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Best Indoor Cycling Trainers 2021 Price and Reviews

If you’re missing your workout due to bad weather, maybe it’s time you get yourself one of the best indoor cycling trainer. There’s so much you can squeeze in on a trainer without worrying about the potholes, rash car drivers and of course, bad weather.


But ever wondered which one is the best for you? Or how much would it even cost?

Before we get into those details, let’s have a look at the benefits of the best indoor cycling trainer!

Get smart:

Take your indoor cycling session to another level by pairing it with a smart power meter!

Still not enough? Transform your workout into a gaming session with Zwift or trainer roads!

Save time:

Time for us is everything. And one way to save time is by cycling indoors. No more worrying about dressing up, just get on your bike and feel elated!

Play safe: Rains can defiantly be harsh on your bike. While most of you might find it fun, nobody liked the arduous task of cleaning the mud off!

Having the best indoor cycling trainer installed in your homes is the best way to avoid such circumstances.

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5 Solid reason to upgrade from a basic indoor trainer to a smart trainer!

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Types of Best Indoor cycling trainer:

We cyclist are never satisfied with one thing, right? The n+1 formula applies here as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of best indoor cycling trainers:


Such type of trainers use a magnetic flywheel to provide resistance.

Pros: Affordable Adjustable resistance Way quieter than wind trainers Variety of options

Cons: Not very durable The resistant range is limited


These types of trainers are based on a magnetic flywheel. However, a fluid trainer adds chambers of viscous fluid to further tune the resistance options. Fluid indoor cycling trainers are the most common type of stationary trainers that are available today.

‌Pros: 1. Offer the best “road feel” 2. Offers a wide range of resistance adjustment (electronically controlled on the nicer models); 3. They’re very quiet; 4. A wide variety of features and options (like power and connectivity)‌.

Cons: Improve on durability every year susceptible to overheating and cooking the fluid.


Rollers have been around for the longest period of time. The bicycle sits freely on three precision drums inside a frame which rotate as you pedal. On rollers, resistance can be provided by the rollers themselves or via magnetic, fluid or wind add-on elements.


Great to improve your form


Resistance range isn’t the best. Take some practice to get used to it.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best indoor cycling trainer:

Best Indoor Cycling trainers


One of our personal favourite brands when it comes to indoor cycling trainers is Jetblack. It is a 100% homegrown Australian company that has a simple philosophy; “The best products at the best prices.” So far the brand supplied the best quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists.

The JetBlack WhisperDrive:

The whisper drive is a magnetic resistance driver trainer that connects directly to the trainer. Which means, your bike will connect directly to the trainer rather than your rear wheel turning a roller. Setting this is simple and straightforward, however, you will have to buy a cassette separately as this best indoor cycling trainer doesn’t come with one.

The WhisperDrive is equipped with a 5.9kg flywheel and the resistance is provided by magnetism. The trainer provides seven different levels of resistance that you can control via a handlebar adjuster. Besides, you can also shift through the gear on your bike just like you would on a road.

Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer $ 1,999:

Looking to set up your indoor cycling studio, WahooKickr smart Trainer is a perfect choice. This best cycling indoor trainer is weight based and feels rock solid on even during the hardest of intervals. The trainer is also equipped to handle upto 2,200 watts of power within 2% accuracy.

The wheel-off design comes with an 11-speed Shimano/SRAM cassette—also compatible with 8, 9, 10, and 12-speed cassettes. Besides, the cassette can be changed to accommodate most other types of bikes in a variety of wheel sizes.

That being said, the Kickr is compatible with Zwift and other training software and it’s Bluetooth Smart, Ant+ and Ant+ FE-C ready

The trainer one of the quietest trainers available.

Tacx Flux 599:

Looking for a smart direct drive indoor trainer that’s inexpensive and comes with a Fully smart direct drive?

The Tacx Flux is the closest you can get.

It’s pretty easy to set up and get started with the trainer and works with popular virtual riding applications such as Zwift.

Besides, the trainer is faint quiet.

Recently, Tacx announced that an updated version of the Flux, with higher maximum resistance, smoother ride feel and other improvements.

Tacx Neo $1,199.00:

If you’re looking for a trainer that is easily foldable and can be stored anywhere, the Tacx Neo fits your choice.

The folding wing design makes a stable base for your intense workouts. Tacx Neo is a smart trainer that is direct-drive, ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth-enabled smart trainer. Unlike other dirt drive trainers in the market, the Tacx Neo is the only direct drive trainer as it uses no belts or rollers for power transmission.

The power measurement is accurate within 1 % up to 2,200 watts, which also makes it the best indoor cycling home trainer. The Neo is compatible with 130 and 135mm quick releases and can accommodate 142 x 12mm, 148 x 12mm, and 135 x 10mm thru axles with adapters.

Cyclops Fluid 2 $239.99:

If you’re looking for a weapon to make every workout count, the CycleOps Fluid 2 Turbo Trainer is the best choice. The trainer offers a wide range of resistance and is ideal for any rider looking to build form during the peak season.

Kinetic Rock N Roll Smart Trainer $ 389.99:

Looking for a more realistic ride feel that allows a little side-to-side movement? Go for Kinetic’s Rock and Roll Smart Trainer.

Pre-installed with software from Kinetic that allows users to begin a power training program without having to add sensors or other devices. All you need to do is, set up the trainer, download the app and get started!

Besides, the trainer is also compatible with Zwift, Trainer Road, and other fitness software.

But before you head out to buy this power-packed trainer, make sure it fits your wheel size and axle configuration.

However, the trainer provides a progressive amount of resistance and gives a feel of riding on the road.

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Tacx Flux S $ 599:

The Tacx S indoor cycling trainer is a little different than the ordinary smart drive trainers. It features low-profile feet to accommodate the long cage derailleurs that are common on gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes.

This best indoor cycling trainer lets you connect with Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C protocols so your favourite virtual worlds are all accessible.

With this best indoor cycling trainer as your training buddy, you can simulate a maximum slope of 10%, and measure power within 3% accuracy up to a max of 1,500 watts. Besides, the 15.5lb Flywheel is virtually silent and a simple spin down calibration ensures accurate data every session.

Kinetic Road Machine II Smart — £225.87:

Another best indoor cycling trainer that offers an excellent performance, fantastic ride feel, incredibly quiet and delivers consistent power measurement is the Road Machine II Smart. Besides, the trainer comes with Kinetic’s inRide sensor technology installed, for app-based power training.

Bkool Smart Go — £254.99

Looking for the cheapest smart trainer you can buy?

Go for Bkool Smart Go!

If you are not looking for super-accurate measurements of your power, the trainer offers a decent performance. The Bkool Smart go, lets you get your workout done without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.

Elite Drivo — £999.99:

If direct drive smart trainers are what you’re looking at, Elite Drivo is the best of the new generation. Equipped with ANT+, Bluetooth connectivity and software like Zwift and TrainerRoad, Drivo can control its resistance and simulate a 24% slope and provide 2,000 watts of resistance. Besides, the brand also claims that the power measurement is accurate to within 1% and is very quiet.

Cyclops Hammer INR 85,199:

In a world where training needs to be smart, CycleOps takes all the recognition and fame. The trainer handles a maximum power output of 2,000 watts and can simulate grades upto 20%. The trainer comes with folding legs that not only make it easy to set up but also easy to store anywhere.

Virtual cycling is also made possible with ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. So there’s no way you can hold yourself back with this best indoor cycling home trainer.

Minoura B60 R:

The minor B60 is an entry level magnetic trainer that comes with a simplified U- shaped Steel Frame that supports upto 120kgs. However, this best indoor cycling trainer is light and compact that can be installed and stored easily.

This best indoor cycling trainer comes with 7 levels of resistance that are pretty good enough and is a capable companion for your fitness goals.

IN’RIDE 100 Home Trainer ₹ 9,999:

If you’re looking for a cheap cycling indoor trainer to get you started, the IN’Ride 100 home trainer is a good choice. Besides, the trainer is pretty basic and comes with 7 levels of resistance with a manual adjustment dial.

That being said, if you want to make it a smart trainer, you need to buy an additional connection kit. Like other trainers, this one too is easy and quick to attach and can be folded and kept away for quick storage.

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Things to consider while buying the best indoor cycling trainer:


Before buying the best indoor cycling trainer, settle on a budget that you would like to spend. Your budget will help you filter down your choice on the type of home trainer you will need. Also, keep a buffer of at least INR 2000 to 5000 so you can reduce and stretch your budget and not worry about missing out on the best value for money trainer.

Type of home trainer: A good budget will somewhat help you decide on which type of trainer you will afford to buy. Then move on to deciding whether you want to buy a magnetic, smart, fluid or turbo trainer accordingly.


Most of us worry about compatibility a lot before buying a home trainer. But the thing is, it shouldn’t be a concern as all road bikes can be used on a turbo trainer. That being said, all mountain bikes can be used with a turbo trainer. Just ensure you install a slick tyre or training tyre to the rear wheel.

Frame and mounting systems:

Considering the frame design and the mounting system is a must. If you are looking to warm up before an event(TT), turbo is the way to go (they are portable that makes it easy to carry). Another factor is the mounting of the wheels. Most trainers come with a quick release rear skewer that you can place instead of the original skewer that holds the wheel securely in place.

Needless to say, the only system that does not use this is the Direct Drive system, where the rear dropouts are clamped directly to the turbo.

Decide the location:

Before you get home the best cycling indoor trainer, take some time to determine what space you will need to ride. However, finding the right amount of space for your home or office could be a problem.

5 Signs your Bike needs a Service

Bicycles are fun to ride. And at Velocrush India, bicycles are even more fun to maintain. However, bicycle service doesn’t always need to start from your bicycle shop. Love and care can be given to your bicycle at home too. A good wipe down and some oiling is all it takes.


Then there are times when your bike might need some extra attention and a thorough check by the experts. This can only be done at a professional bicycle shop.

As a cyclist, it is important to listen to your bike for telltale signs of help. Timely servicing at the cycle store will not only keep your bike running as new but will also help you stay safe and make the most of your cycling experience.

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Listed below are 5 common signs your bicycle needs servicing by a professional:-

 1. Unusual sounds from the bicycle 

This is a common sign experienced by most cyclists and often left unchecked. Clicking noise, a subtle squeak, a clunk every now and then are some signs your bicycle needs some love. Most of the times, these  sounds might not mean something major, but if your bicycle hasn’t been serviced or tuned up for a long time, now would be a good time to ride to your nearest cycle store for some maintenance checks.

2. Your gear shifts are not smooth

Your gears are the most complicated part of your bicycle. Too many small parts work together to function as a unit. Hence, they need to be maintained regularly to give you some flawless shifting that just feels like a great day. Remember, anything less than that is only going to worsen with time, so make that appointment and bring it in for a service/tune-up right away.

Also, if your bicycle has started squeaking from the chain, it’s asking for lube. Chain slipping from gears or bicycle chains not being changed for a long time could all be other major issues that need immediate attention.

3. The brakes are not slowing you down 

Brakes are one of the parts that are frequently used and go through a lot of wear and tear. Many a time, our lives depend on these brakes. And keeping them functioning at their best is a must. The moment you sense the brakes taking longer to slow your cycle down or come to a stop, it’s time to take action and get your brakes tuned or pads replaced.

After all, good working brakes give you confidence and make you feel in control in any weather condition or terrain.

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4. your bike is very dirty and greasy

Many of you only ride your bike and fail to clean it or maintain it due to various reasons. As a result, a lot of dirt, grease and grime accumulates on the bicycle parts. Keeping your bicycle clean will not only ensure your bike is functioning smoothly but also avoid any future mechanical failures.

Remember, a clean bike is the best bike. It will work smoothly and cost less in the long run.

5. there are signs of rust

Rust should have no place on your bicycle or bicycle parts. If you live close to the sea or leave your bike out in the rain, it is likely to catch rust. And the sooner your act, the better for you and your bicycle.

A small amount of rust can be removed using the right dispersants, whereas some other parts can be replaced if required. So if you don’t want to spend a lot on replacing rusty parts with new ones, bring the bicycle to the shop as soon as you start noticing rust on your bike.

We know you love your bicycle, but if you want it to love you back, keep an eye out for these signs. And we guarantee, the both of you will have a great time.