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A Beginners Guide to Pit Bikes and Mini Motos

For those new to the world of mini bikes, a pit bike is a small motorbike – originally used for traveling between the pits on race tracks. Today, they have gained popularity for being great fun, easy to ride motorcycles, often used in racing. Pit bikes started off life in the 60s before going through several design improvements to end up with the versatile bikes of today. Pit bikes are ideal for areas where space is a limiting factor, in addition to being much cheaper than an equivalent off-road full size motorbike.

These bikes vary in size and specifications, starting from as little as 4-5HP up to around 20HP. The 2-Stroke engines are high revving allowing for quick acceleration, which more than makes up for their lack of top speed (which does not make them suitable for road use). They exceptionally small frame and lower power output make them ideal for kids wanting to have a go on a motorbike. The acceleration, simplicity and relative cheapness are what make these bikes so very fun to ride and has earned them their popularity today.

When choosing which bike to buy, it is important that the buyer ask themselves what they intend to use the bike for, ie serious racing, fun days, for kids etc. Pit bikes primarily differ in the power they offer, typically the more the more power a bike has to offer the more expensive it will be. A more expensive bike is also likely to have higher quality and more resilient parts, meaning the rider could ride it harder than a cheaper model.

Any newly purchased bike will come with an instruction manual from the manufacturer, it is imperative that the owner pay close attention to the startup procedures, run-in checks and maintenance guides. These will ensure the bike retains its top power levels as well as ensuring reliability. Mini bikes do not run on straight fuel, usually they will require mixing with specific oil in the ration of 25 parts fuel to 1 part oil, this is essential to ensure the engine is not damaged. Certain parts on these bikes can wear very quickly (many parts are designed like this purposefully) and so it is essential the owner become familiar with the functions of their bike and feel comfortable working on it. Fortunately, parts and spares for pit bikes are cheap compared to the equivalent for full size bikes.

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Hybrid Bikes and Weight Loss

The best hybrid bikes on the market offer the rider fitness and enjoyment, instead of enduring tedious workouts at the gym. And if you’re finding your regular day to day work out at the gym rather tiresome then you’re not alone. These lacklustre exercise routines tend to surpass the meaning of dull, so it’s natural for us to strive for change.

Fortunately there’s an easy solution to this common problem and you can be free of your tedious fitness patterns by getting outside and riding a hybrid. Riding a bike is a simple tasks and everyone who does it tends to enjoy it! So try and get yourself into shape with one of these universal bikes.

Hybrid bikes enable the rider to have an enjoyable riding experience while also obtaining a good amount of exercise.

While outside, you can experience a variety of things that you usually wouldn’t see while jogging on the treadmill at the gym. While riding you can cruise around the park, enjoy some thrilling bike trails or have an exciting urban adventure in the city.

You may already be in decent shape; however the best hybrid bikes have the potential to increase your enjoyment and fitness levels. These fantastic bicycles have combined features of that of a mountain and road bike.

If your budget can’t stretch any wider for more than one bike, then it would probably be a good choice to invest in an all-around bike. Hybrid bikes and city bikes tend to be the popular solution to this problem. They are slightly heavier than your typical road bike, however they’re a brilliant for riding long distances and they also tend to be quite comfortable.

Hybrid bikes are usually used on bike paths, where as city bikes tend to be used for much longer distances due to their ergonomically designed saddles, which increase comfort tremendously. These type of bikes are not designed for brutal riding, but they are sturdy enough withstand dirt paths and road trails.

This makes it ideal if you want to ride around town or commute to work. As a bonus, you also get the strong durability of a mountain bike (the types that you might take to road trails and other rough paths).

In detail, these bikes inherit the upright frame, suspension and wider tires of a mountain bike. And the light frame and components of a road bike for easy manoeuvring and faster riding. Ultimately these all purpose bikes are comfortable, sturdy and very fast, hence the reason why they leave many satisfied with their purchases. So get out of the gym once in a while, get that fresh air and a good cardiovascular workout with a hybrid bike.

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What Makes Specialized Bikes Special?

Bicycles are not the casual riding mechanisms that they used to be. You may think of them as your preferred method of childhood transportation, sailing the streets with your friends until you had to come home for dinner. Today, the old pastime has become much more than a pastime. For many people, it is a sport. There are many different types of professional sports out there, and each rider requires a very specific design to allow for the type of riding they do. Here are some of the most popular forms of riding and what sets each type apart.


BMX is one of the most popular types of extreme riding. The sport is broken up into different categories, which include dirt, ramp, racing, street, and flatland. Each of these subcategories has its own specialized bikes, but in general, there are a few things you should look for. First of all, look for a frame that is made out of a chromium alloy. This is a metal that most good BMX frames are made out of. It is a lightweight material that is also more durable than steel. These are especially important for riders who are performing jumps, as it allows the frame to support the impact of hard landings. Another important thing to consider is the size of the bike. A few inches of size in the tubes can make a huge difference in the feel of the ride.


This category is also split into certain subcategories that require specialized bikes. These include trail, all mountain, cross country, dirt jump, and freeride. Each has its own special parts, but there are some main factors that make up a solid mountain bike. One of the main differences in the construction of this style of riding is the suspension. The two main options for rear suspension are full suspension and hardtail. A hardtail cycle only includes suspension on the front wheel only. This is typical for beginner mountain bikes, as it is a cheaper option and gets the rider used to the feeling of suspension. Full suspension means that there is suspension on both the front and back wheels. These bikes are usually more expensive, but they allow for better comfort and better control downhill.


Road riding is an extremely popular type of cycling that, for some, is a main form of transportation. With events like the Tour De France, is has also become a popular world sport. So what components make up a good specialized bike for the road? First of all, the size of the wheels can be a big factor. Wheels and tires on these cycles are typically very narrow. This allows for less friction with the ground, enabling riders to go much faster than cycles with wider wheels. Another defining factor of road cycles, unlike mountain bikes, is that they do not have suspension. They are almost always made of lightweight material, like aluminum or carbon fiber. All of these factors allow for a speedy and comfortable ride.

Whether you are trying to get off road, navigate a city, or just cruise, there are specialty bikes out there for you!

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Buying the Perfect Mongoose BMX Bike

Mongoose BMX bikes are very easy to find. You can go to a BMX dealer if there is one around where you live or the internet is also a good place to find BMX bikes. If you are not worried if a bike was used previously there are plenty of web sites that you will be able to browse through to look at a number of used bikes that are for sale.

There is a chance that you could be a very picky shopper due to the fact that you need a Mongoose BMX bike for a particular reason such as racing or doing freestyle tricks. If this is the case you still have options. Buying just a frame of a Mongoose BMX bike will leave a rider with the option of putting on his own custom parts that will suit his needs better in some cases then buying a bike that is already put together. You will be able to contact an authorized Mongoose dealer and order parts for your bike to get whatever custom feel that you are looking for.

Often one of the big problems with bikes and their owners would be the sprocket size that puts a different amount of tension on the peddling process. This could be a problem to some people who are looking to race their bike opposed to people who may be looking to do freestyle stunts. Sprockets can be interchanged to help the owner achieve the right amount of tension for his or her needs. Also it’s not un common for the a bicyclist to want different hand grips, different types of seats and different types of break set ups not only for the comfort of the rider but also parts may be changed to help riders stay safer depending on the types of activities that the rider may be engaging in.

In any event finding the perfect Mongoose BMX bike would not be very hard for anybody. Buying one already put together or building one up yourself would not end up costing you much of a difference in the price for whatever option you end up choosing. Either way you go BMX uses only the best quality parts and materials and you will surely not be disappointed.

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Recumbent Bike Workout Plan – Everything You Need to Know

Anyone who probably wants to stay fit and fine should allocate some part of a daily schedule for workout purposes. It is generally early in the morning that a fitness freak loves to get involved in an intestinal workout. Now, amidst the exercise options in hand cycling is an alternative, which one can seriously consider.

What is it Precisely?

Experts say that it is a bike, which places the rider in a laid back reclining position. The option is slowly but steadily gaining in popularity and there are good reasons for it. Here the weight of the rider gets distributed over a large area. Alongside this even distribution of the rider's weight, the presence of backs and buttocks certainly make this bike a comfortable option.

Why Should One Buy a Recumbent Bike?

These bikes, quite similar to any of its peers, have the basic features such as wheel base, wheel size, steering and seats. However, as an exercise freak you would certainly want to know what makes these bikes special. Here, it is essential we discuss the benefits in brief.

People who have used these bikes say that there just can not be a better alternative for someone who intends to do cardiovascular exercise. Cycling on these bikes helps one to strengthen the heart and lungs and the body can now use oxygen in a better manner.

Riding these bikes certainly put less stress on the hip and knee region. It means that the option is perfectly suited for arthritis patients. These bikes extend the angle of the knee joint so that the knee and hip are certainly not flexing with each and every rotation.

Recumbent cycling allows one to boost up the strength and one can definitely manage weight better. This form of cycling builds up strength in the lower extremities. In general the option allows one to burn calories and maintain weight better.

The presence of a larger seat certainly makes this alternative a lot safer than the upright cycling option. The presence of a back rest adds to the comfort of the rider.

A Few Tips for Someone Who Intends to Buy a Recumbent Bike:

Here, there are some good reasons as to why a fitness freak will love to head for the store and come out with a bike. However, a buyer should know that at this moment there are about 200 models of the recumbent bike at the stores. Therefore, before actually picking up something, one certainly needs to check out on a few key factors. A key area of ​​check can be your height. It should not be a concern for someone who is tall. He probably can ride any model of the recumbent bike.

However, people who are short need to go for a lower seat height. Somebody who is overweight and has circulatory problems will want to go with a bike, which has a long wheel base and a lower bottom bracket.

The Riding Style Should Also Receive Focus:

One should run into recumbent bikes mainly of two major categories. Some are designed with the sole intent of offering the rider more comfort, while there are recumbent bikes, which offer better performance. One will have to make the choice accordingly. If one intends to ride fast and in areas of low traffic then the low racer model is perhaps the ideal option.

The Price:

Last but not the least the price is certainly a key factor to watch out for. These bikes are a bit expensive and can start anywhere in the range of $ 500- $ 1,000. It is always better to identify personal financial requirements and then make the purchase accordingly.

This is a brief guide for someone who intends to buy a recumbent bike for workout purposes. With over 200 models to choose from, it can get a bit difficult, but this article definitely offers a comprehensive insight into such bikes.


Regularly bicycling for a certain period provides a boost to the muscles. However, the icing on the cake lies in the fact that plenty of options have emerged for fitness freaks who intend to ride a bicycle. Amongst the exercise bike options the one alternative, which has been in demand of late is the stationary recumbent bike .

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Recumbent Bikes – The Future of Bicycles

For someone who is not into biking, a recumbent bike may look like a funny object that looks to be more like a piece of furniture from a garden. Of course, with its different style and the fact that everyone has always been used to seeing the conventional bicycle – recumbent bikes always become an object that turns heads, especially when its driven and running on the street.

From the way it is designed, a recumbent bicycle is a bike that places its rider in a different position from that of an upright bike. The position of the rider is reclined, distributing the rider's weight comfortably on his back and buttocks. This makes it unlike the conventional bike, where the rider's body weight has to rest on just a small area of ​​the sit bones and hands alone. This ergonomic feature is one of the best advantages that it has over the upright and conventional bike.

Because the reclined position of the recumbent bike places a person's feet ahead of the body, the body of the rider has a smaller front, a profile that is popular in aerodynamic vehicles. Because of this profile, they perform better and run faster than ordinary bikes.

Variations of bikes

Aside from regular recumbent bikes, there are also variations which are all designed and built differently for different needs and terrain. Here are some popular variations of recumbent bikes to choose from:

Mountain Bike Recumbents – Can be used for rough terrain and unpaved roads, just like regular mountain bikes.

Lowracers – Usually has two 20 'wheels, or having a 20 "front wheel and a 26" rear wheel. This type of bike places riders at a very reclined position, as its seat is usually positioned in between the two wheels, instead of it being placed above them. This is one of the fastest kinds of bikes.

Highracers – Is easily distinguishable because of its two large wheels. It has the same seating position as of the lowracer, but has a higher seat, requiring the riders legs to be above the front wheel. Since its seating position is the same as of the lowracer, it follows the same aerodynamics, making it a fast bike also. Unlike the lowracer, however, highracer recumbent bikes are easier to maneuver.

Handycles – Are recumbent bikes that accommodate individuals who can not use their legs, or paraplegics. These bikes are recumbent bikes that are hand powered, with its brakes also mounted on its handle too.

Recumbent Tricycles – Have the same characteristics as the recumbent bike, but has three wheels instead of two.

The Stationary

While there are plenty of types and variations of recumbent bikes that one can choose from for his or her cycling pleasure, there are also stationary recumbent bikes that can be used in the gym or at home in order to use for exercise. Like upright stationary bikes, these recumbent bikes can be used for exercise, the only difference is that the rider sits on a more comfortable and reclined position. The reclined position also makes it easy for the rider to do other things, such as scan a magazine or watch television while exercising.

With its overall performance, comfort level and it's intriguing look and design, it is not a wonder recumbent bikes are doing great in the market nowdays, and are fast becoming the future of bicycles.

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Four Types Of Quad Bikes For Sale

Quad bikes are fantastic for recreational activities as they are rugged and can be driven over any kind of terrain. They provide great sporting thrill for any adventure savvy. If you are considering purchasing your very own bike, get familiar with the types of quad bikes for sale available in order to choose the one that is suitable for you.

Typically, there are four main categories utility, off-road, on-road and sport. Quads used for utility purposes normally come with a four-wheel drive and are larger than those designed for amusement. They come with firm suspensions as well as frames to carry heavy weight of more than 250 pounds. These are especially engineered to conquer rough territory and can even be used to tow other automobiles. They make ideal companions if you are involved in regular camping or farming as these bikes can carry heavy loads for you. Most utility quads come with full skid plates attached.

Off-road quads are wired to tread on uneven land. This type of bikes are highly sought-after although they are not designed to be driven on populated road since it does not come with lights, horns and mirrors as with any regular vehicle, making them illegal for street driving. However, the on-road version is fully equipped to be driven legally on roads. These are more practical as you can ride them off-road as well.

Recreational or sport bikes are normally smaller than the utility ones. These are considered as sport quads because they can be quickly accelerated. They are automatic, two-wheel drive automobiles that can be swiftly manoeuvred, offering fast movement to adventure enthusiasts. These are typically used in racing. Sport as well as utility quad automobiles can be used for on-road and off-road driving as long as they meet the legal requirements to drive them on the road.

When looking at quad bikes for sale, bear in mind that the smaller vehicles are normally equipped with engines as small as 50cc while the bigger ones are provided with engines that reach 1000cc or higher. The smaller engines are ideal for children, as children’s quads should not reach higher than 90cc. Test drive the bike to see whether it is what you are looking for. Because these automobiles are large and bulky, they can cause serious injurious. Ensure that you know how to ride it or have an expert supervise you. Opt to purchase a brand new vehicle instead of a used one.

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The Five Most Common Types Of Bikes

Since the predecessor to the modern day bicycle was first invented in the early 1800s, bikes have been used for pleasure, transportation, and sport. Today, riders are faced with a myriad of available styles. Here are the five most common types of bicycles, along with their intended use.


Road bikes are, as the name suggests, designed with the sole purpose of on-road travel. They can be easily identified by their common use of downward curving handlebars. This style generally uses very narrow tires, and the frame is lightweight. Road bicycles are one of the fastest types, and almost always have multiple gears for optimal use at high speed or on an incline. Riders will often position themselves leaning forward over the handlebars while pedaling.


Mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding. They have multiple gears for riding up and down hills, paths, washes, and trails of varying inclines. To deal with the sand, dirt, mud, and gravel commonly encountered off-road, these models are equipped with wide tires with knobs to provide greater traction. Rather than curved handlebars, mountain handlebars are generally straight. The rider generally sits upright while riding this style.


Hybrid bikes are probably the most common style seen today. They are a combination of mountain and road bicycles, making them well suited for multiple terrain types. The handlebars are straight and the seating position is upright, just like a mountain model. The frame will usually be lightweight, the tires narrower and smoother, which makes for smoother, easier rides on pavement. As with the two styles it has evolved from, a hybrid usually has multiple gears.


BMX (bicycle motocross) bicycles are very popular with stunt riders, certain types of off-road racers, and youths. The BMX style is generally for a smaller frame bike, built robustly to handle hard landings and other stunts. The front wheel and handlebars can be rotated 360 degrees to allow for tricks, and the models will only have one gear. Due to the smaller nature of the frames, riders will generally stand while pedaling.


Cruiser models are designed for ease of use and a comfortable ride. As a result, they are popular with adult riders who are new to riding, or only do so occasionally. Cruisers offer an upright seating position and a fixed gear, so the rider simply has to sit down and start pedaling. Their wide tires make them comfortable. Due to their heavy steel frames and single gear, they are generally rather slow compared to most other types.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of bicycles available to anyone in the market. Along with the most common models listed above, there are ones designed for specific uses, such as military models, firefighter models, and even ice cycles, designed for riding on ice. So no matter what your lifestyle is, there are bikes out there for you.

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Dirt Bike Racing

Dirt bike racing is one of the most popular choices for racing for thrill seekers. It appeals to people of all ages, so it is not so surprising that many professional dirt bike racers started at the early age of 4 or 5. When beginners start racing dirt bikes, it is highly unlikely that they will get more than a foot or two off the ground when they hit a jump, and experience is crucial before even attempting to get up to 10 feet in the air. For kids, dirt bikes are available for a cost of around $400. Also, beautiful dirt bike graphics are available for decoration purposes. These are funny, easy to fit, and cheap. Their use can completely personalize a factory-built bike.

To become a good dirt bike racer, a person needs the right spirit and a combination of self-confidence and modesty. Furthermore, safety should be given prime importance. Of course, riding skills, stability, suppleness, and a very good understanding of racing lines are important factors. It is important to watch other bikers when they are racing in order to get a feel of how a dirt bike is used. It is good to walk a track before racing it. This will give a racer a helpful insight into a racing lines and jumps on it. Practice sessions will provide an excellent chance to learn a bit more about the track. Also, it is important to wear proper safety gear.

Used bikes can be purchased in ready-to-ride condition, but the customer should make sure that all components are in very good working order. Preferably, a professional should be sought to look at the bike and make essential repairs or replacements. It is also highly recommended to regularly check the bike to make sure that it is in good working condition and that none of the parts are likely to break. The brakes, steering, and suspension should be given extra care, as the safety of a biker depends on all these factors.

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One of the Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Buy a Road Bike is They Base it on Price

More times than not most people that are looking to buy a road bike are only looking at the price of the bike and not the quality. Although price is obviously important, it is equally important to recognize the value based on the price you are paying for the bike.

There are several considerations you must take into account when you begin your search for the best road bicycle for you.


There are many places to find used bicycles on the Internet today. Craigslist has hundreds available for sale in every imaginable category and price range. If your budget is tight then this might be a good option for you. The problem with buying a used bike is that you really do not know how many hours are on the bike and what condition the bike is really in. Although the bike may look clean you may not notice the small details, this will absolutely be the undoing of the bike.

You must look carefully at the components to see if you can see obvious wear on the metal. Naturally all bike parts will always wear out, it is the degree of wear that you must concern yourself with. You must inspect the frame carefully because if there is a stress fracture in one of the welds then you might as well throw the bike away.

Components can be changed provided you are willing to do the work yourself. You can go to a bike shop and have them do it for you but the cost will be exponentially higher. These are just some of the concerns when you buy a used bike. Not to mention that if the bike has a structural failure while you are riding it you risk serious injury or worse.

Mid-Range Price VS Low-Range Price

There are three price ranges for road bikes, but for the sake of this article we will only discuss the mid and lower range road bikes. These bikes range in price from $ 200 – $ 400 for the lower priced bikes and $ 400 – $ 1200 for the mid priced bikes. Now you may say that $ 1200 is a lot of money for a mid range priced road bike but when you take into consideration that you could pay upwards of $ 10,000 for a higher priced road bike it does not seem so high.

The difference between these bikes is the quality of the frame, crank, derailleur, gears, brakes, tires, seat, head post, handlebars etc. So basically the overall quality of the bikes will be as different as night and day. Although you will probably be getting a Shimano derailleur on both bikes you will be not getting the Shimano XTR Shadow on the low priced road bike This holds true for most of the components on the road bike. If it does not matter to you then by all means get the inexpensive bike as opposed to the more expensive road bike.

Cost Of Repair

If you factor in the cost of replacement for the cheaper components you have to ask yourself what you really saved by buying the cheaper road bike. To replace the derailleur will cost you anywhere from $ 100 to $ 200 and and more depending on the bike shop and the derailleur you choose to replace it with. The same holds true for most of the components on the bike. The total cost of replacement will certainly out price the original price of the road bike.

The rule of thumb is that if you buy cheap you get cheap.

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