parent of a Jewish kid, the Christmas holiday is a war for their child’s soul. Religion can never be divorced from it no matter how secular much of the celebration is. In self-defense we have transformed Hanukah into something to compete with it but Hanukah was not supposed to be the major gift-giving holiday it has become and it’s influence won’t ever be as pervasive as Christmas in a country where Christians are the large majority. As an adult, I will deal now and also admit that I like Christmas cookies better than potato latkes. That maturity of outlook took quite awhile to develop, but the kids, oh the kids.

High Demand for BMW Used Classic Motorcycles

Why there are so much BMW motorcycles for sales in the market today? A reason is simple, you buy a BMW motorcycle then you’re a winner. It will save a lot of money of you when you buy a second hand or previously used motorcycles. Do you know what happen to the motorcycles when they going outside the showroom, you have to believe that there value is going down with some good percentage. The great advantages of BMW motorcycles for sale are it has a long life and also very good reliability. It always something to consider that is BMW motorcycles for sale are cheap than you think, not at all, because of high demand for BMW motorcycles for sale there price is little bit in high side.

In 1923 BMW begin there production with some eye catching improve new technology motorcycle models. It gets attention to all the bike lovers to choose BMW motorcycles with attractive styling and great performance. So before buying the BMW motorcycles you have to re check the legal papers of the bike because there are plenty of dealers sale used BMW bikes.

Another few things we should look after that the BMW bike you’re going to buy should have less repairing in the future. SO you have to go through each and every part like clutches, plugs, lights, handles and breaks and so on of the bike before buying. When think about the sellers we all know that what kind of people are they. Some sellers try to make big profit by selling the bikes. SO we have to find whether price of the motorcycles for sales is worth to buy. So make sure all the things are perfectly match before buying the motorcycle.

When we talk about the main models of BMW motorcycles for sales are K and R series. K-series has the most of power because it has 3 or 4 cylinders within it. But R-series has only 2 cylinders within it. Another low rang model is F-series which only have a single cylinder and also chain and carburetor within it. R-series two types of motorcycles are old carburetor motorcycles and new modern fuel injected motorcycles. But if we talk about K-series it is most expendable motorcycles with better reliability, constancy and stability and it’s a dream of bike lovers.

The latest machine of K-series bikes if F800.Name also implies it’s a strong bike. It’s make with some incredible engine that has 6 gears with horsepower up to 8500rpm.It’s speed is amazing to see. So if you have a bike like that its means your dreams come true.

Source by Alden Alfred

Police Motorcycle Auctions – Steps to Buy a Seized Bike Now

Everybody likes to save money when they make a major purchase such as a used ATV or a powersports bike. This is especially true in this period of economic crisis.

There are many normal auction houses which allow potential motorcycle purchasers to make significant saving, yet arguably the safest way to buy a bike is to visit one of the popular police motorcycle auctions.

Over the last decade it has been increasingly common to find the police selling off all sorts of goods, sometimes at rock bottom prices, purchasing a motorcycle from a police auction is possibly the best way to procure the bike you want at a bargain price.

Officers sell motorcycles for many reasons. Usually these bikes have been stolen and then recovered, or the motorcycles were just seized by the government. Although in this situation the bike will usually be purchased without a number plate or documentation, the new owner will need to re-register the bike.

Some police motorcycle auctions will have already taken care of the paperwork, meaning the bike is ready to put back on the road. Often officers will have exotic items like all terrain vehicles, which they have been seized and confiscated from a criminal or criminal group, and are unable to track down the original owner.

In this case the government will keep the item for a set period of time, to allow the original owner to come forward and claim it, after a certain time the bike will be put up for sale.

Lastly, the police motorcycle auctions will occasionally sell off used equipment, including bikes, these will have all of the branding and special equipment removed before they are put up for auction. These can be exceptionally good purchases if you are lucky enough to find one.

As mentioned in the previous section, purchasing and ex-police bike from a can be an excellent way to procure an exceptional bike at a great price.

Officers have a policy of decommissioning vehicles within 3 years of purchase and during their lifecycle they are maintained impeccably. During the time that they are used by the government they are seldom driven aggressively, and when they are it is in the hands of a very experienced and highly trained rider.

Therefore, almost every bike will be in superb mechanical condition when it comes up for auction. We also need to consider the fact that some local forces order their motorcycles with factory modifications already installed.

These come in the form of increased engine performance, better braking systems, improved suspension and suchlike, finding one of these bikes at auction is something of a gold mine, you can avail yourself of a factory modified bike at the fraction of the cost of purchasing one from the manufacturer.

Police motorcycle auctions are fairly safe when it comes to risks involved. That being said, it is still important that you check out any bike you intend to bid upon before the auction starts.

You will have no worry over the actual financial transaction involved in buying a bike from a police auction, although you will still need to make sure your choice of bike is suitable and in good order.

Source by Jay Fran

Battery Bikes For Sale

Though not many people do own a battery bike, its price is still expensive because of the motors, and battery and the chassis intended for this type of bike.

If ever you wanted to buy a battery powered bicycle, you can’t have them very easy on car stores in the cities. Battery bikes are not usually been sold by ordinary stores that is why there is one place that is the best in offering you the highest quality of battery bikes. This place is where you can almost buy anything that you wanted with wide varieties you can choose from assuring you of the best quality possible.

The place which I am referring to is the internet. Internet is a very powerful tool that one can use in almost anything that he wishes to do. Since battery bikes are not usually been sold in some places, it would be best if one will have to buy this bikes through the internet. There are actually many online stores in the internet that sells battery bikes, and one of those has already made a name in online marketing — eBay. In the internet, there are actually many kinds of battery bicycles that are for sale which also comes in different manufacturers. Having this kind of opportunity is that you have big wide varieties to choose from among the selections of battery bicycles available in the internet.

What is good about having to buy through the internet is that you are assured that it will cost cheaper and will be at a reasonable price compared to buying them at a store. In the internet, save money in buying a battery bike and at the same time giving you the same quality as if it was bought from a store. If you are short in your budget, there are also available second hand or even slightly used battery bikes at a price you can afford. Though shopping is done through the internet, it will be a lot hassle-free in the item’s delivery right into your door.

Source by Christopher Abrams