Best Indoor Cycling Trainers 2021 Price and Reviews

If you’re missing your workout due to bad weather, maybe it’s time you get yourself one of the best indoor cycling trainer. There’s so much you can squeeze in on a trainer without worrying about the potholes, rash car drivers and of course, bad weather.


But ever wondered which one is the best for you? Or how much would it even cost?

Before we get into those details, let’s have a look at the benefits of the best indoor cycling trainer!

Get smart:

Take your indoor cycling session to another level by pairing it with a smart power meter!

Still not enough? Transform your workout into a gaming session with Zwift or trainer roads!

Save time:

Time for us is everything. And one way to save time is by cycling indoors. No more worrying about dressing up, just get on your bike and feel elated!

Play safe: Rains can defiantly be harsh on your bike. While most of you might find it fun, nobody liked the arduous task of cleaning the mud off!

Having the best indoor cycling trainer installed in your homes is the best way to avoid such circumstances.

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5 Solid reason to upgrade from a basic indoor trainer to a smart trainer!

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Types of Best Indoor cycling trainer:

We cyclist are never satisfied with one thing, right? The n+1 formula applies here as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of best indoor cycling trainers:


Such type of trainers use a magnetic flywheel to provide resistance.

Pros: Affordable Adjustable resistance Way quieter than wind trainers Variety of options

Cons: Not very durable The resistant range is limited


These types of trainers are based on a magnetic flywheel. However, a fluid trainer adds chambers of viscous fluid to further tune the resistance options. Fluid indoor cycling trainers are the most common type of stationary trainers that are available today.

‌Pros: 1. Offer the best “road feel” 2. Offers a wide range of resistance adjustment (electronically controlled on the nicer models); 3. They’re very quiet; 4. A wide variety of features and options (like power and connectivity)‌.

Cons: Improve on durability every year susceptible to overheating and cooking the fluid.


Rollers have been around for the longest period of time. The bicycle sits freely on three precision drums inside a frame which rotate as you pedal. On rollers, resistance can be provided by the rollers themselves or via magnetic, fluid or wind add-on elements.


Great to improve your form


Resistance range isn’t the best. Take some practice to get used to it.

Now, let’s move on to the list of the best indoor cycling trainer:

Best Indoor Cycling trainers


One of our personal favourite brands when it comes to indoor cycling trainers is Jetblack. It is a 100% homegrown Australian company that has a simple philosophy; “The best products at the best prices.” So far the brand supplied the best quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists.

The JetBlack WhisperDrive:

The whisper drive is a magnetic resistance driver trainer that connects directly to the trainer. Which means, your bike will connect directly to the trainer rather than your rear wheel turning a roller. Setting this is simple and straightforward, however, you will have to buy a cassette separately as this best indoor cycling trainer doesn’t come with one.

The WhisperDrive is equipped with a 5.9kg flywheel and the resistance is provided by magnetism. The trainer provides seven different levels of resistance that you can control via a handlebar adjuster. Besides, you can also shift through the gear on your bike just like you would on a road.

Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer $ 1,999:

Looking to set up your indoor cycling studio, WahooKickr smart Trainer is a perfect choice. This best cycling indoor trainer is weight based and feels rock solid on even during the hardest of intervals. The trainer is also equipped to handle upto 2,200 watts of power within 2% accuracy.

The wheel-off design comes with an 11-speed Shimano/SRAM cassette—also compatible with 8, 9, 10, and 12-speed cassettes. Besides, the cassette can be changed to accommodate most other types of bikes in a variety of wheel sizes.

That being said, the Kickr is compatible with Zwift and other training software and it’s Bluetooth Smart, Ant+ and Ant+ FE-C ready

The trainer one of the quietest trainers available.

Tacx Flux 599:

Looking for a smart direct drive indoor trainer that’s inexpensive and comes with a Fully smart direct drive?

The Tacx Flux is the closest you can get.

It’s pretty easy to set up and get started with the trainer and works with popular virtual riding applications such as Zwift.

Besides, the trainer is faint quiet.

Recently, Tacx announced that an updated version of the Flux, with higher maximum resistance, smoother ride feel and other improvements.

Tacx Neo $1,199.00:

If you’re looking for a trainer that is easily foldable and can be stored anywhere, the Tacx Neo fits your choice.

The folding wing design makes a stable base for your intense workouts. Tacx Neo is a smart trainer that is direct-drive, ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth-enabled smart trainer. Unlike other dirt drive trainers in the market, the Tacx Neo is the only direct drive trainer as it uses no belts or rollers for power transmission.

The power measurement is accurate within 1 % up to 2,200 watts, which also makes it the best indoor cycling home trainer. The Neo is compatible with 130 and 135mm quick releases and can accommodate 142 x 12mm, 148 x 12mm, and 135 x 10mm thru axles with adapters.

Cyclops Fluid 2 $239.99:

If you’re looking for a weapon to make every workout count, the CycleOps Fluid 2 Turbo Trainer is the best choice. The trainer offers a wide range of resistance and is ideal for any rider looking to build form during the peak season.

Kinetic Rock N Roll Smart Trainer $ 389.99:

Looking for a more realistic ride feel that allows a little side-to-side movement? Go for Kinetic’s Rock and Roll Smart Trainer.

Pre-installed with software from Kinetic that allows users to begin a power training program without having to add sensors or other devices. All you need to do is, set up the trainer, download the app and get started!

Besides, the trainer is also compatible with Zwift, Trainer Road, and other fitness software.

But before you head out to buy this power-packed trainer, make sure it fits your wheel size and axle configuration.

However, the trainer provides a progressive amount of resistance and gives a feel of riding on the road.

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Tacx Flux S $ 599:

The Tacx S indoor cycling trainer is a little different than the ordinary smart drive trainers. It features low-profile feet to accommodate the long cage derailleurs that are common on gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes.

This best indoor cycling trainer lets you connect with Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C protocols so your favourite virtual worlds are all accessible.

With this best indoor cycling trainer as your training buddy, you can simulate a maximum slope of 10%, and measure power within 3% accuracy up to a max of 1,500 watts. Besides, the 15.5lb Flywheel is virtually silent and a simple spin down calibration ensures accurate data every session.

Kinetic Road Machine II Smart — £225.87:

Another best indoor cycling trainer that offers an excellent performance, fantastic ride feel, incredibly quiet and delivers consistent power measurement is the Road Machine II Smart. Besides, the trainer comes with Kinetic’s inRide sensor technology installed, for app-based power training.

Bkool Smart Go — £254.99

Looking for the cheapest smart trainer you can buy?

Go for Bkool Smart Go!

If you are not looking for super-accurate measurements of your power, the trainer offers a decent performance. The Bkool Smart go, lets you get your workout done without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.

Elite Drivo — £999.99:

If direct drive smart trainers are what you’re looking at, Elite Drivo is the best of the new generation. Equipped with ANT+, Bluetooth connectivity and software like Zwift and TrainerRoad, Drivo can control its resistance and simulate a 24% slope and provide 2,000 watts of resistance. Besides, the brand also claims that the power measurement is accurate to within 1% and is very quiet.

Cyclops Hammer INR 85,199:

In a world where training needs to be smart, CycleOps takes all the recognition and fame. The trainer handles a maximum power output of 2,000 watts and can simulate grades upto 20%. The trainer comes with folding legs that not only make it easy to set up but also easy to store anywhere.

Virtual cycling is also made possible with ANT+, FE-C, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. So there’s no way you can hold yourself back with this best indoor cycling home trainer.

Minoura B60 R:

The minor B60 is an entry level magnetic trainer that comes with a simplified U- shaped Steel Frame that supports upto 120kgs. However, this best indoor cycling trainer is light and compact that can be installed and stored easily.

This best indoor cycling trainer comes with 7 levels of resistance that are pretty good enough and is a capable companion for your fitness goals.

IN’RIDE 100 Home Trainer ₹ 9,999:

If you’re looking for a cheap cycling indoor trainer to get you started, the IN’Ride 100 home trainer is a good choice. Besides, the trainer is pretty basic and comes with 7 levels of resistance with a manual adjustment dial.

That being said, if you want to make it a smart trainer, you need to buy an additional connection kit. Like other trainers, this one too is easy and quick to attach and can be folded and kept away for quick storage.

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Things to consider while buying the best indoor cycling trainer:


Before buying the best indoor cycling trainer, settle on a budget that you would like to spend. Your budget will help you filter down your choice on the type of home trainer you will need. Also, keep a buffer of at least INR 2000 to 5000 so you can reduce and stretch your budget and not worry about missing out on the best value for money trainer.

Type of home trainer: A good budget will somewhat help you decide on which type of trainer you will afford to buy. Then move on to deciding whether you want to buy a magnetic, smart, fluid or turbo trainer accordingly.


Most of us worry about compatibility a lot before buying a home trainer. But the thing is, it shouldn’t be a concern as all road bikes can be used on a turbo trainer. That being said, all mountain bikes can be used with a turbo trainer. Just ensure you install a slick tyre or training tyre to the rear wheel.

Frame and mounting systems:

Considering the frame design and the mounting system is a must. If you are looking to warm up before an event(TT), turbo is the way to go (they are portable that makes it easy to carry). Another factor is the mounting of the wheels. Most trainers come with a quick release rear skewer that you can place instead of the original skewer that holds the wheel securely in place.

Needless to say, the only system that does not use this is the Direct Drive system, where the rear dropouts are clamped directly to the turbo.

Decide the location:

Before you get home the best cycling indoor trainer, take some time to determine what space you will need to ride. However, finding the right amount of space for your home or office could be a problem.

5 Signs your Bike needs a Service

Bicycles are fun to ride. And at Velocrush India, bicycles are even more fun to maintain. However, bicycle service doesn’t always need to start from your bicycle shop. Love and care can be given to your bicycle at home too. A good wipe down and some oiling is all it takes.


Then there are times when your bike might need some extra attention and a thorough check by the experts. This can only be done at a professional bicycle shop.

As a cyclist, it is important to listen to your bike for telltale signs of help. Timely servicing at the cycle store will not only keep your bike running as new but will also help you stay safe and make the most of your cycling experience.

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Listed below are 5 common signs your bicycle needs servicing by a professional:-

 1. Unusual sounds from the bicycle 

This is a common sign experienced by most cyclists and often left unchecked. Clicking noise, a subtle squeak, a clunk every now and then are some signs your bicycle needs some love. Most of the times, these  sounds might not mean something major, but if your bicycle hasn’t been serviced or tuned up for a long time, now would be a good time to ride to your nearest cycle store for some maintenance checks.

2. Your gear shifts are not smooth

Your gears are the most complicated part of your bicycle. Too many small parts work together to function as a unit. Hence, they need to be maintained regularly to give you some flawless shifting that just feels like a great day. Remember, anything less than that is only going to worsen with time, so make that appointment and bring it in for a service/tune-up right away.

Also, if your bicycle has started squeaking from the chain, it’s asking for lube. Chain slipping from gears or bicycle chains not being changed for a long time could all be other major issues that need immediate attention.

3. The brakes are not slowing you down 

Brakes are one of the parts that are frequently used and go through a lot of wear and tear. Many a time, our lives depend on these brakes. And keeping them functioning at their best is a must. The moment you sense the brakes taking longer to slow your cycle down or come to a stop, it’s time to take action and get your brakes tuned or pads replaced.

After all, good working brakes give you confidence and make you feel in control in any weather condition or terrain.

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4. your bike is very dirty and greasy

Many of you only ride your bike and fail to clean it or maintain it due to various reasons. As a result, a lot of dirt, grease and grime accumulates on the bicycle parts. Keeping your bicycle clean will not only ensure your bike is functioning smoothly but also avoid any future mechanical failures.

Remember, a clean bike is the best bike. It will work smoothly and cost less in the long run.

5. there are signs of rust

Rust should have no place on your bicycle or bicycle parts. If you live close to the sea or leave your bike out in the rain, it is likely to catch rust. And the sooner your act, the better for you and your bicycle.

A small amount of rust can be removed using the right dispersants, whereas some other parts can be replaced if required. So if you don’t want to spend a lot on replacing rusty parts with new ones, bring the bicycle to the shop as soon as you start noticing rust on your bike.

We know you love your bicycle, but if you want it to love you back, keep an eye out for these signs. And we guarantee, the both of you will have a great time.

Top 11 Tips for Cycling In Indian Traffic

If you are one of those who has rediscovered your love for cycling during the COVID  crisis, chances are you might be considering cycling to work when the situation permits. This means you will be spending time cycling amidst chaos and traffic. cycling

To make life a bit simpler, velocrush India has listed down a few tips that will help you navigate through the maze that is Indian roads and the intimidating traffic.

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  • Start with a good road position:

When you start riding on the road, every cyclist is required to ride to the extreme left of the road. This is your primary road position, remember. This leaves you right next to the parked cars on the side of the road. Make sure you keep a safe distance from these cars for the random opening of doors, a dog or a human sprinting out of nowhere. Also, ensure to leave enough space to your left; in case someone presses you to the left, you have room to move in.

  • Keep an eye for what’s around you:

Road awareness is key to skilful riding on the road. Keep an eye out for drain covers, road humps, potholes, gravel, oil, water, junctions, traffic lights and more. Ensure to look way ahead and around frequently to get an idea of what’s coming and what passes by. This prepares you for situations that might need you to stop abruptly resulting in a fall or a moment of panic. It helps you better manage moments where you are unsure how to react or are forced to make a sudden manoeuver that other road users would not anticipate.

  • Building up a sense of anticipation:

There are many times, you won’t be able to control what everyone around you does. For instance, a dog running across the road, a football/cricket ball appearing suddenly, people with mobile phones glued to their ear, etc. Once you have registered this, you are alert and it’s best to stay alert so you can react if required.

  • Make your intentions clear:

An important skill everyone needs to master, is riding with one hand. This allows you to show signals to the cars around you so they know your intentions. While riding in a straight line, look behind, use hand gestures as needed and manoeuvre only when it is safe.

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If you aren’t great at riding with one hand or looking behind, it’s best you practice in a safe traffic-free environment.

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  • Make eye contact:

Never make assumptions while cycling on the road. Some of the common ones being; the driver must have seen me, there might be no cars coming from the blind spot towards you, I’ll pass the signal before it turns red, etc.

If you have been cycling this way, you are riding your luck. Stop. Make eye contact with other road users (at junctions, side roads or roundabouts). This can be a lifesaver.

If you don’t see them react to you, it only means they haven’t seen you. So don’t assume.

  • Stay visible when riding your bike in the dark:

Lights are always good for the cyclist who prefers riding early morning or late at night. A white light in the front and red at the rear can make all the difference. Also, do get yourself a good reflective vest that makes you even more visible in the dark.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Keep your hands on the brakes:

As a kid learning to cycle, along with balancing, we are taught to keep our hands on the brakes. However, as we grow up, we tend to forget this important lesson. Cycling with your hands on the brake levers at all times, keeps you prepared to stop in the event of an emergency.

It’s best you use both the brakes at the same time when wanting to stop. Use them smartly, while being mindful of water, gravel or any other material on the ground.

  • Wear a helmet, always:

Whether you are going to meet a friend a few buildings away or just around your local market to run some errands, always wear a helmet. Well, mishaps don’t come with a warning and wearing helmet makes for a smart cyclist.

  • Wear bright coloured clothes:

If you find yourself cycling before the sun rises or after it sets, it’s best you appear visible to other vehicles on the road. To do so, wear bright coloured clothes. This will help you stand out and become visible to vehicles on the road with low lighting. A reflective vest can also be a good idea.

  • Invest in good bicycle lights:

Along with the reflective vest, lights will add more value. A blinker at the rear and a headlight in the front can make a huge difference. Be seen and see better with lights. This will help you stay safe and enjoy the ride.

  • Brush up your skills:

If you lack the above skills, we suggest you seek help from the cycling experts. Velocrush India has been teaching cycling to kids and adults for the past 5 years in Mumbai and Delhi.

Cycling Hand Gloves In India for Hand Numbness

Having the best cycling hand gloves is equally as important as wearing a helmet or bib shorts. As your gloves make direct contact with the bicycle, they do much more than offering a good grip while riding.hand

Below is our definitive guide on buying the right cycling gloves. But first, let’s have a look at the benefits of wearing the best cycling gloves. 

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Benefits of wearing the best cycling hand gloves:

The best cycling gloves come with extra padding at the palms. This offers comfort that makes it easy for riders to ride for hours

  • A good pair of cycling gloves will protect you in case you have a fall
  • Gloves will also protect you from the cold by keeping them warm
  • The best cycling gloves come with a small towel built in at the base of your thumb finger. This can be useful to wipe off the sweat while cycling
  • They also reduce the friction between your hands and handlebars, which could otherwise cause blisters
  • Good cycling gloves will dampen vibrations which might cause hand/finger numbness
  • Reduce pressure on your ulnar nerve, which also causes numbness

What to look for while buying the best cycling hand gloves?

Before you get down to buying the best gloves for yourself decide what kind of riding you are into and what kind of weather you will be riding in. Then, choose your cycling gloves accordingly. 

Big manufacturers consider the following factors while designing a pair of cycling gloves:-

  • Breathability
  • Wicking
  • Protection
  • Waterproofing
  • Grip and warmth


Breathability is basically the ability of cycling gloves to allow water vapour to escape. If the gloves are not going to let water vapour escape, it will get trapped next to the skin where it becomes clammy and cold. Gloves that let your skin breathe will keep your skin dry and at optimum temperature 


This term is pretty common when it comes to buying a cycling jersey, shorts and even cycling gloves. Wicking is the ability of the fabric to draw sweat away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it will easily evaporate.


These days, you are likely to get gloves that are waterproof. Cycling gloves with a waterproof membrane help to keep your hands dry in inclement weather. 

When you are looking for waterproofing, ensure to keeping in mind that they could impact on the breathability of the fabric. Hence, they are not ideal to wear during hot weather conditions. 


Remember, different cycling gloves will offer a different level of protection. The full-finger gloves will provide full protection to your hands while half finger gloves will only protect your palm in the event of a crash.


A good grip is an important factor to consider when buying any gloves. Usually, gloves come with leather or synthetic palms to enhance handlebar grip. While there are also a few that come with additional silicone grippers on the fingers for brake levers, gear shifters etc.


Every pair of gloves will provide some degree of warmth. However, winter cycling gloves are the best when it comes with offering maximum insulation from the cold. 

However, these gloves are not meant for year-round riding as they are too heavy and cannot be used for summer.


When it comes to buying the best cycling gloves, remember, there are two styles available. 

1. Fingerless gloves 

2. Full-finger gloves

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1. Fingerless gloves-

When you want to feel the brakes and shifters, the fingerless gloves are a good idea. Also, they allow more breathability when biking in hot temperatures. Such types of gloves work really well for city riding and road biking.

2. Full-finger gloves

If you’re looking for complete protection, go for full-finger gloves. These gloves are useful to those who ride in cold temperatures. These gloves are ideal for riding off-road who prefer the extra protection.


Just like buying any product, it is important to have a budget in mind. A good budget will help you filter down gloves to a few from which you can choose. Needless to say, the quality will completely depend on the budget that you have decided to spend. The higher the budget better comfort, longevity and so on. 


Gloves are typically made of synthetic leather in the palm for protection against rubbing, and other synthetics, such as polyester and spandex, in the rest of the glove for mobility and comfort. The best cycling gloves feature breathability technology to minimize sweating.

The being said, depending on the material and quality will affect price, fit, comfort and longevity. 


Remember, cycling gloves have to permit you enough finger mobility to brake and shift gears. They also should not feel too tight or too lose. Also, they don’t have to be too big or too small. 

If the gloves are too small, you will know for sure. However, you also need to ensure that the gloves don’t dig too deep in between your fingers when your hands are pressed into the handlebar. This happens when the gloves are too short in the palm. 

Also, avoid cycling gloves that are too short at the wrist. 

On the other hand, if the gloves are too big, it will be difficult to get a good grip on the handlebar. 

Some hands are long and thin, some are short and wide, and it is the same with gloves.

The best way is to wear them and try holding a bicycle handlebar to get a better idea.


Wearing gloves that have too much padding or too little padding, can also be a cause difficulty in gripping the bars well. However, this depends on your personal choice. Some prefer minimal padding while others prefer more padding. Just keep in mind he cycling gloves fulfils its purpose while riding your bicycle. 

Needless to day, Padding can either be some type of foam, or a gel, which is meant to maintain it’s cushioning effect longer.

Other Features:

Besides the fabric, padding and fit, you can also look for the following features while buying cycling gloves

  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs
  • Adjustable drawcords at the base of the cuffs (seen on full-finger gloves)

Parts of Cycling Hand Gloves:


Cycling gloves are made from a number of parts. This includes the following:

  • Upper
  • Palm
  • Fingers and cuffs

Let’s have a look in detail about these parts:-


The back of the glove is called as the upper. The material here is often very thick to provide extra protection from the wind and weather. It could also have a waterproof member depending on the material that is used to make the glove.


Generally, cycling gloves come with thicker palms. This part of the gloves is made from synthetic leather for grip.


As we explained earlier, full-finger gloves cover the entire fingers while fingerless gloves don’t. The full-finger gloves are the first choice for a cyclist riding in winter while the latter is a popular Sumer choice.


The part of the gloves that goes around your wrist is called as the cuffs. Make sure it is comfortable and snug. Too tight and it will restrict blood circulation and too loose and the glove won’t feel like a snug fit. 

Indian Cycle Brands & Imported Cycle Brands

Lot has been discussed when it comes to comparing Indian bicycles with imported bikes. A fancy bicycles with some very eye catchy colours, seems normal to them. In fact they look quite similar to bicycles that we are used to seeing in India.


With no knowledge about bicycle components, design and innovation and other things, people assume premium bikes to cost almost or little more than Indian bicycles. But when they find out the actual cost, they are in an absolute shock and dismay. Followed by the famous dialogue we all have already heard over a dozen times. “Bhai, itne paise main toh bike aa Jaati!”

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Indian brands:

Locally manufactured:

The bicycles brands like Hero, Atlas, Hercules are all locally manufactured on a large scale in India. Also, there is almost no design, technology or innovation that is used while making these bikes.

Low cost:

Indian cycle brands make use of decent raw material to build a frame. This helps them keep the cost of the bicycle low.

Zero import duty:

Needless to say, it’s common sense, if a product is manufactured in the same country where it has been sold, there will of course be no import duty. Same applies for Indian cycle brands!

Easy availability of spares:

As the bicycles are available on a large scale, so are the spare parts. Let us tell you a little insight, Ludhiana the hub of Indian cycle brands is known to manufacture a lot of bicycle components. It’s a factory that doesn’t care or focus on quality. In fact, they are so good, they don’t believe in innovation, they would rather copy designs. And the designs are so good, you won’t notice anything different.

Low maintenance cost:

As the bicycle frame does not involve any innovation, components are designed in India and there is no import duty. They bicycle as a whole is very affordable and so is the maintenance cost. On such bikes, you can simply replace the part and will cost you just a few hundred rupees.

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Foreign brands:


Every bicycle they manufacture, a lot of design, innovation, technology and time has gone into building the right frame. Even the composition of the raw material that is used to manufacture frames is given importance. This is one of the reasons why bicycles are lighter in weight.

Also, an Indian bicycle will start rusting after a year or two but an imported bicycle frame is more like a lifetime investment. It won’t rust or crack or break until and unless you do something seriously wrong.

Try lifting an imported bike from the centre with one hand. Do the same with an Indian bicycle and you will notice the weight distribution. An Indian bike is likely to tilt more towards the rear wheel while an imported cycle will just stay sturdy.

Better handling:

As the bikes are designs with so much of technology, it is obvious the bicycles will offer better handling as compared to the Indian bikes any day.

Better groupset:

Imported bicycle brands only use components made by premium component makers. You will either see Shimano or SRAM on the bicycles and not Chinese or the locally manufactured copy. There are a few Indian brands that do come with Shimano or SRAM components. This is one of the reasons why there is a major difference in the shifting experience.

Imagine you turn a switch on to set the light on, that’s the response. Moreover, Shimano and SRAM gears are surely going to last you longer and they are expensive, unlike your Indian cycle components.

Replacing these would cost you a hole in your pocket. Let’s just take the basic Indian cycle components; it will cost you around (INR 1500 -1800). However, if you look at basic premium bike components like Shimano, the most basic will cost you INR( 3500-5000).

All these things together are what makes the imported bicycles expensive and worth the fortune.

Cycling Tips for Beginners -Techniques, Lose weight

If you are new to cycling or wish to take up the sport in 2020, you have already won half the battle. While cycling can get a little overwhelming after years, but the trick is to keep it simple and have lots of fun! Don’t worry about the gears or matching your helmet to your bicycle or cycling kit. For now, let’s forget the rules and have more fun!


Below we have listed 8 cycling tips for beginners that will ensure you start on the right foot and have fun. All you need is a bike and a helmet. Don’t even think of spending money on fancy new gear or carbon fibre. Right now the idea os to fall deeply in love with cycling. 

#1. Get the saddle height right:

Most of us feel comfortable and far more confident with the saddle height at the lowest as your feet can easily touch the ground. However, this could lead to knee pain and put you at risk for injury. 

#2. Don’t stress about the gears:

If you have a single-speed bike, no worries. However, if you do have a geared bike, nothing like it. For starters, using it might be complicated, but don’t let that distract you from your goal. 

Just ensure to keep the chain on the front derailed in the centre. This way, you can use the complete set of gears on the rear. Using the lowest or the highest can sometimes lead to cross chaining. This needs to be avoided at all times.

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#3. Change gears while pedalling:

Often, most of you change bicycle gears when not pedalling. Also, some newbies change the gears when they stop. Doing so will loosen the tuning of the cable and won’t give perfect shifts in the long run. The best way to go about is to change gears while you are pedalling non stop. This way the chain easily moves from one cog to another. Keep in mind not to put too much pressure on the pedal while changing the gear (especially on a climb) as this could lead to the change going through too much tension and could even snap.

#4. Always have these essential bike tools:

#5. Maintain your own bike:

Keeping your bicycle in good shape is an important aspect of cycling. Basics such as cleaning and relaxing your chain, checking air pressure are things that can be done by yourself. This not only helps to keep the bicycle in good shape but also increase the life span of the components and other parts. 

#6. Avoid doing too much too soon:

Never be in a hurry to clock more distance. Always build up gradually. Your body needs the time to adjust to new distances. Remember to start with a warm-up and then settle into a rhythm and enjoy the ride. 

#7. Join a local cycling group:

One of the best ways to have more fun is by riding with like-minded people. Make it a point to join WhatsApp groups and join in the weekly rides. This way you also get to learn about bikes, nutrition, routes, and more.

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#8. Learn the art of riding in a group:

If you find yourself riding in a group for the first time, start by handing t the back of the pack. Observe and learn. You don’t want to be the reason for a crash. Don’t hesitate to ask and clear your doubts if any. Remember, a crash will be more embarrassing than asking a dumb question.

#9. Remember to refuel:

Long hours on the bike always need some refueling. If you find yourself cycling for over an hour, water won’t be enough. A bottle of electron and a snack will make a huge difference. Forgetting to eat can put your body into a deficit and cause you to bonk. You will finish the ride feeling tired, dizzy and nauseated.

#10. Don’t forget to eat and hydrate:

Once you are back home, don’t forget to eat and hydrate. A good portion of breakfast is what you need to consume to restore the lost electrolyte and energy. Also, this will keep you active throughout the day.

Cycling Jersey India: For Men and Women Online

All we had was a bicycle and dreams of flying high like a kid. Cycling did make us happy;  at least for the first few kilometers. But later, we could feel our rear hurt, our lungs burn and muscles getting hard like a rock. Eventually, we would find ourselves sitting on the edge of the road, gasping for air and gulping gallons of water!


But then with every ride, we slowly got smarter and better. Our pedaling improved, our breathing was in sync. We also went on to invest in a helmet, a pair of bib shorts, cycling jersey and the list goes on. Since then, cycling only got better!  However, not everyone manages to get the right bicycle accessories. We sacrifice on quality because the price is too high. And later, we only regret! 


Most of usually get it wrong in the first step. We assume, we know our size and, there! When the jersey arrives, it’s all a mess! You either find it too tight or just too lose. The below chart should help you choose the right cycling jersey size.

Fabric: Selecting the material of your cycling jersey:

Cycling jerseys are available in three main types of material. As the second step, you need to go ahead and select the material of your cycling jersey. Below are the best options available for you to consider for the right cycling jersey in India. 

Polyester – Polyester can be considered as a synthetic man-made material. It is widely being used in the production of cycling jerseys across the globe. One of the biggest benefits associated with polyester is that it has got the ability to keep your body dry at all times. 

In addition, you will be able to keep your body cool while cycling during the hot and sunny days. Polyester is capable of keeping your body away from the damage caused by UV rays of the sun and is extremely durable. The material is easy to wash and dries quickly.

However, some cyclists don’t prefer to go ahead with polyester cycling jerseys due to the artificial feel offered by it. Needless to say, polyester wicks better than Nylon.

Nylon – Nylon can also be considered as a synthetic material used in the production of a cycling jersey. Nylon is considered to be warmer and does not wick as polyester and is one of the strongest fabrics available.  Since this is a stretchable material, you will be able to get a snuggly fit, which improves aerodynamics as well.

Moreover, nylon can improve your performance because of the water and wind resistant capabilities. Nylon tends to be warmer than polyester, and can often be more sweaty or cling more to the body. Besides, nylon tends to absorb more water than polyester and thus takes longer time to dry, hence it will give cold feel when wet.

Merino wool – Merino wool is another popular material used for the constructions of cycling jerseys. It is ideal for the cyclist who invades the cold. That’s because merino wool can keep the body warm when compared to the other materials.

With merino wool, you will be able to receive better wicking capabilities when compared to nylon or polyester. It doesn’t absorb odours as well. However, merino wool cycling jerseys are very expensive.

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Pay attention towards the wind 

As beginners, we never realize how wind can affect our cycling performance. However, once we do, we ride smart, save energy and keep pedalling. In such cases, buying the right cycling jersey which offers a snug fit is important. A snug fit jersey will help you cut through the wind and not flap in the wind. 

Fit: Purchase a cycling jersey that offers the optimum fit 

Like we said, the cycling jersey you purchase should provide an optimum fit to your body. When you are cycling, you spend a considerable amount of time on the bike. That’s where comfort comes into play and the right fit will make all the difference.

If you purchase a cycling jersey from one of the most reputed brands, you don’t need to worry too much about fit and comfort. Renowned brands spend a lot of time understanding the needs of cyclists and manufacturing the best that’s ideal for different sizes and conditions. 

Consider what you pack: 

When you are cycling, carrying different equipment is vital (Nutrition, repair kits, multi-tools and spare tubes in the jersey pockets). In such cases, having enough space on your jersey is a must, especially in the absence of a saddle bag.

Hence, you need to ensure that the cycling jersey you purchase comes along with enough pockets to hold all these accessories. Then you will be provided with an excellent assistance when you are cycling. 

Also, ensure the jersey material is not too elastic. Too elastic material will cause the jersey to sag once you store in your nutrition and spare kit. This will not only bother you while riding but also make you feel uncomfortable and saggy on the back.

Make sure that you purchase a water-resistant cycling jersey: 

When it comes to waterproofing, look out for a cycling jersey that offers water resistance as well. While the weather is unpredictable, you need to make sure that you’re prepared, always.

For instance, you are riding over 100 km and the rain hits you in the middle of the ride. A cycling jersey that offers water resistance, will let out water quickly and dry fast. This will eliminate the discomfort and odour issues which are likely to erupt.

Waist gripper:

Most of the good cycling jerseys in the market have an elastic grip at the waist that lets you get a close fit and prevents it from rising up as you pedal. Also, ensure the back of the jersey


If you find yourself riding in the dark or dull weather conditions, reflective can be useful in the dark. Some reflective look subtle grey in daylight but shine out brightly as soon as they’re caught by headlights. Look for this feature in a cycling jersey when you head out to buy!

Never ignore the style:

Needless to say, style is important as well. However, it needs to be last on your list. Most of us fall for the fancy colours and designs, however, we fail to give attention to the purpose of buying the jersey. 

Now, if you are looking to buy a cycling jersey, make sure to keep the above pointers in mind. Wearing the right jersey will make you feel good and let you focus on cycling well.

However, if you are confused when it comes to buying the best cycling jersey brand in India, worry now. Here are a few velocrush certified brands that you can blindly go and shop now!

How cycling jersey should fit?

Ensure that the cycling jersey that you buy fits well whilst allowing you for free movement. Another important thing is that the jersey sleeve should be long enough while you ride on the drops and hold cover your backside as well.

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Best cycling jersey brands online in India

With so many brands in India, buying the right bicycle jersey can be challenging. however, most of us usually fall for the so-called cheap cycling jersey that gets the job done. It’s understandable for you to buy the cheapest when you get into cycling, but when you are in the sport, the best cycling jersey is what you should be looking at. And when it comes to the best, here are a few brands that come to my mind.

2Go Activewear:

If you’re an active cyclist, 2Go will take you beyond your comfort zone. The brand pairs the highest quality performance fabrics with stylish silhouettes and the most technical print techniques available to create activewear that truly and uniquely marries style with performance. From cut to colour to cloth, an uncompromising commitment to performance is all the brand can offer you. 

They manufacture cycling jerseys, shorts, socks and tee shirts at affordable prices for men and women.


Looking for the finest quality apparel available in India, go for Heini. They customise garments for a wide range of sports and offer excellent and outstanding customer service. Team Srini, the first Indian to finish RAAM, a few national level athletes and of course the tour of Nilgiris riders, all flaunt The Heini Apparel.


We all known decathlon is well-known for the products they provide. Once upon a time, the cycling kits were designs and made abroad, are now manufactured in India. If you’re a beginner, go for Decathlon. They get the job done. 

Cycling jersey amazon (we recommend)

Amazon is a one-stop-shop solution for all our cycling needs. Right from cycle accessorises, bicycles and cycling apparel, you will get everything you need at amazon. With so many products available on amazon, it can get daunting to choose the right one. As so we have listed cycling jersey amazon sells that you can buy.

Men’s Short-Sleeved Warm Weather Road Cycling Jersey

Looking for a cycling jersey online that’s suitable for cycling in warm wether? Here’s the men’s short sleeved jersey that comes with a well-designed pockets and a large zip for ventilation. This jersey is ideal for beginners looking to carry small items on a long ride.

Road Sport Cycling Jersey Team

If you are looking for a pro level jersey that’s ideal for competition, van rysel jersey is for you. It’s super light and comes with 4 pockets at the back that provides enough space to store small items. Besides, the jersey is well-ventilated and has bin pocket for longer rides.

Best MTB Cycles in India under 15000 [NEW 2021]

Covid made us realise that our health always has to be on the front foot. With this in mind, many of you are looking for ways to stay fit. List of activities vary from going to the gym, jogging, Yoga and none the less, “cycling”. Whether it’s weekend rides, climbing and descending, commuting to work or even meeting your friends. Whatever you desire, having a good bicycle is a must. If you are still confused on which one to buy, MTBs are good for starters. 


There are numerous bicycle brands building some of the best MTB cycles in India. And if your budget is not on the higher side, here are some great budget bikes in India.

But before we get into the best MTB cycles in India under 15000, let’s have a look at some common features  and tips you need to consider before buying! These features will also help you in buying the right bicycle as per your budget. 

Wheel Diameter:

MTB cycles are available in 3 common sizes as mentioned below:

  1. 26 inch wheels
  2. 27.5 inch wheels
  3. 29 inch wheels

What’s the difference with the wheel size and how does it affect your riding style? 

Have a look at this chart below:

Suspension fork:

Rigid Fork: Such type of MTB cycles don’t feature any kind of suspension. They are usually inexpensive and way easy to maintain than a suspension bike. 


Bicycles that have a suspension only in the front are hardtail bikes. These bikes are less expensive as compared to a full suspension bike. This is because it has fewer moving parts. Also, these bikes have the ability to lock out the front suspension, thus making it a rigid bike when desired. (This feature is applicable in some bikes, others usually don’t have any feature).

These hardtail bikes can also be used upto a certain extent on mountain trails as well.

Full suspension bikes:

Full suspension bikes are generally those that come with a suspension in the front and rear. This drastically reduces the impact on the rider. Besides, it also offers more traction and makes the overall ride enjoyable.

Types of Brakes:

V brakes:

The most basic bicycles are usually equipped with V brakes. They are the most simplest form of brakes and require minimal maintenance.  These V brakes are found on some of the most basic MTB cycles in India.

Disc brakes (mechanical):

Mechanical disc brakes are now affordable and usually come pre installed on entry level MTB cycles. Mechanical disc brakes are controlled with a cable that require timely adjustment as the brake pads wear off. These brakes do require some maintenance, however, are totally worth it and offer much better braking than V brakes.  

Disclaimer: There are also a few local brands that do not work at all. Be careful.

Hydraulic disc brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes are found on high end MTB cycles and are incredible when it comes to stopping. However, when it comes to maintenance, they are expensive as bleeding is required.

Frame material:

Steel: Entry level MTB cycles in India are largely made from Mild steel. These bicycles are strong and versatile that will last you really long. However, still frames are heavy as compared to alloy. 

Aluminium:- Most of the MTB cycles are made from alloy and are far lighter as compared to steel. However, these cycles are expensive as manufactures spend more money on tubing material and process. 

Carbon Fiber: Another common material that is used in building bikes is carbon Fiber due to its strength and low weight. Besides, carbon fibre is very expensive to build. 

Titanium: On the other hand,  Titanium is light and strong but way too expensive for all. But some high-end mountain bikes are usually made from this material. Besides, most frame builders use titanium as their primary mental to build custom bikes.  

Now that we are aware with features and how to go about buying the best MTB cycles in India, let’s have a look at some popular ones. Some of them might not be in stock as the industry is facing a huge shortage of bicycle parts. 

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Firefox Grunge D 27.5:

A very popular Indian brand known to manufacture some of the best Hybrids and MTB cycles is Firefox. Their latest  entry level MTB cycle, Grunge is made using steel and comes with dual disc brakes and 27.5 inch tyres.  The bike also comes with a front suspension fork that make it ideal to ride on rugged roads, trails and more. 

Why should you buy?

Firefox is a well known brand. The bicycle is ideal for individuals looking for comfort and want to avoid the hassle of changing gears.

Why shouldn’t you buy?

Slightly overpriced and it doesn’t have gears at all. Bike weighs 18kgs too!

Ninety One Granite X40 27.5T:

Earlier known as Frog Cycles, the brand now is rebranded to Ninety One. The Ninety one Granite X40 is a complete package for those looking for a variety of features. Mechanical Dual disc brakes, 27.5 double walled alloy rims, Suspension fork with 80 mm travel making it a complete package. 

With this bike, bad or good roads don’t matter at all. Adjust the seat easily with a quick release and ride at your will. 

Why should you buy?

The features do complete justice to the budget. Looks great too. 

Why shouldn’t you buy?

Quite heavy and does not come with gears. 

Viva 1.0 SX 29″ Disc:

Available in Aqua blue and yellow, the cycle is surely to grab attention while you are out on a ride. Offering a strong frame, the cycle is made from steel, for good rolling and comfort, the 29 inch wheels and front suspension do the magic. And to make ascends and long distance easy, gears are just a button away. 

These features at a very decent cost is what makes the Viva 1.0 SX one of a kind to buy. Hence, we’d recommend too. The brand is pretty new in the market so if you are okay going for an unknown brand that offers great features, this is what you want. 

What we liked?

Looks are really cool and the bicycle is packed with features.

What we didn’t like? 

Bicycle is surely on the heavier side. 

Hero Sprint Flash:

Painted to a premium look, the hero flash makes head turn wherever you ride. The 29 inch wheel size paired with double walled rims roll over potholes without you feeling a thing. The dual disc brakes, front suspension further add to the comfort and handling. 

What we liked?

A good bike for those on a low budget looking to buy a 29er. 

Why shouldn’t you buy?

There’s no quick release on both the tyres. The cycle is on the heavier side. 

Rockrider ST 50:

Decathlon’s budget MTB cycle, Rockrider ST 50 is another great bike you can consider buying. This 26 inch bike comes with 21speed gears that can be operated with revo shifters. Other features include single walled rims and a 80 mm front suspension fork. 

What we liked?

We liked the fact that the bicycle is viable in a extra small size. Also, the frame is alloy. 

Why shouldn’t you buy?

We would prefer to have double walled rims instead of single walled and trigger shifters instead of Revo. 

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Tata Stryder 26” Hector:

Keeping the youth in mind who are looking for cool looking cycles packed with features, Hector can give any of its competitor a run for their ride. Tata as a brand has also focused more on the comfort level offered the bike offers. added PU with quick release saddle, Palm rest grip are some interesting features that add to the overall ride quality of the hector 26”.


Keeping today’s youth in mind, the NX-XUS is another 26 inch cycle that’s pretty similar in separation to the hector. However, there are a few features that do make the bike slightly better. 

For instance, the frame is TIG welded and not MIG welded. TIG welding is a far superior process and expensive too as compared tot he later. Besides, the suspension for is also threadless that further adds to the costing. 

What we liked?

We are a fan of bikes that are TIG welded as its strength is far more superior. We also liked the fact that the bike comes with a threadless suspension fork

What we didn’t like?

Slightly on the heavier side.

Tata Stryder 26 inch Gelon: 

26 inch fat tyre cycle that comes with 3” while tyres offer superior comfort. Mind you this also adds to the weight of the cycle. Besides the tyre width, there’s not much difference too. 

What we liked?

The bike is quite similar to the NX-XUS, except the major different being the wheel size. 

What we didn’t liked?

Tata Seahawk 27.5:

If you are a rough rider who likes jumping potholes and riding rash on bad terrain, perhaps cones looking at the sea hawk. Equipped with triple butted rims, their level of strength is impeccable. Leaving this feature aside, everything else remains the same as compared to the Gelon,  Hector and NX-XUS. 

What we liked?

Triple walled rims are a yes for those who like bunge jumping on their bicycles. 

What we didn’t like?

The bikes probable weighs more due to an additional wall thickness. If that’s not a problem for you, go for it.

Avon Calypso:

The Avon calypso is another bicycle that comes with a single speed drive train, double walled rims, dual disc brakes and a suspension fork. The above features at a decent price make it complete package. 

What we liked?

Good features at a very great price. Besides, the slanting top tube make sit ideal for shorter people to get on and off with ease. 

What we didn’t like?

On the heavier side. 

Avon Element: (26’, 27.5 & 29”)

Avon’s element is a very classy looking bike that uses rectangular tubing instead of the usual circular tubing. Build from mild steel, the bicycle offers single speed serve train, front suspension, double walled rims to the rider that offers a enjoyable experience.

What we liked?

The element with the two color scheme and components make it look a very premium bicycle by avon. 

What we didn’t like?

Could be on the heavier side. 

Avon Element: Single speed  

Avon Gen now 27.5 Single speed

Offering a slightly slower acceleration but a more comfortable ride is the Avon Gen now. The bike like most other Avon bikes is built on a steel frame. Features include a sturdy suspension fork, double walled rims that are pretty standard and a single speed drive train. 

What we liked?

Includes accessories like mudguards and stand

What we didn’t like?

The bike seems to be slightly expensive as compared to other brands and their models for a single speed bike.

Avon Maxo 26, 27.5 inch:

The Avon maxo is another cycle that is available in two different wheel sizes, 26 and 27 inch cycle. 

The bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, double walled alloy rims, steel frame and single speed drive train that offers an upright position. 

5 Best Cycling Tools – Essential Bike Tools to Carry

Imagine going on a date and you forget to carry your wallet to pay for dinner. Or you reach office just to realise you left your Laptop at home. That feeling of frustration has no limit. Cyclist feel the same when they forget to carry the must have cycle tools!


If you ever got a puncture or happened to experience a loose bolt that needs to be tightened right away, you will know! Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best cycling tools every cyclist should have when out on a short or long ride.

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Multi Tool Set:

No cyclist feels complete without a good set of Allen keys. These Allens keys not only help you tighten or loosen bolts but ensure to keep the fun between your legs. Whether a derailleur adjustment or just a loose bolt, they are a must have! So, whichever Allen key set you choose to buy, ensure to have the following:-

  1. Allen key no 4
  2. Allen key no 5
  3. Allen key no 6
  4. 4 way screw driver

We strongly advice you to buy Allen keys its that offer long keys. This makes it easy to reach out in difficult spots offering more leverage to tighten or loosen. 

Puncture Kit:

No matter how good your tires or tubes are, punctures happen. If not you, your cycling buddy might need a hand to fix one. So ensure to carry a good puncture kit. A few patches, a small tube of glue, sand paper and tire levers. 

While most of you might be carrying a puncture kit, make it a point to learn how to use it correctly. It will save time and frustration when the patch won’t hold the tube. You can also carry a spare tube along if you don’t wish to fix the flat right away. 

Chain Breaker:

This might be the tool that you might need on a rare occasion, but trust us, if you don’t have this with you and the chain breaks, it might just be the end of your ride. However, with a chain tool, you have higher chances of riding back home instead of walking!

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Small adjustable wrench:

If the rear wheel of your bicycle requires you to loosen bolts, make it a point to invest in a small adjustable wrench. Chances are you might even require it to adjust your brake cable or rear derailleur cable. 

Mini Pump:

Even though you might have a bicycle floor pump at home, a mini pump is a saviour. Get a good mini pump that’s compact and helps you get back on your bike within minutes. These are the  very first tools you’ll need to perform the vast majority of cycle repairs. So buy these cycling tools and spend sometime learning how to use them. And don’t forget to carry them on your next ride. 

Best Road Bikes for Beginners in India [Updated 2021]

Let us tell you, there is no such thing as the best road bike. If there were, every pro cyclist would be riding one. Don’t you think so? They all would be on similar bikes, with the same frame, same groupset, aerodynamics and more. Doesn’t this sound boring already? To us, it already does. 

But if you’re looking to buy the best road bike for beginners in India, there are quite a few questions that you need to answer. 

Start off by asking yourself, what do you want to do with it? Do you want to race, exercise or commute? Do you want to get into triathlons or long distance cycling? How much will you be riding on a weekly basis? Alloy or carbon? What is your budget?


If you’re a beginner cyclist, a good idea is to start off with an MTB and eventually move on to the best road bike that you can afford. You can also start with an entry level road bike that offers decent specs to get your road biking life kick-started.

But before we get to the best road bikes for beginners in India, here’s our definitive guide on how to buy a bicycle for adults.

So what is the “best road bike for beginners in India” below INR 50000? Keep reading…

Firefox Mistral:

An entry level road bike that offers decent components and comes with good frame design and quality finish is the Firefox mistral. If you are looking for good handling and performance, this bike is what you should be looking at. The bike comes with Shimano Sora groupset and wheels with Kenda 700x23c tires. Overall the road bike is durable, effective and worth INR 35000.

BTwin Triban 100:

The Btwin Triban 100 is equipped with 7-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur  that offers smooth and precise shifts. This road bike comes with a really good frame that’s sturdy and reliable. If you are looking for a basic road bike but cannot afford spending a lot, the Triban 100 will get your job done.

Btwin Triban 500 INR 34,999:

A step up above the cheapest road bike, the Btwin Triban 500 is made for occasional road cycling over 40 to 60 kms. The bike is equipped with an aluminium frame, carbon fork, Ergonomic handlebar and new B’Twin Ergo Fit saddle for added comfort.

Considering the bike comes with a carbon fork at such a low price, the bike seems pretty promising. However, the components are not from renowned brands like Shimano and SRAM. We prefer them any day over Sunrace. 

Triban 520 road bike:

If you want the best road bike for INR 40000, the Triban 520 is for you. It offers an excellent all-round road bike at a very low price. The triban 520 comes with an aluminium sport frame and a new carbon fork with inserts to attach a front-pannier rack. Plus, the bike also comes with Shimano Sora 9-speed that offers a very good transmission. 

Firefox Sirocco INR 33,100:

The Firefox Sirocco is aerodynamic and comes with an alloy frame. This bike offers the functionality of a country-side and urban cycling to the rider. The bike is also equipped with Shimano Sora drivetrain that offers a decent shifting experience.

MONTRA CELTIC 2.1 (2017) INR 35,800:

Apparently claimed to be an affordable bicycle, the Montra Celtic 2.1 offers comfort for endurance cycling. It is equipped with Shimano Claris that is a mid range groupset and offers good shifting experience. If you’re looking to buy the best road bike at an affordable price, this one should be on your list. You can also upgrade this bicycle later when required. 

RIDLEY DAMOCLES 1 (2017) INR 46,100:

Belgian brand, Ridely is a renowned bicycle brand that has been around since 1997.

The Damocles 1 is an entry-level performance road bicycle that comes with Shimano Clairs as well. If you have a fixed budget and still wish to buy the best road bike, Ridely is what you should be looking at.

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POLYGON STRATTOS S2 (2018) INR 42,990:

Started in 1989, Polygon is a well-known brand offering a variety of adult bicycles that are suitable for the global market.

Polygon Strattos  S2 is another entry level road bike that provides good specs at good pricing. If you are looking for a performance bicycle that is suitable for fitness, commute and endurance, keep this bicycle brand in mind.

Giant SCR SE (2018) INR 44,000:

One of the biggest bicycle manufactures in the world, Giant is known to make some of the best roadbikes for newbies, amateurs and pro cyclist.

The Giant SCR SE comes with a Aluxx-Grade Aluminium frame, Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs which are attached to Shimano Claris shifters. This versatile road bike is durable and certainly an all-rounder bike for everyone. 

Giant SCR 2:

Another best road bike made by Giant at a lower price that is durable and offers comfort is the SCR 2. Just like the SCR SE, this bike comes with Shimano Claris font and rear derailleurs that make shifting a breeze. The SCR 2 is suitable for long, short and fast paced rides. 

SCOTT SPEEDSTER 40 (2018) INR 48,400:

Started in 1958, Scott has earned a name for its innovation and advanced technology. The speedster 40 comes with 6061 Alloy frame with an endurance geometry, Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs and Tektro Comp V-Brakes.

GIANT CONTEND 3 (2018) INR 49,000:

Last but not least, the giant contend 3 is another bicycle that is ideal for any adult looking to buy an endurance focused road bicycle for long distance riding.

FUJI SPORTIF 2.3 (2018): INR 52000

If you’re looking for a mid range performance road bike, have a look at this beauty. The Fuji Sportif 2.3 comes with Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs. So if you are an intermediate cyclist, this bike should be your choice. 

Java Veloce 2:

Another budget road bike that’s making waves in the market for its affordable pricing and brilliant colour variations is the Java Veloce 2. The alloy frames bicycle weights around 10.5 kgs and comes with Shimano Sora (front and rear). 

Done reading our list of the best road bikes, read our list of Best MTBs as well.

Best Road Bike for Triathlon

When it comes to triathlon, you might want to get yourself the best road bike for triathlon that fits your budget. However, if you are just starting off, it’s always best to start with the cycle you already have. On the other hand, equipment can be expensive and if you aren’t sure whether you will take this activity seriously, it’s best to carry on with what you have. Buying serious triathlon equipment can be a costly mistake.

However, if you are willing to spend a bit of fortune on an entry level road bike, here are some fo the best road bikes for triathlon that you can consider buying.

Merida Scultura 100 Road Bike: INR 63,990

An entry level road bike with a carbon for, the Merida Scultura 100 is well suited for your triathlon needs. It can also be used for amateur road racing, long riders and fitness purpose.

What we liked about this bike is that it comes with a triple butted lightweight aluminium frame that offers more strength and makes the bike lighter at the same time. The Scultura 100 also has tapered headtube that allows for a precise and controlled steering.

Equipped with a carbon fork and Shimano Claris derailleurs and shifters, the 100 will offer a decent shifting experience.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Claris
  2. Triple butted (6066 aluminium)
  3. Internal cabling
  4. Total bike weight around 9.5kgs

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Merida Scultura 200 Road Bike:

Another triple butted beauty by Merida is the Scultura 200 that’s made from 6066 aluminium alloy. It also offers internal cabling that makes the bike look really classy and stand out.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Sora Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Triple Butted 6066 aluminium
  5. Weights 9.28kgs

So what’s the difference between Scultura 100 and 200?

The Major difference between the Scultura 100 comes with Shimano Claris, whereas the Sora comes with Sora groupset. Besides, the 200 weights a few grams less as compared to the Merida Scultura 100.

Scott speedster 30: INR 65,500

With a 50x34T chainring, the Scott speedster 30 is well suited for entry level triathlons, brevets and amateur racing. Loaded with an aluminium frame with carbon fork and weighs at 9.85kgs, the bike is ideal for clocking those miles.

Similar to the Scultura road bikes, Scott speedster 30 is also equipped with Sora groupset has an efficient shifting for 9-speed rear derailleur and 50x34T chainring.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Sora Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Alloy frame
  5. Weights 9.85kgs

Trek Domane AL 4 Road Bike: INR 81,599

Trek as a brand has been known world-wide for its amazing bikes. The AL domain 4 is lightweight, fast and quick to react. The bike comes with 20-speed Tiagra groupset that’s suitable for long endurance rides. Besides, It’s occupied with 50x34T Tiagra crank and 11-32T cassette that provides a wide range for uphills.

This best road bike for triathlon comes with an IsoSpeed carbon fork that absorbs the vibrations on the road and further makes it lighter.

Tomorrow even if you wish to transition from a fast bike and get into bike packing, the AL4 is compatible with rack mounts and mudguard that allows to hit off-road and muddy sections as well.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Tiagre Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Lightweight Alloy frame
  5. Weights 9.41kgs

Polygon Strattos S4 Road Bike: INR 81,990

Cube Attain Race Road Bike: INR 83,990

20-speed tiara equipped, the Cube Attain Race is built with a 6061 T6 superlight aluminium frame that offers comfort and speed. With precise steering, efficient power transfer the bike is one of a kind.

For quick and controlled braking, the bike comes with disc brakes in any kind of weather. To make it even better, this bike too comes with a carbon fork that absorbs most of the vibrations from the road.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Tiagre Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Lightweight Alloy frame
  5. Disc brakes
  6. Weights 9.8kgs

Convolution Aspera 105 Road Bike: INR 89,550

These are some of the best road bikes for beginners in India that you can get under INR 50000. If you feel we have missed any, do comment below and let us know the same. We would be more than happy to add it to our list best road bikes.