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Indian Cycle Brands & Imported Cycle Brands

Lot has been discussed when it comes to comparing Indian bicycles with imported bikes. A fancy bicycles with some very eye catchy colours, seems normal to them. In fact they look quite similar to bicycles that we are used to seeing in India.


With no knowledge about bicycle components, design and innovation and other things, people assume premium bikes to cost almost or little more than Indian bicycles. But when they find out the actual cost, they are in an absolute shock and dismay. Followed by the famous dialogue we all have already heard over a dozen times. “Bhai, itne paise main toh bike aa Jaati!”

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Indian brands:

Locally manufactured:

The bicycles brands like Hero, Atlas, Hercules are all locally manufactured on a large scale in India. Also, there is almost no design, technology or innovation that is used while making these bikes.

Low cost:

Indian cycle brands make use of decent raw material to build a frame. This helps them keep the cost of the bicycle low.

Zero import duty:

Needless to say, it’s common sense, if a product is manufactured in the same country where it has been sold, there will of course be no import duty. Same applies for Indian cycle brands!

Easy availability of spares:

As the bicycles are available on a large scale, so are the spare parts. Let us tell you a little insight, Ludhiana the hub of Indian cycle brands is known to manufacture a lot of bicycle components. It’s a factory that doesn’t care or focus on quality. In fact, they are so good, they don’t believe in innovation, they would rather copy designs. And the designs are so good, you won’t notice anything different.

Low maintenance cost:

As the bicycle frame does not involve any innovation, components are designed in India and there is no import duty. They bicycle as a whole is very affordable and so is the maintenance cost. On such bikes, you can simply replace the part and will cost you just a few hundred rupees.

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Foreign brands:


Every bicycle they manufacture, a lot of design, innovation, technology and time has gone into building the right frame. Even the composition of the raw material that is used to manufacture frames is given importance. This is one of the reasons why bicycles are lighter in weight.

Also, an Indian bicycle will start rusting after a year or two but an imported bicycle frame is more like a lifetime investment. It won’t rust or crack or break until and unless you do something seriously wrong.

Try lifting an imported bike from the centre with one hand. Do the same with an Indian bicycle and you will notice the weight distribution. An Indian bike is likely to tilt more towards the rear wheel while an imported cycle will just stay sturdy.

Better handling:

As the bikes are designs with so much of technology, it is obvious the bicycles will offer better handling as compared to the Indian bikes any day.

Better groupset:

Imported bicycle brands only use components made by premium component makers. You will either see Shimano or SRAM on the bicycles and not Chinese or the locally manufactured copy. There are a few Indian brands that do come with Shimano or SRAM components. This is one of the reasons why there is a major difference in the shifting experience.

Imagine you turn a switch on to set the light on, that’s the response. Moreover, Shimano and SRAM gears are surely going to last you longer and they are expensive, unlike your Indian cycle components.

Replacing these would cost you a hole in your pocket. Let’s just take the basic Indian cycle components; it will cost you around (INR 1500 -1800). However, if you look at basic premium bike components like Shimano, the most basic will cost you INR( 3500-5000).

All these things together are what makes the imported bicycles expensive and worth the fortune.

Cycling Tips for Beginners -Techniques, Lose weight

If you are new to cycling or wish to take up the sport in 2020, you have already won half the battle. While cycling can get a little overwhelming after years, but the trick is to keep it simple and have lots of fun! Don’t worry about the gears or matching your helmet to your bicycle or cycling kit. For now, let’s forget the rules and have more fun!


Below we have listed 8 cycling tips for beginners that will ensure you start on the right foot and have fun. All you need is a bike and a helmet. Don’t even think of spending money on fancy new gear or carbon fibre. Right now the idea os to fall deeply in love with cycling. 

#1. Get the saddle height right:

Most of us feel comfortable and far more confident with the saddle height at the lowest as your feet can easily touch the ground. However, this could lead to knee pain and put you at risk for injury. 

#2. Don’t stress about the gears:

If you have a single-speed bike, no worries. However, if you do have a geared bike, nothing like it. For starters, using it might be complicated, but don’t let that distract you from your goal. 

Just ensure to keep the chain on the front derailed in the centre. This way, you can use the complete set of gears on the rear. Using the lowest or the highest can sometimes lead to cross chaining. This needs to be avoided at all times.

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#3. Change gears while pedalling:

Often, most of you change bicycle gears when not pedalling. Also, some newbies change the gears when they stop. Doing so will loosen the tuning of the cable and won’t give perfect shifts in the long run. The best way to go about is to change gears while you are pedalling non stop. This way the chain easily moves from one cog to another. Keep in mind not to put too much pressure on the pedal while changing the gear (especially on a climb) as this could lead to the change going through too much tension and could even snap.

#4. Always have these essential bike tools:

#5. Maintain your own bike:

Keeping your bicycle in good shape is an important aspect of cycling. Basics such as cleaning and relaxing your chain, checking air pressure are things that can be done by yourself. This not only helps to keep the bicycle in good shape but also increase the life span of the components and other parts. 

#6. Avoid doing too much too soon:

Never be in a hurry to clock more distance. Always build up gradually. Your body needs the time to adjust to new distances. Remember to start with a warm-up and then settle into a rhythm and enjoy the ride. 

#7. Join a local cycling group:

One of the best ways to have more fun is by riding with like-minded people. Make it a point to join WhatsApp groups and join in the weekly rides. This way you also get to learn about bikes, nutrition, routes, and more.

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#8. Learn the art of riding in a group:

If you find yourself riding in a group for the first time, start by handing t the back of the pack. Observe and learn. You don’t want to be the reason for a crash. Don’t hesitate to ask and clear your doubts if any. Remember, a crash will be more embarrassing than asking a dumb question.

#9. Remember to refuel:

Long hours on the bike always need some refueling. If you find yourself cycling for over an hour, water won’t be enough. A bottle of electron and a snack will make a huge difference. Forgetting to eat can put your body into a deficit and cause you to bonk. You will finish the ride feeling tired, dizzy and nauseated.

#10. Don’t forget to eat and hydrate:

Once you are back home, don’t forget to eat and hydrate. A good portion of breakfast is what you need to consume to restore the lost electrolyte and energy. Also, this will keep you active throughout the day.

Cycling Jersey India: For Men and Women Online

All we had was a bicycle and dreams of flying high like a kid. Cycling did make us happy;  at least for the first few kilometers. But later, we could feel our rear hurt, our lungs burn and muscles getting hard like a rock. Eventually, we would find ourselves sitting on the edge of the road, gasping for air and gulping gallons of water!


But then with every ride, we slowly got smarter and better. Our pedaling improved, our breathing was in sync. We also went on to invest in a helmet, a pair of bib shorts, cycling jersey and the list goes on. Since then, cycling only got better!  However, not everyone manages to get the right bicycle accessories. We sacrifice on quality because the price is too high. And later, we only regret! 


Most of usually get it wrong in the first step. We assume, we know our size and, there! When the jersey arrives, it’s all a mess! You either find it too tight or just too lose. The below chart should help you choose the right cycling jersey size.

Fabric: Selecting the material of your cycling jersey:

Cycling jerseys are available in three main types of material. As the second step, you need to go ahead and select the material of your cycling jersey. Below are the best options available for you to consider for the right cycling jersey in India. 

Polyester – Polyester can be considered as a synthetic man-made material. It is widely being used in the production of cycling jerseys across the globe. One of the biggest benefits associated with polyester is that it has got the ability to keep your body dry at all times. 

In addition, you will be able to keep your body cool while cycling during the hot and sunny days. Polyester is capable of keeping your body away from the damage caused by UV rays of the sun and is extremely durable. The material is easy to wash and dries quickly.

However, some cyclists don’t prefer to go ahead with polyester cycling jerseys due to the artificial feel offered by it. Needless to say, polyester wicks better than Nylon.

Nylon – Nylon can also be considered as a synthetic material used in the production of a cycling jersey. Nylon is considered to be warmer and does not wick as polyester and is one of the strongest fabrics available.  Since this is a stretchable material, you will be able to get a snuggly fit, which improves aerodynamics as well.

Moreover, nylon can improve your performance because of the water and wind resistant capabilities. Nylon tends to be warmer than polyester, and can often be more sweaty or cling more to the body. Besides, nylon tends to absorb more water than polyester and thus takes longer time to dry, hence it will give cold feel when wet.

Merino wool – Merino wool is another popular material used for the constructions of cycling jerseys. It is ideal for the cyclist who invades the cold. That’s because merino wool can keep the body warm when compared to the other materials.

With merino wool, you will be able to receive better wicking capabilities when compared to nylon or polyester. It doesn’t absorb odours as well. However, merino wool cycling jerseys are very expensive.

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Pay attention towards the wind 

As beginners, we never realize how wind can affect our cycling performance. However, once we do, we ride smart, save energy and keep pedalling. In such cases, buying the right cycling jersey which offers a snug fit is important. A snug fit jersey will help you cut through the wind and not flap in the wind. 

Fit: Purchase a cycling jersey that offers the optimum fit 

Like we said, the cycling jersey you purchase should provide an optimum fit to your body. When you are cycling, you spend a considerable amount of time on the bike. That’s where comfort comes into play and the right fit will make all the difference.

If you purchase a cycling jersey from one of the most reputed brands, you don’t need to worry too much about fit and comfort. Renowned brands spend a lot of time understanding the needs of cyclists and manufacturing the best that’s ideal for different sizes and conditions. 

Consider what you pack: 

When you are cycling, carrying different equipment is vital (Nutrition, repair kits, multi-tools and spare tubes in the jersey pockets). In such cases, having enough space on your jersey is a must, especially in the absence of a saddle bag.

Hence, you need to ensure that the cycling jersey you purchase comes along with enough pockets to hold all these accessories. Then you will be provided with an excellent assistance when you are cycling. 

Also, ensure the jersey material is not too elastic. Too elastic material will cause the jersey to sag once you store in your nutrition and spare kit. This will not only bother you while riding but also make you feel uncomfortable and saggy on the back.

Make sure that you purchase a water-resistant cycling jersey: 

When it comes to waterproofing, look out for a cycling jersey that offers water resistance as well. While the weather is unpredictable, you need to make sure that you’re prepared, always.

For instance, you are riding over 100 km and the rain hits you in the middle of the ride. A cycling jersey that offers water resistance, will let out water quickly and dry fast. This will eliminate the discomfort and odour issues which are likely to erupt.

Waist gripper:

Most of the good cycling jerseys in the market have an elastic grip at the waist that lets you get a close fit and prevents it from rising up as you pedal. Also, ensure the back of the jersey


If you find yourself riding in the dark or dull weather conditions, reflective can be useful in the dark. Some reflective look subtle grey in daylight but shine out brightly as soon as they’re caught by headlights. Look for this feature in a cycling jersey when you head out to buy!

Never ignore the style:

Needless to say, style is important as well. However, it needs to be last on your list. Most of us fall for the fancy colours and designs, however, we fail to give attention to the purpose of buying the jersey. 

Now, if you are looking to buy a cycling jersey, make sure to keep the above pointers in mind. Wearing the right jersey will make you feel good and let you focus on cycling well.

However, if you are confused when it comes to buying the best cycling jersey brand in India, worry now. Here are a few velocrush certified brands that you can blindly go and shop now!

How cycling jersey should fit?

Ensure that the cycling jersey that you buy fits well whilst allowing you for free movement. Another important thing is that the jersey sleeve should be long enough while you ride on the drops and hold cover your backside as well.

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Best cycling jersey brands online in India

With so many brands in India, buying the right bicycle jersey can be challenging. however, most of us usually fall for the so-called cheap cycling jersey that gets the job done. It’s understandable for you to buy the cheapest when you get into cycling, but when you are in the sport, the best cycling jersey is what you should be looking at. And when it comes to the best, here are a few brands that come to my mind.

2Go Activewear:

If you’re an active cyclist, 2Go will take you beyond your comfort zone. The brand pairs the highest quality performance fabrics with stylish silhouettes and the most technical print techniques available to create activewear that truly and uniquely marries style with performance. From cut to colour to cloth, an uncompromising commitment to performance is all the brand can offer you. 

They manufacture cycling jerseys, shorts, socks and tee shirts at affordable prices for men and women.


Looking for the finest quality apparel available in India, go for Heini. They customise garments for a wide range of sports and offer excellent and outstanding customer service. Team Srini, the first Indian to finish RAAM, a few national level athletes and of course the tour of Nilgiris riders, all flaunt The Heini Apparel.


We all known decathlon is well-known for the products they provide. Once upon a time, the cycling kits were designs and made abroad, are now manufactured in India. If you’re a beginner, go for Decathlon. They get the job done. 

Cycling jersey amazon (we recommend)

Amazon is a one-stop-shop solution for all our cycling needs. Right from cycle accessorises, bicycles and cycling apparel, you will get everything you need at amazon. With so many products available on amazon, it can get daunting to choose the right one. As so we have listed cycling jersey amazon sells that you can buy.

Men’s Short-Sleeved Warm Weather Road Cycling Jersey

Looking for a cycling jersey online that’s suitable for cycling in warm wether? Here’s the men’s short sleeved jersey that comes with a well-designed pockets and a large zip for ventilation. This jersey is ideal for beginners looking to carry small items on a long ride.

Road Sport Cycling Jersey Team

If you are looking for a pro level jersey that’s ideal for competition, van rysel jersey is for you. It’s super light and comes with 4 pockets at the back that provides enough space to store small items. Besides, the jersey is well-ventilated and has bin pocket for longer rides.